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The law works equally well with both small gangs and large groups. These four letters magically transform a short period of 3-5 years for extortion committed alone, in a quarter of a century behind bars – “as part of a criminal group.” it makes RICO an ideal weapon in the fight with both traditional crime syndicates and ethnic OPG. Continue reading

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The sites of open burns — including those operated by private contractors and the Department of Energy — have led to 54 separate federal Superfund declarations and have exposed the people who live near them to dangers that will persist for generations.
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How Far Can North Korean Missiles Go?

Pyongyang, North Korea to Chicago, USA Pyongyang, North Korea to Los Angeles, USA Pyongyang, North Korea to Washington, USA Pyongyang, North Korea to Tirana, Albania Pyongyang, North Korea to Algiers, Algeria Pyongyang, North Korea to Luanda, Angola Pyongyang, North Korea … Continue reading

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Alqeda’s Email Communication System Exposed

The US Department of Defence isn’t revealing if Bin Laden was using any encryption, but it is known that a few years back Al-Qaeda supporters released via an Islamic forum called Al-Ekhlaasan an encryption program called Mujahideen Secrets 2, it was the second release of this encryption software targeted at Al-Qaeda supporters, it can encrypt emails, securely wipe data and encrypt text messages as ASCII for easy posting at bulletin boards and websites. Continue reading

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According to the documents, Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry has sent instructions to its embassies in Bulgaria and many other European countries to request diplomatic clearance for Silk Way Airlines flights. The embassies sent diplomatic notes to the Foreign Ministry of the relevant country to request such exemption. The Foreign Ministry sent back a note signed by the local civil aviation authorities giving exemption for the transportation of dangerous goods.
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What is Daisy’s destruction?

The videos show a masked woman torturing and sexually abusing a toddler. It was first hosted for “public” consumption on dark web site Hurt2theCore, a child abuse site that specialized in not just child pornography, but torture and ill-treatment. Continue reading

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More Legally Obtained Voter Records for Sale Online

The only records from 2017 come from the Ohio Voter Database and Arkansas Voter Database—both of which came from Logan. They have 7,893,338 Records and 1,746,067 Records, respectively. Incidentally, both Ohio and Arkansas are readily available elsewhere as public records. Continue reading

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RUSSIA: “Decade of Childhood” 2018-2027: A Miniature Reichstag (GERMAN WAY OF DEMOCRACY)

PUTIN regime “continued the militarization of society,” with much dressing up and the storming of a miniature Reichstag in Moscow. None of these steps made any sense; but this last was the least promising because the Russian defense ministry copied not the Reichstag of 1945 but that of 2017 – a symbol of German democracy rather than German Nazism! Continue reading

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