Vuvuzela: Scalable Private Messaging Resistant to Traffic-Analysis

Private messaging over the Internet has proven challenging to implement, because even if message data is encrypted, it is difficult to hide metadata about who is communicating in the face of traffic analysis. Systems that offer strong privacy guarantees, such as Dissent scale to only several thousand clients, because they use techniques with superlinear cost in the number of clients (e.g., each client broadcasts their message to all other clients). On the other hand, scalable systems, such as Tor, do not protect against traffic analysis, making them ineffective in an era of pervasive network monitoring. Vuvuzela is a new scalable messaging system that offers strong privacy guarantees, hiding both message data and metadata. Vuvuzela is secure against adversaries that observe and tamper with all network traffic, and that control all nodes except for one server. Vuvuzela’s key insight is to minimize the number of variables observable by an attacker, and to use differential privacy techniques to add noise to all observable variables in a way that provably hides information about which users are communicating. Vuvuzela has a linear cost in the number of clients, and experiments show that it can achieve a throughput of 68,000 messages per second for 1 million users with a 37-second end-to-end latency on commodity servers.
Vuvuzela is the first system to scale private messaging to millions of users and tens of thousands of messages per second,while protecting against traffic analysis by a powerful adversary who can compromise all but one of the system’s servers.
Vuvuzela achieves this through a novel approach consisting of two steps. First, Vuvuzela’s protocol is designed to clearly identify and minimize the number of observable variables
in the system. Second, Vuvuzela’s protocol hides these variables using noise with quantifiable security properties, leveraging tools from differential privacy. Together, these techniques let Vuvuzela achieve private messaging at a scale orders of magnitude higher than prior systems
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TheHill–President Trump on Monday announced he will not pull out U.S. troops from Afghanistan, saying he’s committed to a new strategy aimed at winning the nation’s longest war.
During a prime-time address to the nation, Trump declared a rapid exit from the war-torn nation would leave a major power vacuum that would create a new safe haven for terrorists — a result he called “predictable and unacceptable.”
The president acknowledged his “original instinct was to pull out,” a reference to his long-held view that the U.S. erred when it entered Afghanistan and that the military should withdraw quickly.
But he said the calculation is different “when you sit behind the desk in the Oval Office,” and he has determined the U.S. must continue to fight to prevent the country from becoming a safe haven for groups like al Qaeda and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
“The American people are weary of war without victory. I share the American people’s frustration,” Trump said, adding that, “in the end, we will fight and we will win.”
Trump’s speech at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington, Va., was cast as an announcement of his revised strategy in Afghanistan, but he offered few specifics about his plan.
While the president is widely expected to send roughly 4,000 additional U.S. troops to the country, a recommendation made by the Pentagon, Trump declined to say how many troops he would send or reveal a firm timeline for how long they would serve there.
There are roughly 8,400 American service members currently in Afghanistan. Most troops train and advise the Afghan military, but roughly 2,000 participate in counterterrorism missions. The U.S. had 100,000 troops stationed there until President Obama began to withdraw them in 2010 and 2011.
“We will not talk about numbers of troops or our plan for further military activities,” Trump said. “Conditions on the ground, not arbitrary timetables, will guide our strategy for now on. … I will not say when we are going to attack, but attack we will.”
Trump described his plan as a “shift from a time-based approach to one based on conditions,” linking American aid to greater cooperation from the Afghan government, Pakistan, India and others in the region to fighting terrorism and cutting down corruption.
“Our commitment is not unlimited, and our support is not a blank check,” he said.
He indicated that the plan is designed to bring the Taliban, which has inflicted heavy casualties in its fight against the Afghan security forces, to the negotiating table.
Unlike past administrations, the president said he does not seek to encourage Afghanistan to adopt Western-style democracy and institutions — just to ensure it does not become a refuge for extremist groups.
“We are not nation-building again,” he said. “We are killing terrorists.”
Trump’s speech capped off a fierce internal debate inside his administration about what to do with the 16-year-long war, which has now ensnared three American presidents.
The new approach appears to be a victory for Defense Secretary James Mattis and national security adviser H.R. McMaster, who urged Trump to take a more aggressive effort to fight terrorist groups in Afghanistan.
They argued the Afghan security forces are too weak to win the fight against the Taliban on their own. They warned a defeat of those forces could open the door to al Qaeda and ISIS to target the U.S. from Afghanistan, like Osama bin Laden did before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
But the president had been resistant to commit new troops and resources to the conflict; he has long seen the war as an unwinnable quagmire and reportedly lashed out at military commanders about the state of the conflict in closed-door strategy sessions.
Trump’s announcement had been delayed multiple times over the past several months as he continued to mull over his decision. The delay had frustrated national security hawks in his own party, who warned the U.S. was wasting precious time as the Taliban made inroads against government forces.
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), chairman of the Armed Services committee and a frequent Trump critic, said the plan is “long overdue” and praised the president for “moving us well beyond the prior administration’s failed strategy of merely postponing defeat.”
But some lawmakers called the plan a folly and argued the president wasn’t living up to his campaign promises.
Sen. Jack Reed (R.I.), ranking Democrat on the Armed Services panel, called the plan “very vague” and said it was “short on the details our troops and the American people deserve.”
“There’s nothing hasty about ending America’s longest war. @POTUS bowed to military-industrial establishment; doubled down on perpetual war,” tweeted Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), a skeptic of U.S. military interventions.
Before he entered politics and as a candidate, Trump was deeply critical of the Afghan war. “Let’s get out of Afghanistan. Our troops are being killed by the Afghanis we train and we waste billions there. Nonsense!  Rebuild the USA,” he tweeted in January 2013.
But he has also slammed Obama for setting deadlines for withdrawal, arguing it undercut the armed forces’ efforts to stamp out terrorist safe havens. He vowed not to make that same mistake.
“The American people expect to see real reforms, real progress and real results,” Trump said. “Our patience is not unlimited. We will keep our eyes open. In abiding by the oath I took on January 20th, I will remain steadfast in protecting American lives and American interests.”
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Documentary: My Father’s Vietnam – A Personal Story

An intimate documentary about a controversial subject, My Father’s Vietnam personifies the connections made and unmade by the Vietnam War. Featuring never-before-seen photographs and 8mm footage of the era. My Father’s Vietnam is the story of three soldiers, only one of whom returned home alive.

By Filmmaker Soren Sorensen, Aired 2017. My Father’s Vietnam.

Interviews with the filmmaker’s Vietnam Veteran father, and the friends and family members of two men he served with who were killed there. This documentary gives voice to individuals who continue to silently carry the psychological burdens of a war that ended over 40 years ago

Filmmaker Soren Sorensen’s My Father’s Vietnam carries with it the potential to encourage audiences to broach the subjects of service and sacrifice with the veterans in their lives.

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BREITBART — A book on terrorism endorsed and touted by H.R. McMaster, the embattled White House National Security Adviser, calls Hamas an “Islamist political group” while failing to categorize the deadly organization as a terrorist group, and refers to al-Qaida attacks and anti-Israel terrorism as “resistance.”

The work frames jihad as largely peaceful “means to struggle or exert effort,” such as waking up early in the morning to recite prayers. It argues that groups like al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations have hijacked the concept of jihad to wage warfare using such tactics as suicide bombings.

The book, reviewed in full by this reporter, was authored by U.S. military officer Youssef H. Aboul-Enein, and is titled Militant Islamist Ideology: Understanding the Global Threat.

McMaster provided a glowing blurb for the book jacket, referring to Aboul-Enein’s book as “an excellent starting point” for understanding terrorist ideology. McMaster also promotedthe book in ARMOR, the journal of the U.S. Army’s Armor Branch, published at Fort Benning, Georgia, where McMaster served as commanding general at the Ft. Benning Maneuver Center of Excellence.

McMaster wrote in his blurb for the book: “Militant Islamist Ideology deserves a wide readership among all those concerned with the problem of transnational terrorism, their ideology, and our efforts to combat those organizations that pose a serious threat to current and future generations of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.”

In the blurb, McMaster revealed his own views on terrorism, claiming that “terrorist organizations use a narrow and irreligious ideology to recruit undereducated and disenfranchised people to their cause.”

The book may offer a primer into critical national security views held by McMaster, who has claimed that Islamic terrorist organizations are “really un-Islamic” and are “really irreligious organizations” who cloak themselves in the “false legitimacy of Islam.”

In numerous public comments on terrorism, McMaster has seemed to minimize the central religious motivations of radical Islamic terrorist groups who are waging a religious war against Western civilization. McMaster’s comments represent views of Islamic terrorism that are diametrically opposed to those espoused by President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly utilized the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Aboul-Enein is listed as a senior adviser and analyst at the Joint Intelligence Task Force for Combating Terrorism at the Defense Intelligence Agency, a position that he also held under the Obama administration. He is an officer in the Navy Medical Service Corps and Middle East Foreign Officer, and an adjunct military professor and chair of Islamic studies at the National Defense University.

Besides endorsing Militant Islamist Ideology, McMaster also wrote a forward for another Aboul-Enein book, this one titled, Iraq in Turmoil: Historical Perspectives of Dr. Ali al-Wardi, From the Ottoman Empire to King Feisal.

Hamas an ‘Islamist Political Group’

Throughout the McMaster-endorsed Militant Islamist Ideology book, Aboul-Enein struggles to properly categorize Hamas; but at no point does he call Gaza’s murderous Islamist rulers a terrorist organization.

Hamas is a terrorist group responsible for scores of deadly suicide bombings, shootings and rocket attacks targeting Israeli civilians. Hamas’s official charter calls for the obliteration of the Jewish state, and proclaims that there is “no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad.” Hamas leaders routinely demand the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews.

Yet Aboul-Enein struggles to properly classify Hamas. At one point, Aboul-Enein differentiates between “militant Islamists” and Hamas, grouping the latter among “Islamist political groups.”

In the book’s introduction, he writes:

Militant Islamists alienate not only the United States but even Islamist political groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. It is time for a more nuanced definition of the threat.

At another point, the author calls Hamas an “Islamist” group. He writes (page 131): “For instance, Zawahiri condemns Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas for participating in the electoral process.”

Despite its clear terrorist activities, Aboul-Enein suggests (page 2) that Hamas does not “fit into a neat category.” He asks an open question about whether Hamas “is an Islamist or Militant Islamist group,” but he does not provide an answer.

He writes (page 3):

There are also Islamists who do not fit into a neat category, such as the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas. On one hand, Hamas provides social services, won 44 percent of the electorate in 2006, and is the government of the Palestinian territories. On the other hand, it has failed to compromise effectively with other Palestinian rejectionist and secular groups to form a governing coalition, and it has failed to provide social services for a wider Palestinian populace. In addition, it has conducted suicide operations directed against Israeli civilians – though it has not widened its campaign beyond targeting Israel. Further, al-Qaida senior leaders have viciously attacked Hamas for participating in electoral politics. The question for Americans is whether Hamas is an Islamist or Militant Islamist group.

Aboul-Enein fails to note that the U.S. government already answered that so-called question, designating Hamas as a foreign terrorist group.

In another section of the book, Aboul-Enein defines (page 193) Hamas as straddling “the Islamist and Militant Islamist divide, using its proficiency in suicide-bomber operations to strike at Israeli targets, yet it is currently in government.” He also writes (page 215) that Hamas “is a Palestinian Sunni Islamist militant organization and political party.”

Al-Qaida, Palestinian ‘Resistance’

In the book, Aboul-Enein refers to the deadly terrorism of al-Qaida in Iraq as “resistance.” Besides its worldwide mayhem, Al-Qaida has been responsible for countless terrorist attacks across Iraq that have targeted civilians, U.S. troops and Iraqi government institutions.

Aboul-Enein relates a struggle between the goals of al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI) and those of the Islamic Army of Iraq (IAI) in terms of “resistance” locally versus a global fight against the West.

Aboul-Enein writes (page 101):

In post-Saddam Iraq, among the Sunni insurgency there are other stressors that undermine al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI), such as the tensions between the Islamic Army of Iraq (IAI) and al-Qaida in Iraq. The IAI struggles with AQI over the concept of this fight being for Iraq’s Sunnis and not a wider pan-Islamist struggle; the IAI has narrower objectives than AQI. It is a tension between Jihad as muqawama (resistance) and Jihad for a wider pan-Islamist objective.

He refers to support for “resistance” against the U.S. presence in Iraq. He does so when documenting the rise of Muslim Brotherhood political parties and public criticism of an al-Qaida hotel bombing in 2005 in Amman, Jordan.

He writes (page 46):

This has split the Muslim Brotherhood, as there is deep hostility toward the U.S. presence in Iraq, support for muqawama (resistance) and for the Muslim Brotherhood concept of wasatiyah (moderation), and recognition of the need for grassroots representation of the Ahl-al-Sunnah (formal term for Sunni Muslims).

Aboul-Enein also categorizes deadly terrorist raids on Jewish settlements in the 1930s as “resistance,” even though those operations targeted and killed civilians.

He states: (page 138)

No study of Militant Islamist ideologues and the cleavages between Militant Islamist and Islamist groups can be complete without delving into the life, actions, theories, and legacy of Abdullah Azzam. Militant Islamist operatives take the nom de guerre“Abu Azzam” in his honor. A witness to increased Jewish immigration into Palestine in World War II, Azzam was reared on the stories of resistance by the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigade, which led guerrilla raids against the British and then Jewish settlers.

The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades is currently the namesake of Hamas’s so-called military wing. Aboul-Enein was referring to deadly attacks carried out by the original Brigade, founded around 1930 by Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, a Syrian Muslim cleric who popularized the concept of jihad against Jews during the British civil administration of Palestine.

“Islamist” vs. “Militant Islamist”

The core of Aboul-Enein’s endeavor, and one that may help to elucidate McMaster’s views, is to differentiate between what he terms “Islamist” and “Militant Islamist,” and to show that “militant Islamists” present a distorted, dishonest view of Islam. The thesis might clarify McMaster’s aversion to using the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism.”

In seeking to differentiate between “Islam,” “Islamist,” and “Militant Islamist,” Aboul-Enein comes up with the following basic definitions:

  • Islam is “the religious faith of Muslims, involving (as defined in Merriam-Webster’s) belief in Allah as the sole deity and in Muhammad as his prophet.”
  • He defines Islamist as “a group or individual advocating Islam as a political as well as a religious system. Chief Islamist objectives include implementing sharia (Islamic) law as the basis of all statutory issues and living as did the earliest adherents to Islam. Many Islamists also assert that implementation of sharia law requires the elimination of all non-Islamic influences in social, political, economic, and military spheres of life.”
  • Militant Islamists, Aboul-Enein claims, consist of a “group or individual advocating Islamist ideological goals, principally by violent means. Militant Islamists call for the strictest possible interpretation of both the Qur’an (Muslim book of divine revelation) and the hadith (the Prophet Muhammad’s actions and deeds). This narrow interpretation opposes the beliefs of Muslims and non-Muslims alike; Militant Islamists stand against Western democracies, Middle Eastern institutions of government, and Islamist political parties that participate nonviolently in elections.”

Defining Jihad

Aboul-Enein frames jihad as a largely peaceful “means to struggle or exert effort,” a term that has been hijacked by “militant Islamists” to wage extremist warfare.

Aboul-Enein posits, for example, that jihad “can be as simple as struggling to get up in the early morning to say your dawn prayers or struggling to learn and improve yourself spiritually or intellectually. It also can mean struggling in the path of God, which does not necessarily mean engaging in warfare but might be making time to teach Islam to children or providing financial support for an Islamic project.”

Jihad, in other words, is a struggle to fulfill one’s obligations to Allah, according to the author.

Islamists, he states, define jihad as a “means to expend every effort fighting against the disbelievers.” However, Aboul-Enein attempts to cloak this violent struggle in the shroud of morality.

He writes (page 34): “Islamists delineate who can fight and when; unlike Militant Islamists, they generally set rules and limits for engaging in fighting in the name of God. … It makes Jihad obligatory upon all Muslims only if the enemy has entered Muslim lands and if the imam calls for Jihad.”

Some Islamists, he relates, “prescribe a protocol of warfare in which a noble Muslim warrior should be free of arrogance and conceit,” and espouse “etiquette” such as “warnings not to kill noncombatant women and children.”

Aboul-Enein describes the seemingly legitimate, moderate jihad as different from the jihadist views advocated by “militant Islamists,” who “use women, children, and the mentally infirm as suicide bombers, who reduce Jihad to fighting or supporting the fighting through financial means, and who make Jihad incumbent upon all Muslims, with no distinction between communal and individual responsibility.”

Islam experts, meanwhile, have pointed out that mainstream Islamic scripture advocates a violent jihad to spread Islam worldwide.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, wrote at Foreign Policy magazine that “anyone seeking support for armed jihad in the name of Allah will find ample support in the passages in the Quran and Hadith that relate to Mohammed’s Medina period.”

Ali pointed to Q4:95 which states, “Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home).” Q8:60 instructs Muslims “to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know.” Q9:29 explicitly tells Muslims: “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

Writes Ali:

Mainstream Islamic jurisprudence continues to maintain that the so-called “sword verses” (9:5 and 9:29) have “abrogated, canceled, and replaced” those verses in the Quran that call for “tolerance, compassion, and peace.”

There lies the duality within Islam. It’s possible to claim, following Mohammed’s example in Mecca, that Islam is a religion of peace. But it’s also possible to claim, as the Islamic State does, that a revelation was sent to Mohammed commanding Muslims to wage jihad until every human being on the planet accepts Islam or a state of subservience, on the basis of his legacy in Medina.

The key question is not whether Islam is a religion of peace, but rather, whether Muslims follow the Mohammed of Medina, regardless of whether they are Sunni or Shiite.

Writing for the Hoover Institute, Shmuel Bar, who served as a senior research fellow at the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel, assertedthat “few orthodox Islamic scholars would deny” that beliefs “commonly viewed as typical of radical Islamic ideology” are “deeply rooted in Orthodox Islam.”

McMaster’s Troubling Views

McMaster, meanwhile, has espoused controversial views on the topics discussed in Aboul-Enein’s book.

On Monday, Breitbart News unearthed a 2014 speech on the Middle East in which McMaster claimed that Islamic terrorist organizations are “really un-Islamic” and are “really irreligious organizations” who cloak themselves in the “false legitimacy of Islam.”

McMaster, who serves in a critical national security position, seems to be minimizing the central religious motivations of radical Islamic terrorist groups who are waging a religious war against Western civilization.

He has made such remarks in the past. Delivering the keynote address at last April’s Norwich University ROTC Centennial Symposium, McMaster criticized “modern day barbarians like Daeshand Al-Qaeda who cynically use a perverted interpretation of religion to perpetuate ignorance, incite hatred, and commit the most heinous crimes against innocents.”

In February, CNN cited a source inside a National Security Council meeting quoting McMaster as saying that use of the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” is unhelpful in working with allies to fight terrorism.

In May, McMaster spoke on ABC’s This Week about whether Trump would use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” in a speech that the president was about to give in Saudi Arabia.

“The president will call it whatever he wants to call it,” McMaster said. “But I think it’s important that, whatever we call it, we recognize that [extremists] are not religious people. And, in fact, these enemies of all civilizations, what they want to do is to cloak their criminal behavior under this false idea of some kind of religious war.”

In the speech, Trump eventually urged Muslim-majority countries to take the lead in “combating radicalization,” and referred to “Islamist extremism and the Islamist terror groups it inspires.”

Shia and Sunni Islamic terrorist groups such as al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the Islamic State each openly espouse Islamic motivations, repeatedly cite the Quran, and claim they are fighting a religious war. Some of the Sunni groups are violent offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks to create a global Islamic caliphate.

Besides his drive to define terrorist groups as “irreligious,” Breitbart News further unearthed a speech following Israel’s defensive 2014 war against the Hamas terrorist group in which McMaster sidestepped a question about whether the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) conducted itself in an ethical manner, instead providing what McMaster admitted was a “non-answer.”

The IDF is known to go to extreme lengths to operate ethically and protect civilians when fighting Palestinian jihadists who use civilians as human shields, launch rocket attacks from civilian zones and house their terrorist infrastructures in densely populated civilian areas.

Earlier this month, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), the oldest pro-Israel group in the country, released an analysis of McMaster’s policies and reported views, concluding that he should be reassigned outside the NSC after it found that McMaster may be undermining Trump’s stated national security agenda.

The analysis states:

We find it hard to understand how someone who clearly has animus toward Israel, who supports the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, who opposes calling out radical Islamist terrorists, who fires Trump loyalists and supporters of Israel and opponents of Iran, who hires those opposed to President Trump’s policies especially on Israel and Iran, who refused to acknowledge that the Western Wall is in Israel, who opposes Israeli counterterrorism measures, and who shuts down joint U.S. counterterrorism programs that are of enormous value to U.S. security, can faithfully serve President Trump as top national security advisor. President Trump made it crystal clear, both before and since his election, that supporting Israel and the U.S.-Israel alliance, abrogating or at least vigorously enforcing the Iran deal while calling out and sanctioning Iran’s violations, confronting radical Islamist terrorism, and draining the Washington swamp were key, distinguishing policies of his administration.

The ZOA’s analysis cited Breitbart News articles from this reporter on McMaster’s background.

Last week, Breitbart News reported that McMaster served at a UK-based think tank financed by a controversial, George Soros-funded group identified by the Obama White House as central in helping to sell the Iran nuclear deal to the public and news media.

From September 2006 to February 2017, McMaster was listed as a member of International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), where he served as consulting senior fellow. The IISS describes itself as a “world-leading authority on global security, political risk and military conflict.”

Breitbart also reported that IISS is bankrolled by multinational corporate firms doing billions of dollars of business in Iran.

And IISS quietly took in about $32.5 million in funding from Bahrain, a country whose constitution explicitly enshrines Sharia Islamic law as its governing doctrine, Breitbart News documented.

The funding from Bahrain, a repressive regime with a dismal human rights track record but also an important regional U.S. ally, reportedly amounted to one quarter of the think tank’s total income.

A significant portion of the Bahraini funding reportedly pays for the think tank’s annual conference in Bahrain, the Mamana Dialogue. The original agreement between IISS and Bahrain to finance the conference contained a clause calling for the memorandum of understanding to remain confidential, according to the document, which was leaked by a watchdog and published by the Guardian newspaper last year.

As a member of IISS, McMaster participated in the Sixth Mamana Dialogue summit in Bahrain from December 11 to December 13, 2009, Breitbart News found. He is listed in IISS literature as being part of the Mamana Dialogue’s four-person panel that year on “military transformation, intelligence and security cooperation.”

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Neo-nazi site The Daily Stormer moves to the darkweb, but promises a comeback

ViceNews–After being ejected by three different domain services, prominent neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer has moved their site to the dark web.

The new site is now only available through the Tor network, which allows users to set up their own domains. The original site,, is now fully offline.

The homepage, as of Tuesday morning, contained articles that make light of the car ramming attack that claimed the life of 32-year-old Heather Heyer; admonish the “Jew media;” liberally employ various racial epithets; and, in a less offensive post, provided an update on which characters are available on Pokemon Go.

In a statement, the site’s founder promised to bring his site back online.

“The Daily Stormer will be live in internet prison with drug dealers, terrorists and perverts, which is where we’ve been exiled to, for all time,” Andrew Anglin said in a statement sent to VICE News. “We should have a real domain online within 24 hours. If it gets shut down again, people will know we are on the black web.”

The statement goes on to lament the state of free speech.

The Daily Stormer’s new dark web address was tweeted out by the site’s official Twitter account early Monday morning.

“The Tor hidden service will now be a permanent part of our infrastructure and always accessible,” the account told VICE News.

The site’s new hosting arrangement seems less than reliable, however, as the website intermittently went offline throughout the morning.

The owner of the Twitter account, who identified themselves as “someone else who works on the site,” said they would be “litigating for our original domain and putting up alternatives as well.”

The Daily Stormer does not appear to have filed any complaint with the body that oversees domain registrations, nor with any U.S. court.

The Daily Stormer’s darknet site still features a link for a crowdfunding effort to fight an ongoing lawsuit, promising “this site will be shut down if we don’t win this.” They’ve already reportedly pulled in more than $150,000, although things are getting tougher for groups of their ilk: Online crowd funding sites, including GoFundMe, have taken aim at hate groups.

The Daily Stormer Twitter, meanwhile, reported Tuesday that their Bitcoin donations have “slowed to a trickle,” accusing cryptocurrency giant Coinbase of cancelling the accounts of anyone who transfers to their cause.

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How To Build A 1944 Mosquito Bomber

Not the best quality. An original, unedited newsreel from 1944 showing how the factories, piece by piece, built one of the worlds best, most well known bomber aircraft of the Second World War.


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David Albright: N. KOREA TALK……

Purpose of Talk Today

  • What is the size and nature of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program? How do they procure abroad for these programs?
  • Any quantitative estimates will have significant uncertainty. e.g. estimates of separated plutonium and weapon-grade uranium stocks are not precise.
  • Estimates of the number of nuclear weapons are derived from the estimates of plutonium and weapon-grade uranium stocks.
  • Sufficient information is known to derive credible median values with uncertainty ranges.

Nuclear Weapons Capabilities

  • The bottom line is that North Korea has an improving nuclear weapons arsenal
  • North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability benefits from
  • Procurements abroad;
  • A functioning industrial complex making plutonium and weapon-grade uranium;
  • An ability at sites unknown to research, develop, and manufacture nuclear weapons;
  • Possible integration facilities that could mate a nuclear warhead to a ballistic missile;
  • Nuclear warhead storage capabilities;
  • Nuclear testing at its Punggye-ri underground test site and associated component testing and cold-testing facilities at unknown locations; and
  • A robust program to develop, manufacture, and test missiles of various ranges.

Growth of North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Complex in Recent Years

The last several years have witnessed a dramatic and overt build-up in North Korea’s nuclear weapons capabilities. The main activities include:

  • Five underground nuclear tests in 2006, 2009, 2013, and 2016;
  • Restart and refurbishment of the small five megawatt-electric (MWe) reactor at Yongbyon after a several year halt;
  • Separation of several kg of plutonium in 2009 and again in 2016 from the 5 Mwe reactor at the Radiochemical Laboratory at Yongbyon;
  • On-going construction of an experimental light water reactor (ELWR) at Yongbyon (type of reactor is uncertain);
  • Construction by a nuclear organization of a new graphite production facility;
  • Revelation of a centrifuge plant at Yongbyon in 2010 and subsequent doubling of its floor size a few years later;
  • Construction of facilities to make thermonuclear materials, including a lithium 6 enrichment plant and an Isotope Production Facility able to separate tritium;
  • Modernization and construction of many buildings at Yongbyon, including likely one able to manufacture fuel for the ELWR and others to support reactor and centrifuge operations;
  • Refurbishing of uranium mines and mills;
  • The development and manufacture of nuclear weapons at sites unknown;
  • A great deal of work related to the development and manufacture of ballistic missiles;
  • These activities have been supported by extensive overseas procurements of equipment, material, and technology.
  • Five underground nuclear tests in 2006, 2009, 2013, and 2016;
  • Restart and refurbishment of the small five megawatt-electric (MWe) reactor at Yongbyon after a several year halt;
  • Separation of several kg of plutonium in 2009 and again in 2016 from the 5 Mwe reactor at the Radiochemical Laboratory at Yongbyon;
  • On-going construction of an experimental light water reactor (ELWR) at Yongbyon (type of reactor is uncertain);
  • Construction by a nuclear organization of a new graphite production facility;
  • Revelation of a centrifuge plant at Yongbyon in 2010 and subsequent doubling of its floor size a few years later;
  • Construction of facilities to make thermonuclear materials, including a lithium 6 enrichment plant and an Isotope Production Facility able to separate tritium;
  • Modernization and construction of many buildings at Yongbyon, including likely one able to manufacture fuel for the ELWR and others to support reactor and centrifuge operations;
  • Refurbishing of uranium mines and mills;
  • The development and manufacture of nuclear weapons at sites unknown;
  • A great deal of work related to the development and manufacture of ballistic missiles;
  • These activities have been supported by extensive overseas procurements of equipment, material, and technology.



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Libya: Hafar army liquidates dozens of Benghazi citizens, dumps corpses in rubbish dumps, digs graves and horrifies detainees

وكالة الأنباء الإسلامية – حق

The second deputy chairman of the so-called Supreme Council of the State of Libya, Mohamed Amazab, accused the internal security apparatus of Benghazi of Haftar under the leadership of Osama al-Derasi and Suleiman al-Wahidi of torturing and killing people whose bodies were found in Al-Halis area west of the city.

He said in a statement issued by his office that “after these operations clearly shows behind the acts of abuse and assassinations that took place in Benghazi before the launch of the” process of dignity “, and also confirms the words of Mohamed Hijazi and Farag Aqaim the involvement of the so-called (General Command of the army) Torture, murder, burning, and bodies. ”

The statement added that Benghazi is pushing the “folly” of this category, which he described as the “unjust oppressor”, and that it is responsible for its elites who supported them and pays the price of those who claimed that it wants to purge the city of religious extremists as a war between Islamists and secular enlightenment advocates.

The statement said: “Benghazi pays for the” follies “of people wearing the military robe, including innocent people such as Abdel Razek Nadori and Vanis Boukhmada, and pay the price of the chanting of national sovereignty and forget and forget the flight of Egypt and Abu Dhabi, which holds Drena, Benghazi and Ras Lanuf and Jafra.

The statement pointed out that “the series of assassinations, dumps, blood and tears will continue in Benghazi so that the ignorant wake up from their ignorance and realize that they have committed a great crime against their cities and their people when they blessed and supported the process of” regret “, in reference to the process of dignity.

Dozens of bodies were found handcuffed and marked with signs of torture in Al-Zayt Street in the Shabna area of ​​Benghazi and the Al-Halis area west of the city. This is not the first time bodies have been found dumped in Al-Zayt Street.

وكالة الأنباء الإسلامية – حق

اتهم النائب الثاني لرئيس ما يسمى المجلس الأعلى للدولة في ليبيا، محمد امعزب، جهاز الأمن الداخلي ببنغازي التابع لحفتر بقيادة أسامة الدرسي، وسليمان الواحدي، بتعذيب وقتل الأشخاص الذين عثر على جثثهم في منطقة الحليس غرب المدينة، ومفترق الزيت بمنطقة شبنة خلال الأيام الماضية.

وقال امعزب في بيانه الصادر عن مكتبه، إن “بعد هذه العمليات يظهر بوضوح من وراء عمليات التنكيل والاغتيالات التي اجتاحت بنغازي قبل إطلاق “عملية الكرامة”، ويؤكد كذلك ما ورد على لسان محمد الحجازي وفرج اقعيم عن تورط ما يسمى (بالقيادة العامة للجيش)، بعمليات التنكيل والتعذيب والقتل والحرق والتمثيل الجثث”.

وأضاف البيان، أن بنغازي تدفع “حماقة” هذه الفئة التي وصفها بـ”الباغية الظالمة”، ويتحمل مسؤولياتها من نخبتها الذين أيدوهم، وتدفع ثمن من أدعى أنه يريد تطهير المدينة من المتطرفين الدينيين ظنا منه أنها حرب بين الإسلاميين ودعاة التنوير العلمانيين.

وذكر البيان قائلا: “بنغازي تدفع ثمن “حماقات” أشخاص تلبسوا برداء العسكرية وهي منهم براء من أمثال عبد الرازق الناظوري وونيس بوخمادة، وتدفع ثمن المتشدقين عن السيادة الوطنية ونسوا وتناسوا طيران مصر وأبوظبي الذي يدك درنة وبنغازي ورأس لانوف والجفرة.

وأشار البيان، إلى أن “مسلسل الاغتيالات والمكبات والدماء والدموع سيستمر في بنغازي حتى يستيقظ الغافلون من غفلتهم ويدركوا أنهم قد ارتكبوا جرما كبيرا في حق مدنهم وفي حق أهلهم عندما باركوا وأيدوا عملية “الندامة”، في إشارة إلى عملية الكرامة.

يذكر أنه تم العثور على عشرات الجثث مقيدة الأيدي وعليها علامات التعذيب في شارع الزيت بمنطقة شبنة في بنغازي ومنطقة الحليس غرب المدينة، وهذه ليست المرة الأولى التي يعثر فيها على جثث مرمية في شارع الزيت.



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German Father Bought Drugs With Counterfeit Euro Notes

 A father of a child from Troisdorf, Germany was sentenced to prison for ordering counterfeit euro notes from the dark web and putting the falsified bills into circulation. Court records reported that the man even purchased narcotics with the fake notes.

According to the court documents, the suspect, a 23-year-old father of Troisdorf, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, purchased three pieces of counterfeit euro notes on the dark web, which he put into circulation.

Because of the seriousness of the defendant’s crimes, the judge sentenced him to six months of imprisonment along with three years of probation. Judge Ulrich Wilbrand emphasized that the 23-year-old did not commit the crimes because he was naive or curious. According to judge Wilbrand, the accused, who has not been convicted before, showed a “criminal energy”, thus, he presented a high risk of breaking the law again.

The court records showed that the 23-year-old placed orders for the three counterfeit 50 euro notes on January 4, 2016. The defendant paid 20 euros for every fake 50 euro bill and used a darknet marketplace to order the illicit product. The suspect passed one of the 50 bills to a friend while he used the rest of the money to purchase narcotics from a dealer who he angered since he realized that the bills were not genuine. In the courtroom, Judge Wilbrand stated that the forensic examination of the fifties showed that they were of a rather poor quality.

“Money is sacred in Germany, so this is a crime,” the judge said to the defendant who was shaking, had tears in his eyes and had to swallow hard several times during his trial. According to the court documents, the defendant had a permanent job and had a child. These were the reasons why the judge has given a lighter sentence to the 23-year-old.

On the other hand, the prosecution pushed for a prison sentence without the chance of parole. The prosecutor was outraged by the use of the dark web since, according to him, that part of the internet is only used to commit crimes. Because the 23-year-old ordered the counterfeit euro bills from the dark web, he demanded a harsher sentence from the judge.

When the judge asked the defendant about his motive for the crimes, he only shrugged his shoulders. The judge speculated that the 23-year-old ordered the counterfeit euro bills to make money quickly. The friend, who the defendant gave one of the falsified fifties, was also present at the trial. The judge sentenced him to six months on probation.

However, that is not the last case Judge Wilbrand will have on the 23-year-old. According to the prosecution, a procedure is still pending where law enforcement authorities are investigating the defendant and his accomplice. The prosecution accused the duo of committing fraud with a fake online shop. The fraud case is also connected to the dark web, the suspects probably bought a package or a website template to set up the fake site.

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More Legally Obtained Voter Records for Sale Online

A director of threat research at a cybersecurity firm spoke to “Dark Reading”1 about an entity on the RaidForums selling voter records. This is not a new occurrence or even a particularly surprising one, despite the notion that vendors only sell such information on darknet marketplaces or forums. (The RaidForums website is completely accessible on the clearnet. The threat researcher, Jonathan Tomek, reported that he had found 40 million records for sale on the RaidForums.)


Logan, the particular forum member in question, listed only two voter databases this year, both from 2017. The remaining databases on the forums are from 2015 or 2013. According to the site’s database directory, the most recent voter database listings are as follows: Alabama Voter Database – 132,788 Records – 2015;

  1. Alaska Voter Database – 487,415 Records – 2015;
  2. Colorado Voter Database – 3,525,885 Records – 2015;
  3. Connecticut Voter Database – 2,391,357 Records – 2015;
  4. Delaware Voter Database – 600,000 Records – 2015;
  5. Florida Voter Database – 12,539,780 Records – 2013;
  6. Michigan Voter Database – 7,408,330 Records – 2015;
  7. North Carolina Voter Database – 7,444,748 Records – 2015;
  8. Ohio Voter Database – 7,509,310 Records – 2015;
  9. Oklahoma Voter Database – 2,158,410 Records – 2015;
  10. Pennsylvania Voter Database – 620,201 Records – 2015;
  11. Utah Voter Database – 731,639 Records – 2015;
  12. Washington Voter Database – 4,411,385 Records – 2015;
  13. Texas Voter Database – 657,695 Records – 2015;
  14. Nevada Voter Database – 1,160,839 Records – 2015

The only records from 2017 come from the Ohio Voter Database and Arkansas Voter Database—both of which came from Logan. They have 7,893,338 Records and 1,746,067 Records, respectively. Incidentally, both Ohio and Arkansas are readily available elsewhere as public records. One of said sites is a political research tool known as The site exists for the study of political data. “We offer researchers and political organizations an easier method to research public records data,” the site’s FAQ page explains.Screenshot_2017-07-27_17-43-10.png

Even better are the states that host voter records in an easily accessible format. One state that fits this criteria is the state of North Carolina. The North Carolina board of elections website allows anyone to search voter records. There is a danger associated with records—even previously available records—hitting forums or marketplaces where the intent is inherently criminal. Most state’s voter records contain a trove of identity information, and when combined with data from other sources or beaches, entities can easily create “fullz.” This can be accomplished with any source of information, however, and is far from exclusive to voter records.


Logan’s dumps, for instance, contain “voter IDs, full names, physical addresses, previous addresses, date of birth, genders, phone numbers, [and] citizen status.”

Voter records are a current topic of interest for a host of reasons—most of which, understandably, involve ongoing political issues. However, as Tomek explained, Logan likely obtained the information from “Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, website requests, and also through social engineering…” No hacking government servers required. Regardless, Logan’s use of the public information is very likely in direct violation of dozens of laws; it is not inherently legal even if he obtained the information through entirely legal channels. The possible uses for a database full of voter information are endless, but news surrounding voter database records rarely paints an accurate picture.

On an unrelated note, while they are available for purchase, Logan’s uploads are technically available for free.


1-Voter Registration Data from 9 States Available for Sale on Dark Web 

Nearly 10 million voter records sold for just $4 over last few days, according to LookingGlass Cyber Solutions.

Threat intelligence company LookingGlass Cyber Solutions says it has discovered over 40 million voter records from nine different states being traded in an underground forum for stolen credit card data and login credentials.

The voter records being offered for sale include the voter’s full first, last and middle name, voter ID, birthdate, voter status, party affiliation, residential address and other details. The data belongs to voters in Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma and Washington State.

Over the last two days, voter databases from at least two of the states—Arkansas and Ohio—were sold for a mere $2 each, or a total of $4 for almost 10 million voter records. That suggests financial gain is not the primary reason for the activity, according to LookingGlass.

‘Logan,’ the individual who has advertised the data and is selling it on a site called RaidForums, has hinted at possessing voter records for an additional 20 to 25 states, says Jonathan Tomek, director of threat research at LookingGlass Cyber Solutions.

Logan appears to have obtained the voter information through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, website requests, and also through social engineering them from states where an entity would otherwise be required to purchase the information, he says.

What makes his activities additionally illegal is his attempt to sell the data for purposes other than political purposes, he noted. Many states prohibit the republishing of voter data or the use of it for commercial purposes. Violators can face fine and prison terms of up to five years.

“Logan is not affiliated with any group to our knowledge,” Tomek says. “We believe he is acting alone. I can say he is over 18, travels a bit internationally, and works for a cybersecurity company,” he says.

Tomek says LookingGlass does not have information on how many people might have purchased the voter information or what they might do with it. “We do know he is actively trading this information for other stolen items such as credit cards and login credentials,” he says. “The combination of the voter information plus the other data has potential to be very bad since the voter data contains birthday, home address, email, and full name.”

News of the sale of millions voter records in an underground cyber forum comes amid an ongoing controversy over the Trump Administration’s push to get publicly available voter registration records from each state in connection with an inquiry into potential voter fraud in last year’s general elections.  A Trump appointed election integrity commission in fact met for the first time just last Wednesday to discuss next steps into the matter.

A total of 24 states have so far complied with the Trump Administration’s request for voter data. But the District of Columbia and 17 states have so far refused to hand over the data. Some groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have sued the Trump election commission citing voter suppression fears.

The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) currently requires all 50 states to maintain a central voter file in electronic format. The content and availability of the data in these files varies dramatically by state, as can be seen in this U.S. Election Project interactive map maintained by the University of Florida, Gainesville.

Some states make all the information they have in their voter files available to those eligible to view or purchase the data. Others withhold certain information like the voter’s Social Security Number, date of birth and driver’s license number. As PBS noted in a report last week, 19 states consider an individual’s full birth date to be part of the public record, while a voter’s race and party affiliation is considered public information in six states and 32 states respectively.

Currently, only the registered parties, political committee and a candidate or their committee registered in all areas can purchase all available statewide voter data, according to the US Elections Project website. The total cost for a US citizen to purchase all available voter registration data for all states is around $126,500. Politically oriented non-profits, candidates, parties and their committee would pay around $136,000.

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Europol Informed the AFP of 150 Local Hansa Vendors

Not dissimilar to the days after Operation Hyperion peaked, the Australian Federal Police received “a trove” of information on darknet users after the takedown of Alphabay and Hansa Marketplaces. According to a report from ABC Australia, the AFP collected data on roughly 150 darknet vendors. Alana Maurushat of the University of NSW said that if the police wanted to go after the Australian darknet market users then and there, they could probably do so. “It’s just a matter of political will to go after the buyers and sellers,” she said.

Elise Worthington, an award winning journalist, shadowed officers of the Australian Border Force as they selected articles of international mail for spot searches. On the day Worthington interviewed the ABF regarding darknet drug markets, an officer searched 50 pieces of international mail—48 of which contained drugs. The ABF officer explained that the searches she conducted were spot checks. No early warning system. However, she noted that mail from Germany and the Netherlands often contained cocaine or MDMA, respectively. In the video, aside from a small number of LSD tabs, the officer unpacked almost exclusively cocaine and ecstasy tablets. She said that 48 out of 50 packages was a normal occurrence for her.


“In terms of the number of darknet drug dealers we are the second highest country per capita in the world, just behind the Netherlands,” Dr James Martin, a criminologist from Macquarie University, told ABC. “Australia is an isolated drug market and there’s been issues with people accessing high quality illicit drugs, so we see on the darknet provides quite a useful alternative,” Martin continued. He explained that Australian drug users preferred the darknet because of the “decent prices” and the ability to get drugs without knowing a “traditional dealer.”

After a recent takedown of an Australian darknet vendor by “Strike Force Colette,” a newly created task force for dealing with drug laws, Detective Superintendent Tony Cooke offered his opinion. “The internet allows drug suppliers to engage with users from the comfort of their own homes or anywhere they are on their mobiles,” he said. Furthermore, “this criminal enterprise presents a unique challenge for law enforcement, but, we too are evolving and adapting our tactics to infiltrate these spaces and detect drug transactions.”


The National Manager of Specialist Operations at the Australian Federal Police, Dr. Simon Walsh, added the usual law enforcement spiel. “We’re dealing with high volume offences,” Dr. Walsh said. He explained that the high volume made the job painstaking for law enforcement, but they were adapting along with the criminals.

A significant focus of Australian authorities seems to be on cybercrime. Stolen bank details, medicare information, and ID scans. Worthington singled out a vendor on both Alphabay and Hansa, following the Alphabay closure. The vendor went by “Petrovich” and sold Commonwealth Bank and ANZ banking details. She reached out to ANZ for comment and learned ANZ was “aware this individual has been attempting to sell log-in information for both Australian and international bank accounts.” The spokesperson added that ANZ systems were safe. “The logins are likely obtained through methods such as phishing or malware being installed directly on the customer’s computer.”


“You shouldn’t think that if you are working on the darknet, that you are anonymous to law enforcement and that your crime is going to go unseen,” explained Dr. Walsh; he added that criminals should not assume anonymity on the darknet “because of what they understand about the darknet and the way in which it works.”


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Timeline: British Model Supposedly Kidnapped for Darknet Auction

After six days of imprisonment, a 20-year-old British model managed to talk her way to freedom. After the model, Chloe Ayling, arrived in Milan for a photoshoot, two men kidnapped her and held her hostage at a secure location.According to an announcement from the Polizia di Stato, Ayling’s kidnappers had planned to sell her through a controversial darknet auction site.

The announcement, however, added that Investigators in Milan, the Postal Police Department of Lombardy, and Polish law enforcement had not verified the story or the existence of the darknet site “Black Death.” And now, only days after the news broke, suspicion has fallen on the young girl—not necessarily from law enforcement, but from from journalists and darknet researchers. Black Death, the darknet auction site, made the news right two years ago when Motherboard published a piece that covered the site. The darknet market or community allegedly enabled global human trafficking and organized crime hits.


Soon after Motherboard published the piece, a Twitter user noticed an inconsistency: the site’s centerpiece auction—a listing that featured a female with a starting price of $150,000—had used screenshots of a pornography actor. Authority figures of anti-human trafficking websites called the “Black Death” market a “scam.” The site quickly became no more than an urban legend, Besa Mafia style.


Then, in early August, the site’s name had spread across the internet once again. From the Chloe Ayling narrative and news released following that story, the events began on July 10. However, media outlets received a warning the day prior. One even earlier date stood out. Far before any of the kidnapping news hit, but certainly not far-out enough to be excluded completely.


April 19-20: Chloe Ayling met with the kidnapper for a photoshoot in Paris, France. Coincidentally, the day of the shoot was the same day of the terror attacks in Paris; Ayling left Paris. Her agency told her that she would be posing for a motorcycle company of some sort. Although that photoshoot was called off, a certain sport bike magazine has a picture of her from this year. The second and final meeting between the two—the kidnapping in Milan—was for the kidnapper’s fake company called “Bessis Mafique Studio.” Ayling said that he created a website for the company, but Italian police reported an inability to find it anywhere online.


July 9: An alleged kidnapper emailed The Daily Mirror a tip with the subject line “British Model Kidnapped by Russian Mafia.”

July 10: The 20-year-old, an Instagram model and Page 3 feature, flew to Milan for a photoshoot. Chloe Ayling’s agent reportedly arranged the shoot with a man Ayling had met one month prior to the engagement. In later interviews, the model said the job looked authentic.


July 11: Two men kidnapped the model. One of the men Ayling had met, wearing a balaclava, injected Ayling with ketamine and stuffed her inside of a travel bag. The men then stuffed the bag into the trunk of a vehicle. They drove her to a farmhouse roughly 120 miles from Milan. She told police the kidnapping involved five men.


She told the Daily Telegraph:

A second person wearing a black balaclava gave me an injection in my right forearm. I think I lost consciousness. When I woke up I was wearing a pink bodysuit and the socks I am wearing now. I realised I was in the boot of a car with my wrists and ankles handcuffed, adhesive tape on my mouth. I was inside a bag and was only able to breathe through a small hole.”

The men, Ayling told police, tied her to a dresser. Her kidnappers claimed to be members of the Black Death auction site and, unless her agent handed over $300,000, they were prepared to sell her to buyers in the Middle East. Her “five” captors never sexually assaulted her, she said. Italian police are investigating only two suspects, in seeming contradiction to Ayling’s claims.


July 12: After only spending one night with her captor(s), she started sharing a bed with one of the men. Again, no sexual assault took place, according to the victim. No sexual activity of any kind transpired, she added:

“I slept in his room sharing his double bed. He never sexually molested me or requested sexual relations. The ‘Black Death’ organization prohibits it and severely punishes its members who touch kidnapped girls destined for sale at auction.”


July 12 – July 16: The majority of the questionable content occurred ridiculously this period of time, save for July 17.

  • Ayling claimed she convinced the main(?) kidnapper that the two could have a relationship if he allowed her to escape.
  • She allegedly lost a shoe—a fact that only surfaced once a shopkeeper recognized the kidnapper’s picture. The kidnapper, according to the British model, took her to buy shoes to replace the shoe that she had apparently lost while tied to a dresser.
  • They went grocery shopping. Ayling said that she knew the kidnapper would eventually release her but played along because the Black Death “group” had killers everywhere. (She only referred a single kidnapper at this point).
  • Although being an apparently well-planned operation that involved months of planning, the kidnapper only then discovered Ayling had a child.
    • Despite a vast majority of of topless modeling photos, her public Instagram profile displays her child in numerous uploads.
    • Her Facebook, also public, has pictures from before, after, and during her pregnancy.


“You have a two-year-old child and our rules exclude mothers,” the kidnapper told Ayling.

July 17: Ms. Ayling convinced the kidnapper to let her escape. Questions arose after information of the arrest of “the” kidnapper surfaced. He allowed her to go to the UK consulate in Milan. He turned himself in alongside her, resulting in his immediate arrest.

The Telegraph wrote that the two were getting breakfast in town when they arrived at the consulate.

Police questioned both parties. Ayling told a story that the narrative above was derived from. Police identified the kidnapper as a 30-year-old Polish man named Lukasz Pawel Herba. He admitted to kidnapping the model for ransom or sale on the darknet. He also planned to auction her on the Black Death site, according to statements from Herba and Ayling. Additionally, he distributed “business cards with the text “permanent solution” on one side and “Contact via Deep Web” on the other.


Police searched Herba’s computer and found that he had contacted other alleged kidnappers. Authorities also located a letter from Black Death administration that said the following:

You are being released as a huge generosity from Black Death Group. Your release does, however, come with a warning and you should read this letter very carefully. You are certainly aware of your value on human slavery market (sic) and must make a note that this isn’t personal, this is business. For your release we have taken a number of factors into consideration. A mistake was made by capturing you, especially considering you are a young mother that should have in no circumstances be lured into kidnapping. Second important factor (sic) you are very well aware of is your overall protection by one of our main and very well respected men who made a very clear and solid stance in your case.”

“You will, upon your landing in your home country cease any investigation activities related to your kidnapping. You also agreed to sneak a pre-determined set of information in to the media and we will expect to see evidence that has been done in the near future. You and your family will, in no way ever talk about us in bad language and without respect. You have been treated fairly, with respect and we expect to hear exactly the same about us in return. You can release any information you have heard from MO while your (sic) holding as he would never give you any information that could harm our activities. We will not tolerate lying about anything that has happened. You have also agreed to pay outstanding costs of your release of $50,000. We expect that money to be paid in BitCoins within one month.”

“Any sort of disobedience with the above will result in your elimination.


August 4: Chloe Ayling finally surfaced. Italian police “detained” her until she testified at a preliminary hearing on August 4. Even her lawyer said the police had “more than understandable doubts” when questioned on the many abnormalities.

According to the Polizia di Stato, “investigators have found out that the Polish citizen had already organized several online auctions for the sale of abducted girls, through advertisements describing the “prey” and setting the starting figure, although it has not yet been established whether the previous episodes the man had really kidnapped his victims or had invented everything.”

August 5: Lorenzo Bucossi, a law enforcement officer in Milan, said Herba claimed to have been contract killer for a mercenary group. The kidnapper’s claims were effectively discredited. The kidnapping, though, happened, according to the police. Paolo Storari, a Deputy Public Prosecutor in Milan, said, “fantasist or not, what is clear is that he is a very dangerous man who drugged his victim as soon as she was kidnapped and put her inside a large travel bag in the boot of a car.” Furthermore, “his version of events is barely credible but clearly he does not deny that he was with her for the time she was missing.”

Italian law enforcement accept that Ayling had Ketamine in her system and that Herba, working with one accomplice, kidnapped the model. Ketamine is detectable within 4 days of bodily introduction, according to a study conducted for government agencies. Norketamine, a ketamine metabolite, was detected in monkey blood nearly a month after ingestion.


However, norketamine tests seem unavailable outside of research laboratories. Not all corporate GCMS drug testing companies even offer ketamine detection. It remains unclear whether or not the police are simply accepting that part of her story or if they used a drug test. “Further investigations are ongoing in order to identify potential accomplices,” the police wrote. They also indicated the possibility that the kidnappers might have intended to let Ayling go regardless of the outcome. If so, the entire situation was no more than an attempt to commit $300,000 worth of fraud.

As of August 8, Herba claimed that he had kidnapped her; that he was a hired killer; that he operated (was not a mere user) of the Black Death website, to some capacity; that he was not a killer and “the Romanians” forced him to kidnap her; that “the Romanians” paid him $500,000 to kidnap her; that he kidnapped her to pay for his leukemia treatment; that he rescued her after seeing her pictures online; and that he joined the group and earned their trust to save her. Also, he had a pet rat that left his house both with him and on him—as in it at on his shoulder. Of all the mental images he left his neighbors with, the rat stood out the most.

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GB: “20 to 30 more years of Terrorist Threats”-MI5 Official

Britain is likely to face 20 to 30 more years of terrorist threats, a former MI5 chief has warned.

Speaking to the BBC Radio 4’s “Today” programme on Friday morning, Jonathan Evans said terrorism was a “generational problem” and that the country must “persevere” in its fight against the issue.

Lord Evans — who joined MI5 in 1980, and was appointed its director-general in 2007 before retiring in 2013 — led the security service through challenges including the aftermath of the 7/7 bombing and the London Olympics in 2012.

He told Radio 4 that he “would have said that we probably were over the worst of the al-Qaeda threat” when he stepped down from the service in 2013, but the rise of the so-called Islamic State has reignited terrorist threats.

Twitter video is loading

Lord Evans To BBC Radio 4 

“We’re at least 20 years into this. My guess is that we will still be dealing with the long tail in over 20 years’ time,” Evans said. “I think this is genuinely a generational problem. I think we are going to be facing 20 to 30 years of terrorist threat and therefore we need, absolutely critically, to persevere.”

But he noted that the country is in a “permanent state of preparedness,” especially after Britain saw four major attacks on its soil this year alone: In Westminster in MarchManchester in MayLondon Bridge in June, and Finsbury Park two weeks later.

Following the London Bridge attacks, Prime Minister Theresa May said security agencies and police had “disrupted five credible plots since March” alone.

On the “Today” programme, Lord Evans also urged to “think very carefully about our dependence on the internet,” warning against the Internet of Things, whereby domestic appliances, vehicles, and other infrastructure are increasingly connected online.

Russian interference in elections

He also sounded the alarm about Russian interference in British politics. Lord Evans said he “would be very surprised” if Russia hadn’t attempted to interfere in UK politics, particularly considering its actions and attempts to influence other Western politics.

Senior MPs have voiced similar concerns about Russia. Labour MP Ben Bradshaw told Business Insider earlier this year that May’s government is not being transparent enough about potential Russian interference in Brexit.

And it’s not just the UK. It recently emerged that Russian intelligence agents created phony Facebook accounts in an attempt to spy on Emmanuel Macron’s election campaign earlier this year, and an investigation into Russia’s role in US President Donald Trump’s election is ongoing.

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EXCLUSIVE: Rappler talks to a former Maute Group child soldier.

“Cayamora and Farhana Maute promise his parents he will study Koran, but they turn him into a fighter instead.”-Carmela Fonbuena |

MARAWI CITY, Philippines – A few years ago, a young boy overheard Cayamora and Farhana Maute talking to his parents about him. The parents of the notorious Maute brothers, responsible for the raging battles in Marawi City, were offering to make him study the Koran.

It was a privilege a poor family would not pass up, especially if the offer came from such a respected clan. In the absence of formal schooling, it’s common practice in communities here to organize Arabic and Islamic studies for children.

Pangarap ng pamilya ko makapag-aral ako ng Koran (It is my family’s dream to make me study the Koran),” said the boy, now in his teens. What is not clear is if his parents were also given monetary assistance.

The boy found himself relocating a few years back to the faraway town of Butig, some 50 road kilometers away from Marawi City, where he diligently learned the Koran.

But a month into the lessons, they gave him a rifle and taught him how to kill. “Lahat daw ngChristiansa buong mundo, patayin daw, ‘te (They said all the Christians in the world must die),” he said.

The boy did not know about the Mautes’ links to the international terrorist network Islamic State (ISIS) or anything about establishing a caliphate in Mindanao, which, according to the military, was the “grand plan” of the Maute Group.

He was told it was his specific duty to kill government soldiers.

Tinuruan ako mag-patay ng tao. Kung di ko siya patayin, ako ang mamamatay. Ako naunahan ba (They taught me how to kill people. If I don’t kill, I will die. They will kill me first),” he said.

He was once a child soldier fighting alongside the Maute brothers in his not so distant past. If he had stayed with the Mautes, he could be fighting in Marawi today, if not be dead already, he said.

TRAINING. Child soldiers are taught to kill early on. Rappler sourced photo  TRAINING. Child soldiers are taught to kill early on. Rappler sourced photo


When he was in Butig, he did not question the teachings. Not even in his mind. “Naniwala kami din, ‘te, mga dalawang taon na ‘te. Naniwala talaga ‘te (I really did believe them for two years. I really believed),” he said.

His singular dream was to go to heaven and he was taught dying in battle was the way this could happen.

“Gusto ko talaga magpakamatay (I wanted to die for the cause),” he said.

Indeed, the boy recalled being happy in Butig, where he lived in a big house. He was especially fond of riding the horses when they were on a break from studying.

He mingled with the Maute children, including Omar and Abdullah, who would rise to international notoriety for the ongoing siege in Marawi City.

Masaya ang Butig. Masaya buhay ko sa Butig (I was happy in Butig. I had a good life there),” he said.

To protect the boy, we agreed not to divulge his name and his personal details. We verified the boy’s story about his stay in Butig – the hometown of Farhana Maute – by checking military reports too about the terrorist group’s operations in Butig.


The boy agreed to talk because he doesn’t want more children to be brainwashed by the likes of the Mautes to support a cause that he now says is “very wrong.”

That the Maute Group used child soldiers is well reported. Rappler also obtained what appears to be propaganda videos of Filipino-looking children joining adult fighters carrying the ISIS black flag. A high-ranking military officer who operated in Butig confirmed the video was shot in the area.

CHILD SOLDIERS. The Mautes train children for battle. Rappler sourced photo CHILD SOLDIERS. The Mautes train children for battle. Rappler sourced photo

The same officer provided an old photo of child soldiers recovered last year in one military operation in Butig, Farhana’s hometown.

The boy said he was told it’s what Allah wanted him to become.

Sabihin nila, magka-edad ka na. Tapos ito gawin mo. ‘Yan ang sinusundan natin dito sa Koran. Utos ngAllah (They say, you are growing up. This is what you should do. This is what we should follow, according to the Koran. It is what Allah wants us to do),” the boy recalled.

He was the perfect soldier. There’s nothing like the misinformed courage of a child.

Gusto ko talagang patayin ang mga sundalo. Nagtatatakbo ako sa mga puno para maghanap ng sundalo (I really wanted to kill soldiers. I was running among the trees to hunt for them),” he said.

He was talking about the clashes last year in Butig, where the Maute Group was able to raise the black flag of the Islamic State (ISIS). Three military offensives were launched there to flush them out.

ASSAULT. Members of the police special forces maneuver as they assault Muslim militants' hide out near the city hall in Marawi City on May 28, 2017. File photo by Ted Aljibe/AFP

 ASSAULT. Members of the police special forces maneuver as they assault Muslim militants’ hide out near the city hall in Marawi City on May 28, 2017. File photo by Ted Aljibe/AFP

Naubos ko pa mga bala ko sa unang giyera. Sobra. te. Sabi ko, mamatay ako sa giyera na ito at mapunta na ako sa langit. Kung mamatay sa giyera, kukunin ka ni Allah (I emptied my magazine in my first battle. It was intense. I told myself, ‘I will die in this war and I will go to heaven.’ If I die in the battlefield, Allah will welcome me to heaven),” he said.

Ready talaga ako mamatay, ‘te. Kapag pumutok ang kanyon at ang mga eroplano dumating, hindi talaga ako magtago (I was ready to die. If the cannons were fired and if the planes came, I really wouldn’t hide),” he added.

The boy didn’t die in the wars in Butig. He didn’t kill any soldier either. He didn’t get the chance to master his marksmanship. And then something happened that changed his life and made him realize the teachings were wrong. We are withholding these details to protect his identity.

ABLAZE. Fire rages in Marawi City on May 23 after an attack by the Maute Group. Photo from @attysamina  ABLAZE. Fire rages in Marawi City on May 23 after an attack by the Maute Group. Photo from @attysamina
Today the boy said he still reads the Koran on his own. “Magbasa ako ng Koran. Pakiramdam ko ‘te parang magaan (I read the Koran and when I do, I feel much better),” he said.

He hears the clashes in Butig and he knows some of his friends are fighting to get to heaven. “Maling-mali talaga, ‘te (It’s really wrong),” he said.

The military was surprised by the Maute Group’s resistance in Marawi City because bandits usually run to the mountains and escape when confronted with heavy artillery. The clash is now on its 4th week and the fighters are still holding out.

If they were trained like the young boy, it means they are all ready to kill and they are all ready to die.

Who is Farhana Maute?

“According to those familiar with her, Farhana ‘is as notorious’ as her sons Omar and Abdullah”

MOTHER. Farhana Maute is arrested and in custody.

MOTHER. Farhana Maute is arrested and in custody.


ILIGAN CITY, Philippines (UPDATED) – The mother of the notorious Maute brothers responsible for the siege of Marawi City may have escaped the battle zone as early as Day 3 of the clashes, said a military officer involved in the operations in Marawi.

She had an important mission. Wounded Maute fighters were brought to her care, the officer said.

Ominta Romato Maute, better known to people and to authorities as Farhana Maute, was arrested by cops at 7:15 pm on Friday, June 9, along with two wounded fighters and several unidentified females in Masiu town’s barangay Koramatan.

Masiu is some 36 kilometers away from Marawi if one takes the highway. Authorities learned she was “buying vehicles and firearms in the area to be used for their escape outside Lanao del Sur province,” according to a report for police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa.

They were about to escape on a Gray Revo vehicle when cops found them. It is not clear if there was a firefight, but the report said high-powered firearms and improvised explosive devices were recovered from them.

According to those familiar with her, Farhana “is as notorious” as her sons Omar and Abdullah.

LOGISTICS. Photos of Maute Group members and their vehicles are displayed at checkpoints. Rappler photo LOGISTICS. Photos of Maute Group members and their vehicles are displayed at checkpoints. Rappler photo

Farhana’s arrest comes 3 days after the Maute patriarch Cayamora Maute was arrested at a checkpoint in Toril, Davao City.

Both parents are believed to be recruiting soldiers for their sons’ operations but Farhana has always been the bigger fish that authorities had long wanted to catch.

Farhana comes from the well-respected Romato clan in Central Mindanao. She has always been identified as the “funder” of her sons’ operations and has been known to provide logistical support.

Several arrest warrants have been issued against her.

“Most terrorists’ financing are handled by the wives. That is why when fighters are killed, the wives are remarried to another fighter so that the financial connections will still be active,” said another military officer watching the Maute Group.

Farhana, according to President Rodrigo Duterte, wanted to speak to him but he refused.

The President said he would wait until the next generation of Mautes before talking to any member of the notorious clan. –

MILF, Maute Group battle for legitimacy

The mountainous town of Butig is host to an MILF camp where its founding leader Hashim Salamat is buried. It’s also where the ISIS-linked Maute Group trained its fighters before they targeted Marawi. 

It took 17 years of negotiations before the government and Muslim rebel group Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) signed in 2014 a peace agreement that envisioned to address the roots of rebellion in Mindanao.

But it wasn’t the end of the MILF’s struggle, it turned out, as the previous Congress failed to pass a law that should have created a new Bangsamoro region that would allow Muslims in Mindanao more power and control over governance and resources on their land. (READ: Maranaos hit ‘traitor’ Aquino for failed BBL)

It’s not clear when the Maute family, practically royalty among MILF clans, gave up on the peace process. The sons of Cayaramora and Farhana Maute supported instead the radical ideology of international terrorist network Islamic State (ISIS) and sought to carve their own territory in Mindanao to establish a caliphate. (READ: Terror in Mindanao: The Mautes of Marawi)

The MILF was working to complete the peace process – counting on the promise of President Rodrigo Duterte that peace in Mindanao is the legacy he wants to leave behind – when the Maute Group attacked Marawi City on May 23.

Rappler sat down last May 27 with Mohagher Iqbal, chairman of the MILF peace implementing panel. He said the Marawi crisis underscores the need create the new Bangsamoro region and make the terrorist groups irrelevant.

“One of the reasons why these groups are cropping up is because of the frustration of the people [with the peace process]. I think it’s time for the government, especially Congress, to be serious about the passage of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL),” said Iqbal.

Slow peace process eroded MILF moral ascendancy

THE MAUTES. From left to right: Cayamora, Farhana, Omar, Abdullah Maute.
THE MAUTES. From left to right: Cayamora, Farhana, Omar, Abdullah Maute.

The Maute Group operates in Lanao del Sur, a province inside MILF stronghold central Mindanao. Iqbal said there are 3 beliefs that differentiate the MILF from the Maute Group.

  • The MILF believes in the political resolution of the conflict through a peace process. The Maute Group does not.
  • The said MILF would have seen to it that its military operations did not put civilians in the crossfire. The Maute Group, in contrast, brought the war to densely populated areas and used civilians as human shields.
  • Half of the MILF leadership are ulama or religious leaders. The MILF would never agree with the Maute Group’s radical interpretation of the Koran.

Iqbal said they worked to remind the MILF base that the Maute Group and the ISIS ideology it is promoting goes against MILF principles. But he acknowledged that frustrations over the peace process that the MILF pushed has somehow eroded its moral ascendancy – particularly among young Muslims. They have become doubtful about the leadership’s ability to address the political issues.

The Maute Group exploited this and was able to recruit among MILF clans.

“The Maute leadership is very young, a second generation [MILF]. Young people, the youth, are bold and daring. Young people are attracted to idealism,” said Iqbal.

In a sense, the MILF found itself in a battle with the Maute Group for legitimacy in Central Mindanao.

“Right now, modesty aside, the greater majority of our people are still listening to the MILF. We still have that popularity among our people,” Iqbal said.

“To a very good extent, I think only the factor of MILF is preventing the Maute Group from recruiting so many people to their side,” Iqbal said.


Blood is thicker than water

Marawi is yet another war that puts to the test the sincerity of the MILF in abandoning its history of violence and links with terrorism.

“The MILF has proven time and again that we are a consistent and reliable partner in the search for peace in Mindanao. Without a reliable partner in the search for peace in Mindanao, I don’t think peace can be achieved in due time,” said Iqbal.

The truth is MILF leaders – some more vocal than others – are frustrated with the delay in pushing for the law that will create the new Bangsamoro region. But the actions of the leadership showed commitment to peace. (READ: Duterte discusses Marawi Crisis with MILF leaders)

In Marawi, the MILF partnered with the government to create peace corridors that helped rescue hundreds of civilians trapped inside the battle zone. But the bigger contribution of the MILF is perhaps securing the highways from Marawi City to Malabang – the towns where the war could spill over – and make sure that they are not cut off.

Still, there are those who feel the rebel group could have done more to stop the Maute Group. In hushed talks, there are those who can’t help but ask if some MILF leaders had also aided the Maute Group in Marawi.

The blood ties between the MILF and the Maute Group are thick. Both groups can trace roots to the mountainous town of Butig located some 50 road kilometers away from Marawi City.

The war-torn town that hosts one of the MILF’s biggest camps, Camp Bushra, is the hometown of Maute matriarch Farhana. It is where MILF founder Hashim Salamat is buried and where the Maute Group training camp is located.

This means it’s not only the leaders of the MILF and the Maute Group who are related by blood or by marriage. It is the same among their supporters.

“As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water. You can hardly separate those people from each other,” said Iqbal.

“I think that is the real basis of the suspicion that the MILF is one way or another linked to the Maute Group. But the reality is, the divide is so deep. It is so deep that the two groups cannot go together,” said Iqbal.

This is the reality that complicates wars and peace processes in these parts of the country. While families are divided in their ideologies – MILF, MNLF or the Moro National Liberation Front, BIFF, Maute Group, and Abu Sayyaf among others – blood ties often prevail when fighting erupts in their villages.

Suspicions vs MILF

DEAD. Philippine police commandos unload body bags containing the remains of their comrades killed in a clash with Muslim rebels in Mamasapano.     DEAD. Philippine police commandos unload body bags containing the remains of their comrades killed in a clash with Muslim rebels in Mamasapano.

Suspicions are hard to shake off whenever the government launches offensive in central Mindanao. In Butig last year, MILF fighters stepped aside to let the military run after the Maute Group. But there are allegations coming from residents themselves that some MILF members may have tipped off the targets and allowed them to escape.

Whether allegations of leaks are true or not, concerns prompted the police to keep their notorious January 2015 Mamasapano operation a secret from the MILF and the military. This is because the military would have pressed to inform the MILF out of respect for ceasefire mechanisms with the rebel group.

The police Special Action Force (SAF) succeeded in killing their longtime target, Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli Marwan, but it cost the lives of 44 elite cops who fought in a day-long battle in the province adjacent to Lanao del Sur. They fought both the BIFF and the MILF.

The Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) declared the clashes with the MILF a “misencounter” that should have been prevented if the police respected the ceasefire mechanisms with the MILF.

Public outrage over the deaths of the cops turned national sentiment against the MILF, however, and derailed support for the peace process. Lawmakers withdrew support for the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

This was when Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte took the national stage to warn of war erupting in Mindanao if the government breaks its promise to the MILF. It was against this backdrop that Duterte first declared his plans to run in the May 2016 presidential elections.

“Remember that if there is a breakdown in the peace negotiations, we in Mindanao will be the first ones to suffer and it is sad that nobody in Manila seems to realize this,” Duterte was quoted saying.

This is where Commander Bravo and his role in the Marawi crisis comes in to show the bigger value of the MILF and the peace process despite the complications they bring.

Commander Bravo’s Facebook video

Abduhrahman Macapaar or Commander Bravo is the popular but belligerent chief of the MILF Northwestern Mindanao Front. He commands up to 1,500 fighters in the Lanao provinces, based on estimates of a military officer who served there.

Bravo is notorious for going into a rampage in 2008, along with the late former MILF commander Ameril Umbra Kato, when the Supreme Court junked a peace agreement between the Arroyo government and the MILF.

COMMANDER BRAVO. The belligerent MILF commander leads about 1,500 fighters. Screenshot of his Facebook video

COMMANDER BRAVO. The belligerent MILF commander leads about 1,500 fighters. Screenshot of his Facebook video


Kato would form the breakaway group BIFF, which would coddle foreign terrorists. Bravo stayed with the MILF, which chose to restart the talks with the succeeding Aquino administration.

Bravo has always been a cause of concern for the security sector because of his reported activities in his lairs. Last year, Duterte aligned him with the Maute Group and accused him of taking his own territory in Mindanao.

But Bravo denied all these and declared his commitment to the peace process.

On the 3rd week of clashes in Marawi, he proved this. In a video message that went viral on Facebook pages of Maranao residents, he distanced himself from the Maute Group and declared their jihad to be wrong.

“Commander Bravo has been known for making so many statements and making so many decisions. But putting all things together, I don’t think we will doubt the loyalty of Commander Bravo to the MILF,” said Iqbal.

“That statement in the midst of the fighting in Marawi has settled everything. After all, Commader Bravo is with the MILF and he has said correctly the ideological and political lines of the MILF in terms of his statements in the video,” said Iqbal.

A reliable source confirmed that Macapaar met with the Maute brothers several times. Many shuddered imagining what could have happened if Macapaar and hundreds of his fighters joined the Maute Group.

“If Commander Bravo made a statement to the effect that he would at least sympathize with the Mautes, that makes a difference. But we never doubted Commander Bravo. He was through and through with the MILF,” said Iqbal.

Peace process

The new Bangsamoro region will replace the current ARMM – the result of the peace agreement with Nur Misuari’s MNLF in 1996.

The MILF was the breakaway faction of the MNLF that represented dissatisfaction with the peace process that Misuari led. Years later the MILF would eclipse the MNLF to become the country’s dominant Muslim rebel group.

This was the big lesson that the government learned from the MNLF peace process. For the peace efforts with the MILF to succeed, a new breakaway group cannot be allowed to grow and challenge the dominance of the MILF.

The military believes the BIFF has been diminished after it lost its leaders Kato and Usman, although the group remains a concern especially in Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat.

There have been many other spoilers to the MILF peace process that the military also dealt with one by one. The Maute Group is the latest incarnation of violent armed groups that claim to represent the Muslims in Mindanao.

In February 2013, followers of late Sultan Jamalul Kiram III attacked in Sabah to protest the MILF peace process for failing to include the country’s claim to Sabah. In September 2013, Misuari’s followers also besieged Zamboanga City to protest the abolition of ARMM.

Iqbal said the creation of a Bangsamoro region as envisioned by the MILF will end the cycle of violence.

“When the historical injustices are addressed by the government, then new armed groups that would crop up in the future would have no more reason to fight government. All the issues are addressed by government and that would make them (armed groups) illegitimate,” said Iqbal.

Duterte, the first president from Mindanao, is expected to throw his support behind the proposed law when he delivers his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) before Congress this July.

Duterte said peace in Mindanao is the legacy he wants to leave behind. Indeed, it would mean everything for the people in his homeland – if only he could deliver.

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TheDailySheeple–The crypto currency sector has been on a meteoric rise in recent years, with some “coins” seeing gains of thousands of percentage points for early investors. With interest building and new platforms for novice users that make it easier to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchain currencies, U.S. Gold Corp CEO Edward Karr says there may still be big gains to be had.

In the following interview with SGT Report, Karr notes that just as is the case with precious metals, one of the fundamental reasons behind the crypto coin boom is that investors have lost confidence in their governments and economies. This has left them little choice but to flee traditional fiat currencies, which are literally being printed by central banks to the tune of trillions of currency units globally.

Like gold and silver, crypto-currencies offer a store of value, anonymity, and portability across borders. These core blockchain characteristics have enticed investors looking to keep their monetary activities private and increased their global demand as a crisis asset. And when that crisis does strike, what we’re seeing with the parabolic moves in Bitcoin and Ethereum, says Karr, will be replicated in precious metals assets, because the fundamental reasons behind shifting one’s money into anonymous and portable crypto-coins are the same reasons for why contrarian investors have held gold and silver throughout history:

I think all these gains in the crypto currency space… them going parabolic recently… this is the canary in the coalmine of the gains that are going to come in the precious metals sector… At the end of the day, when you look at gold and silver, precious metals have stood the test of time…

One of the reasons these crypto currencies are going to the moon is that a lot of investors… and mainly you have to look at the Chinese… look at Venezuela… when you are in economies where you know you are absolutely living in a Ponzi scheme debt bubble, you are willing to sell your Renminbi at any cost… And you would rather have Bitcoin… If you had Bitcoin and lived in Venezuela you’d still have some purchasing power parity…

Full Interview:

You look at crypto currencies… you look at the move that’s happened over the last several years in Bitcoin and Ethereum more recently… these crypto currencies have gone parabolic… so the gains have been astronomical… several hundred to multi-thousand percent if you got in and out at the right time… So you can understand why people would be attracted to the sector… Initial Coin Offerings are a brand new way to raise capital… it seems like there is a new ICO du jour that’s coming out and people are raising five, ten, twenty million dollars almost for any project… To me it’s very reminiscent of the dotcom boom… if you had any business out there and put dotcom in the business name… instantly your stock doubled or tripled overnight.

So, can you make big gains in the crypto currencies? Without a doubt… should you be looking at, maybe prudently speculating in some of these crypto currencies and ICO’s? Without a doubt…

Should you be selling all of your gold, all of your silver, all of your mining stocks and going all-in into this sector?

No way.

This is an extremely speculative portion of the overall market… should be an extremely small portion of one’s overall portfolio… just as quickly as these crypto currencies can go up they can come down as well…

Karr explains that in the very near future gold and silver will serve a similar purpose for panicked investors who will be fleeing stock markets and fiat currencies for assets that will retain value amid crushing government debt and an inflationary rise in prices like we’re seeing in Venezuela for basic goods:

It’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when.”

And it’s certainly going to happen again.. the beauty about precious metals and the mining space is that these are cyclical industries… this market peaked out in 2011… we went into one of the worst bear markets anyone in this industry remembers… and these bear markets tend to last four or five years in really severe bear markets… we’ve been in a five to six year absolutely devastating bear market…

But gold is up off the lows… The governments and central banks have been quantitatively easing and printing new currency units ad infinitum… so everything is really setting up for the next bull market in this sector.

We’re in the first inning of a nine inning ball game…

Blockchain crypto-currencies may prove to be a resilient asset class in coming years as they are more broadly accepted as mechanisms of exchange. But discounting gold and silver’s 5,000 year history as crisis currencies and stores of value at a time when governments and central banks around the world are printing trillions of Dollars, Euros and Renminbis in a race to the bottom may prove to be a foolish mistake.

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Red Room

The Red room is the website where the viewer is shown video on his demand. It contains explicit harassment and torture of the subject by some person of evil intention.

Red Room of Pain – Red Room Deep Web

  • Red room

  • deep web red room

  • The red room is also called as a Red room of pain.

In Red Room the user has to pay money to the site owner and then the user will get access to torture the blind folded person in the live video. The user can give commands to torture as per their wish. If they pay more money they can torture as much they want. For example, the action can be cutting body parts, torture or even subject to death.

All the transaction will take place through bitcoin wallet.

There are several sites naming themselves as red room, but they are all scams. But there are also some most dangerous sites that should be avoided.

What Happens in a Red Room?

  • Initially, you have to finish the login process, after logging into a red room you will see a harassment scenario like a girl tied up by a rope in a chair.
  • Once the Chat or Red Room gets locked; there begins the Cruelty for Psychics.
  • As the web cam will be placed for sure in the Crime Scenario; the actions will get reflected according to the charts in the IRC channel.
  • Then the user has to send his/her email id to the website owner.
  • The website owner will send a link to the user where the payments should be made.
  • After making the payment the user will receive a link to access the red room.
  • After entering the password given the user will enter into the red room where you
    can see some person whose face is hidden by a mask.
  • Then the user will demand by commanding to torture, cut body parts etc.,
  • The more you pay the money, the more you can torture.
  • I referred to some sites and I got to know that there are two real red rooms in the deep web, they are as follows.
  • One is of ISIS saying that they will behead the Turkish soldier on some specific date and specific time and it will be live. Other is more horrific than this also.
  • The second case is “The daisy destruction” which shook the internet world and it is one of the most horrific cases until now of child abuse.

Is it Illegal to Access the Red Room?

It is not illegal to be in a red room, but I suggest that don’t access the sites and get caught by public virtual crime. There are some scam sites you may cross in the deep web, but those sites are just a scam and you may lose your money in those sites.

Some researchers in Red Room and deep web say that “there are no real red rooms in deep web sites, but don’t try to access those sites.” I also convey the same, that please don’t access those sites because you may undergo some severe damage.

Real Life Incidents and Damages Happened Due to Red Room

Sasebo Slashing – A 11 year old girl killed a 12-year-old female classmate. The murder occurred on June 1, 2004, at an elementary school in the city of Sasebo in Nagasaki Prefecture. The murderer slit Mitarai’s(murdered girl) throat and arms with a utility knife.

It happened because of the flash video by some pop up’s on the internet taken her to the fake red room and the 11-year-old girl started loving the video which made her kill her classmate.



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DHL Goes Down After Hacker Exposes Clearnet IP Address

Reddit user known as /u/t0mcheck publicly disclosed “crippling” vulnerabilities in two darknet markets: DHL and Sourcery Market. As usual, the posts increased the number of heated conversations between users and moderators. Eventually everything came down to DHL. According to a DHL representative, was not new to marketplace staff—they had known for two years. Now, along with Sourcery Market, both marketplaces vanished.

Either may come back, but Reddit users called exit scam. “Yeah, I don’t think we’ll see them around anymore,” one user wrote.

As of August 5, the two stickied posts in that subreddit are market warnings. One post is the vulnerability disclosure of both marketplaces. The second, though, is a post titled “DHL Market – Current problems – Consider avoiding right now.” The vulnerabilities were serious enough to warrant the removal of the formerly stickied post about a significant number of Dream vendor accounts that the Dutch National Police controlled.



The Reddit user behind the disclosures claimed the DHL vulnerabilities took only 60 minutes to find. In the Gist, he published three major issues.

  1. Vulnerability 1: Reflected XSS in Main Search
    1. “XSS in main search field. Does not filter any characters”
  2. Vulnerability 2: Persistent XSS in PGP key upload
    1. “PGP key comments can contain HTML and Javascript and it isn’t escaped.”
  3. Vulnerability 3: Persistent XSS In Support Forum
    1. “While reporting the last two bugs to support I noticed that pasting in the vulnerable code triggered an XSS in the support forum.”
    2. “To XSS support simply message them with: </textarea><img src=/ onerror=javascript:alert(1)>

The cross-site scripting in the main search drew attention, especially from the DHL “hidden moderator” account. The mod, under the handle “DHL-3,” pointed out that an entity had already created a forum post regarding the XSS vulnerability. The Reddit users exchanged words, another penetration tester verified the XSS vulnerabilities, and then t0mcheck dropped another surprise on the subreddit.



In “DHL Market Security Part 2,” t0mcheck expressed a new level of discontent with DHL admins and the subreddit moderators. “[We] are now disclosing that the market contains a very simple bug that allows anybody to read any message on the site. [Gist link…],” the user wrote.


“The administrators of DHL have not replied to any of our previous reports nor messages and it has been over 48 hours,” the entity wrote. “One more note – we are not going to put up with shit from admins, paid spokespeople or shill moderators any longer.”

In the Gist, the “watchful community member” outlined the process required to read any messages on the site. And he did. At roughly the same time, an I.P. address that connected to DHL surfaced. Accessing the site from the I.P. address allowed users to log into DHL. Oddly, some users could change their passwords on the DHL forums via the official hidden service and then use their old passwords to log into the marketplace via the clearnet server.


In the recent past, a hacker known as “Cipher0007” demolished Sanctuary Market, shutting it down prior to a true launch. The market was beyond repair, the hacker explained. A moderator of the darknetmarkets subreddit banned an account claiming to be Cipher0007 for posting “fake” I.P. addresses.

A post later appeared on the DHL forums that confirmed the I.P. leak as legitimate. The announcement reported “good” news: that DHL admins were about to launch a new version of the marketplace. The I.P. address was a test server for DHL admins, SeriousSam wrote in the forum post.

The announcement is as follows

A few more hours and we [will] have an answer to everything in its entirety. But we also have very good news. We are deploying the new market where everything is fixed earlier than we wanted e.g not feature complete. But what can we do 😦 The IP leak is true. That was one of our test servers. But we killed everything already and besides some fresh loaded but now worthless virtual credit cards nothing is left 😦 Apparently we had a traitor in our midst. The person doing various tests for us after each new version. Looks like he sold this info to the highest bidder. But encryption worked. Manual and automatic. Our system does not allow for any code changes inside read-only containers besides a signed push from our servers.

But yeah, we fucked up here. Gotta admit that for sure. But we’ll make very good on this within 24hours, I hope.

EDIT: Support will fix issues soon again. And we are waiting for a fresh btchost to complete syncing before we process payments again. But that should be only max 10-12 hours. Usually we have emergency machines around but we decided to burn everything for the redeployment. – SeriousSam


Anonymous: Russia Declares State of War Between America! (and to Remove Donald Trump) Video


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(Before It’s News)


America is being torn apart. The nation is disintegrating into self-serving regionalism. Presently in America, there is a globalist inspired effort to destroy the United States from within.

Nixon’s 10 FEMA Regions


In the modern era, the breakup of the United States first appeared in Richard Nixon’s division of America into 10 FEMA Regions. This is becoming a rough draft model for the planned break-up of the United States.

The Last Obstacle to Global Totalitarianism

America has a Constitution guaranteeing individual liberties over the power of the government. America has millions of freedom-minded citizens. And very importantly, America has a citizenry armed with over 300 million hand guns which complements the fact that America has 7 million veterans of fighting age. For America to fall and for globalism to succeed, America must be broken apart.

For the New World Order to succeed, America must be eliminated as a ge0-political entity. The secessionist movements across the country are a George Soros movement along these lines designed to lead to the breakup of the United States.

The strategy of each movement is very similar in which the hatred and extreme disenchantment that the public has for the Federal government becomes the impetus for withdrawal. These movements are pro-New World Order and will lead to the elimination of much of the resistance that the American people will mount against the Deep State and their international banking allies of the Rothschild banking cartel.

Secession Has Always Been a Part of American History

A secession sentiment has been building in various states for decades in some cases. In the spring 2016, 22 local Republican conventions in Texas expressed their support for a statewide referendum on whether or not Texas should leave the union. Texas movers and shakers in the party struck the resolution from the convention agenda, but it was still an impressive showing, but it served as a sign of things to come. Interestingly, Texas seceded from Mexico in 1835 and formed an independent republic as the precedent was set and secession sentiment in Texas seems to be alive and well nearly 175 years later. s being rekindled as it is happening all across the country. George Soros has his fingerprints all over these movements.

The most notable secession movement occurred prior to the Civil War, which was started by the North after 11 pro-slavery Southern states seceded and formed the Confederate States of America. The North may have won the war, but its consequences continue to play out in our national politics, with the South being the most conservative region on the country, it is a present hotbed of secessionist sentiment.

None of these movements are legal as in 1869, in Texas v. White, the Supreme Court ruled unilateral secession unconstitutional. But that hasn’t stopped dozens of states from pursuing their own movements.

The State of Jefferson


The State of Jefferson movement is the only boundary changing action that does not result in the destruction of the United States. The plan is to add a 51st state through a Constitutional process. Currently, Soros is trying to undermine the movement by having a splinter group engage in a lawsuit which will not result in statehood, but will instead, waste resources needed to complete the administrative withdrawal from California and Oregon and create a new state.

The State of Jefferson movement is potentially dangerous to the country and favors the advancement of the Globalists because the movement has bifurcated into two groups. The newest faction, in the opinion of The Common Sense Show, is a fraud and its true motives deviates away from statehood as a goal. The splinter movement has ties to, a Soros organization. Its strategies include pursuing a frivolous lawsuit in which will NOT result in statehood, but rather will drain the region of needed resources needed to create a 51st state. There is another Jefferson group which is pursuing statehood through Constitutional and legal means. A lawsuit will not accomplish this goal. Also, the splinter group is creating confusion among the citizens on which movement to support.

Jefferson must fail for the following Calexit to succeed. I contend that the splinter group associated with is designed for the purpose of destroying the Jefferson movement in order that Calexit may succeed.


calexit-embassy-in-russiaThe Calexit movement has gone so far as to even open an embassy in Moscow!

Paul Preston and his insider sources have produced sufficient proof of the following:

  1. California will become a sanctuary state in opposition to any federal enforcement of our immigration laws. Some California lawmakers have gone so far as to say that they will not respect nor abide any actions by federal officials.
  2. Preston has clearly documented that California intends on exiting the United States. Preston’s inside sources, who have been in attendance at some of the CalExit meetings have boldly stated that the state will become its own country under the control of the United Nations. There is no legal precedent for California to do what they claim they will be doing. This is wholly illegal.
  3. Gov. Brown has repeatedly refused comment regarding CalExit. If this was not his intention, then why not simply issue a denial statement? Many times in politics, it is not what you say, but what you won’t say.
  4. Brown is in league with foreign officials from Mexico, China, Japan and the United Nations with regard to moving forward with the CalExit agenda. In addition, Preston’s sources claim that La Raza and various members of the drug cartels have been in attendance. This could constitute criminal facilitation on the part of Brown as well as abject treason. He is also violating the 10th Amendment and should be impeached on these grounds.

If California is successful in carrying out Calexit, it will become a protectorate of the United Nations. You don’t get more “globalist” than that!



Proposed expansion of Canada called Cascadia. This would destroy the Jefferson movement and proposes to create a new Canadian province that Oregon and Washington would join. This is Soros backed.

The secession obsession in America encompasses both the and the left. This movement has many thousands of supporters on both sides of the Canadian border. This movement is in its infancy and is gaining momentum.

From the Seattle Times:


Reconquista Atzlan: White Europeans Must Leave


La Raza’s plan to divide America by removing the American Southwest and creating AZTLAN, which is also Soros backed.

The concept of Aztlan has been sanctioned by the UN. This is the same UN that is transporting military grade vehicles within the United States. This,, too, is a violation of our immigration laws, not to mention national security.

These groups have historically taught that Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and parts of Washington State make up an area known as “Aztlan”, a fictional ancestral homeland of the Aztecs before Europeans arrived in North America.

MEChA’s  founding principles are contained in these words in “El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan” (The Spiritual Plan for Aztlan):

“In the spirit of a new people that is conscious not only of its proud historical heritage but also of the brutal gringo invasion of our territories, we, the Chicano inhabitants and civilizers of the northern land of Aztlan from whence came our forefathers, reclaiming the land of their birth and consecrating the determination of our people of the sun, declare that the call of our blood is our power, our responsibility, and our inevitable destiny. … Aztlan belongs to those who plant the seeds, water the fields, and gather the crops and not to the foreign Europeans. … We are a bronze people with a bronze culture. Before the world, before all of North America, before all our brothers in the bronze continent, we are a nation, we are a union of free pueblos, we are Aztlan. For La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada. Chicano is our identity; it defines who we are as people. It rejects the notion that we…should assimilate into the Anglo-American melting pot…Aztlan was the legendary homeland of the Aztecas … It became synonymous with the vast territories of the Southwest, brutally stolen from a Mexican people marginalized and betrayed by the hostile custodians of the Manifest Destiny.” (Statement on University of Oregon MEChA Website, Jan. 3, 2006).

Miguel Perez of the Cal State-Northridge’s MEChA chapter stated: “The ultimate ideology is the liberation of Aztlan. Communism would be closest [to it]. Once Aztlan is established, ethnic cleansing would commence: Non-Chicanos would have to be expelled — opposition groups would be quashed because you have to keep power.”

The National Council of La Raza and its allies in public office make no repudiation of the radical MEChA and its positions. As recently as 2003, La Raza was actively funding MEChA, according to federal tax records. However, since La Raza began to receive federal funds, La Raza has adopted a less militant stand, at least publicly, where they say that they no longer support Reconquista de Aztlan. However, when one examines where proposed federal money was designed to go, under S. 744, and to go in the pockets of La Raza and MEChA, it is impossible to believe that at its core, La Raza does not truly support the concept of Aztlan.

This is where Atzlan started. And now it is exploding.

Even more disturbing was the account of Preston’s insider source who attended some of the CalExit meetings. While in attendance, the source heard a pointed discussion about the cartel’s intent to kill white people. The ideas was allegedly put forward by the cartels and was proclaimed in front of 3 members of the Obama administration.

Proposals for the 52nd and 53rd States


The people in far northeastern Colorado (Sterling, Peetz, Flemming) and in Western Maryland want to withdraw from their respective states. Both of these movements have Soros money behind them.

Arizona, Michigan, Upstate New York, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland and Virginia Join the Secessionist Party


There Are More States with Secessionist Movements Than Do Not



Several TV shows, both past and present, have engaged in predictive programming. In the former show,Revolution, America disintegrated into regionalism and the various factions waged war upon the other regions which resulted from the breakup of the United States following an EMP style attack. Additionally, the present hit series, The Last Ship,  engaged in the same scenario.

America is in the process of being carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey. If America allows itself to be broken apart by the globalists, we will lose any chance at unity to mount a resistance. Instead, we will likely be subjected to a false flag in which resources are rare and the country dissolves into civil war and, by default, we will also lose our Constitution. Also, America will forfeit gun ownership and all civil liberties.

America must resist everyone of these movements except for the Jefferson movement which is pursuing a Constitutional means to create a 51st state.



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Mueller: Too Clean To Investigate Clean?

Jeffrey Marty–A former colleague recently characterized Robert Mueller as “ramrod straight” and “utterly incorruptible.” Similar language was breathlessly repeated in mainstream media biographies on Mueller in Politico, BBC, and Time magazine. Mueller’s Vietnam-era service in the United States Marine Corps and 2004 tag-team with then-Deputy Attorney General James Comey to save American democracy from warrantless spying are mainstays of these biographies, which always send a clear message that his integrity is beyond reproach.

It’s always suspicious when anyone’s credibility is oversold like this, but that goes double when the same person was FBI director for 12 years—spanning across both the Bush and Obama administrations from 2001 to 2013—yet most people can’t remember anything about him. We should remember actions he took to impartially uphold the law. Sadly, that is not the case.

What stands out most during then-FBI Director Mueller’s term in office is the two-tiered system of justice, when obvious crimes and scandals involving government officials and private-sector elites were ignored or even covered up by the FBI. What Mueller failed to do to protect our country says more than anything he did.

Recent leaks suggest that Special Counsel Mueller is examining one of the President’s 2008 Palm Beach real estate deals, as well as the 2013 Miss Universe competitionheld in Moscow. During the very same time period as those events, FBI Director Mueller repeatedly failed to act in cases involving government corruption and dangerous crimes. His level of aggressiveness in investigating our President is the exact inverse of how he acted when he was tasked with protecting America.

Major Scandals During Mueller’s FBI Years:

At the nation’s top cop, then-FBI Director Mueller had massive resources to investigate crimes, as well as the ability to arrest suspects and recommend prosecution of the offenders. The following is an abbreviated list of major scandals and likely crimes that Mueller did not meaningfully investigate as FBI Director—no arrests, no consequences:

Falsification of Iraq War intelligence (2003): information providing the sole justification for a war that caused the death and dismemberment of thousands of American soldiers was later found to be fabricated, false, or overstated at the time it was presented to the public. Mueller not only failed to investigate and arrest any of the perpetrators of this deception—he actively participated in the plot:

Vanishing Currency (2003): the US government sent $12 billion in $100 bills to the Iraq War combat theater, which mostly went unaccounted for after it entered the country

NSA Warrantless Surveillance (2001-2013): illegal collection of domestic phone records and internet communications that were sent or received by US citizens, in violation of Fourth Amendment protections against warrantless search and seizure, followed by potential perjury committed by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who denied the practices under oath; the 2013 Snowden revelations proved that the 2004 story about Comey and Mueller stopping illegal surveillance practices was nearly meaningless in practice

Emailgate (2007): discovery that several top Bush administration officials violated the Presidential Records Act by using an RNC server for email communications while conducting official business, followed by the deletion of millions of the same emails

Walter Reed Neglect Scandal (2007): troops recovering from severe war-related injuries were subjected to squalid living conditions and grotesquely substandard care due to a privatization agreement that resulted in drastic staffing cuts, after which patients were told to “keep quiet” and whistleblowers suffered retaliation from higher-ups

IRS Targeting (2010-2013): the IRS intentionally selected and then delayed or denied tax-exempt 501(c)(3) applications from conservative groups to prevent them from participating in the 2012 election, followed by IRS agent Lois Lerner invoking her Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination

Fast and Furious (2010): this ATF program, which seems to have served no rational purpose, allowed over 2,000 guns to be purchased illegally inside the United States and then “walked” into Mexico for use by criminals, one of which was later used in the 2010 murder of Border Agent Brian Terry by the member of a Mexican cartel

Associated Press Spying (2012): the Department of Justice illegally seized the communications of AP reporters made during April and May 2012, allowing the DOJ to unmask journalists’ confidential sources

Clinton Foundation Pay-for-Play (2009-2013): during the period in which Hillary Clinton held the office of Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton received millions of dollars in paid speaking fees and a million dollar “gift” from countries involved in matters with the State Department, many of which had ties to terrorism and human rights abuses; some of these funds were apparently diverted from charitable causes to personal expenses, such as Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding

Russian Uranium Deal (2009-2013): Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved a deal allowing a Russian company to control 20% of the uranium mining production capacity inside the United States, which was followed by millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation from people associated with the transaction

Clinton Private Email Server (2009-2013): during her entire tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton dodged Freedom of Information Act requirements by using a private email server to conduct official government business, as well as sent and received classified information that was Top Secret over an unsecured system—an “extremely reckless” (and obviously illegal) act

HSBC Bank Money Laundering Scandal:

Although it received little coverage in the mainstream media, the HSBC money laundering case reveals the complete and total corruption of federal law enforcement toward the end of Mueller’s term as FBI Director. No case demonstrates how the swamp works better than this one.

For nearly the entire duration of Mueller’s term, UK-based HSBC, an international bank with divisions and depositors worldwide, was doing billions of dollars in business with drug cartels, rouge nations, and even banks associated with terrorism, taking massive deposits made in foreign nations and funneling them into its US banks. The overall amounts were staggering, totaling hundreds of billions of dollars, which likely gave HSBC a comparative advantage over its rivals and greater market share, while providing international criminals with the ability to “launder” money into the US banking system with little-to-no oversight. In 2012, a whistleblower, who collected information and recorded conversations with HSBC employees, provided strong proof to the public that the bank was operating as a “criminal enterprise.”

Mexican Drug Cartels: From 2002 to at least 2009 (and possibly much longer), HSBC bank laundered billions of US dollars for Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s murderous Sinaloa Cartel and similar groups. In 2009, Forbes placed El Chapo at #41 on its “World’s Most Powerful People” list. The same year, many experts agreed that Mexico’s drug war had rendered it a “failed state.” By 2012, the Sinaloa cartel alone was estimated to have annual revenues of $3 billion, which were comparable to Facebook or Netflix. By April 2013, toward the end of Mueller’s term, the Sinaloa and other Mexican cartels had become the number one importer and distributor of narcotics inside the United States (with many of the cartel’s top agents living inside the United States), El Chapo had become “public enemy no. 1,” and 70,000 murders and nearly 27,000 disappearances were attributable to the drug war inside Mexico.

Ignoring the obvious, HSBC inexplicably designated Mexico a “low risk” country for money laundering, allowing shady depositors and known drug kingpins to depositbillions of US dollars—in cash—into bank accounts in HSBC Mexico, followed by the same money becoming accessible at HSBC in the US. With legitimate-looking banking, the Mexican drug cartels were given huge expansion potential inside the US that would otherwise have been easily detected if the cartels tried to purchase properties, vehicles, and shell businesses here using cash.

Much of the cash crossing the US-Mexico border (estimated at $25 billion per year in 2010) found a ready home in HSBC branches south of the Rio Grande. HSBC Mexico made billions of dollars in suspicious transactions, such as customers depositing hundreds of thousands of US dollars into a single bank account in a single day, during which the cash was put through teller windows in boxes that were designed to fit through the window openings. Because there was virtually no investigation into these transactions or even the identities of depositors, who included high-profile drug dealers, accounts were rarely closed due to the suspicious activity. After all, Mexico was a “low risk” country for money laundering at the time.

Terrorists and Rogue Nations: The bank’s practices also allowed terrorist groups and rogue nations to have access to our financial markets in a similar manner, facilitating financing of their activities inside this country, as well as providing greater international investment possibilities for sanctioned regimes—including $19 billion deposited from Iran into HSBC’s foreign affiliate banks. There were also lax rules for setting up relationships with affiliate banks in other countries, which included a Saudi Arabian bank with ties to funding terrorism.

Policies Prevented Catching Crooks: Even in the rare instance where money laundering controls were in place, inadequate follow-up measures undermined any intervention. The US division of HSBC allowed thousands of suspicious accounts to remain open after they were flagged for closure. “Know your customer” practices were virtually nonexistent, which allowed bad actors to get around things like Iranian sanctions and Patriot Act protections, which in turn was aggravated by bank employees doing things like deleting information about the country of origin on deposits from places like Iran. Large-scale warnings, such as the migration of billions of US dollars in cash deposits into HSBC Mexico, went unnoticed because the bank apparently had no system in place to monitor such activity. To say all of this was “extremely reckless” would be an understatement—it’s inconceivable that the bank’s employees and executives didn’t know what was happening at the time.

“Ramrod” Mueller to the Rescue: What did Mueller do to aggressively investigate and shut down this massive “foreign influence” involving our country’s drug epidemic and threat of terrorism? Basically nothing. No bank executives or employees were arrested or jailed. People have spent more time in jail for smoking a joint than any HSBC executive or employee did for facilitating drug cartel business and terrorist financing.

On October 17, 2010, the Treasury Department issued “cease and desist” letter to HSBC for violations of the Bank Secrecy Act. This was followed by a Senate subcommittee investigation, which provided a comprehensive report and took hearing testimony on July 17, 2012. In what appeared to be prepared remarks, one bank compliance executive resigned at the hearing, while another executive indicated HSBC “did our best” in Mexico.

With nearly all of the investigation already completed by the Senate and already in the public eye, the Department of Justice was finally forced to file a four-count felony indictment against defendant HSBC on December 11, 2012, which included three felony counts relating to grossly inadequate anti-money laundering practices and one count for violation of the Trading With The Enemy Act.

On the same day, and over the objections of career DOJ prosecutors, then-AG Holder allowed HSBC to enter into a deferred prosecution agreement, under which the charges would be dropped if the bank stayed out of trouble for 5 years and paid a “record fine” consisting of $1.256 billion in forfeited assets and an additional $665 million in civil penalties. Added together, the punishment totaled approximately 9% of one year’s profits for HSBC’s worldwide operations, which amounted to a whopping $21.9 billion in 2011 alone.

Also the same day, then-US Attorney Loretta Lynch led a press conference alleging that (1) an alphabet soup of federal agencies had conducted a serious investigation and (2) the “record fine” was somehow adequate punishment. Notably, “ramrod straight” Mueller and Holder were not present, despite the obvious national importance of the case. The DOJ’s press release (echoed by the FBI, which simply re-posted DOJ’s release) bragged about the “heavy price” of the fine being imposed. Despite the “heavy price” paid for its rampant criminal behavior, HSBC was somehow able to sponsor the star-studded 2014 Clinton Global Initiative. (Perhaps not coincidentally, the Clinton Foundation also received up to $81,000,000 in donations from HSBC’s illustrious group of account holders.)

But not everyone bought into Lynch’s sales pitch. Even CBS News seemed suspicious of the deal, which was obviously disproportionate to the criminal conduct involved:

While a US citizen sending money to terrorists can result in a 20-year prison sentence, and many US citizens have been sentenced to decades in prison for even marijuana-related crimes, the bank’s executives and employees never spent one day in jail for their roles in assisting terrorist-connected nations and Mexican drug cartels to do business in the United States—an example of the “two systems” of justice than many Americans believe exist between the elites and regular citizens.

If the FBI uses search warrants, recorded transactions, confidential informants, wiretaps, GPS tracking, and conducts a broad sweep of witness interviews in cases involving drug trafficking and terrorism in other cases, why wouldn’t Mueller have done the sameto build a case here? Mueller’s absence in the HSBC case says as much about the cover-up as when Holder refused to prosecute over the objections of career prosecutors.

James Comey Joins HSBC’s Board of Directors: Less than two months after the 2012 deferred prosecution agreement, HSBC appointed James Comey to its Board of Directors as head of the Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee.


When he joined HSBC, Comey left a job working as general counsel for Bridgewater Associates hedge fund, where he earned over $6.6 million per year, for a position at a disgraced criminal bank—one recently charged with laundering El Chapo’s money—that paid under $200,000 per year (approximately three percent of his salary at Bridgewater). It’s hard to say why anyone would take that job, and that pay cut, unless there was some additional incentive.

While Comey may have provided HSBC with a Norman Rockwell-type face for its money laundering reform program, it doesn’t appear that Comey actually reformed any of the bank’s practices. During the time Comey was on the Board, HSBC was involved in laundering hundreds of millions of dollars from Russia into the British banking system—a scheme with direct ties to the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin. Apparently Comey missed this activity while he led the search for “vulnerabilities” in HSBC’s “financial system.”

Comey left HSBC in July 2013 to become FBI Director when Mueller stepped down.


Mueller Became Partner At The Law Firm That Represented HSBC: In its 2012 Year In Review, law firm Wilmer Hale indicated the following: “our regulatory, transactional, securities and investigations experience converged in our representation of HSBC in connection with Department of Justice and Senate inquiries.”

Less than one year after leaving the FBI, the “utterly incorruptible” Mueller took a lucrative position as a partner at the same law firm that represented HSBC in 2012, working in the “government investigations practice” section of the firm. Although it’s unknown whether Mueller ever handled HSBC’s matters personally, Wilmer Hale still includes HSBC in its list of “representative clients.” In 2016 alone, profits per partner at Wilmer Hale were $1.81 million.

In May 2017, Mueller left the firm to become Special Counsel for the Russia investigation.

Subsequent Inaction: In 2014, President Obama appointed Loretta Lynch to replace Holder as Attorney General. Despite criticism of her role in the HSBC case, the Senate voted to confirm Lynch to the post in 2015. A few weeks before she was sworn in, her own office suggested that HSBC had not complied with the 2012 deferred prosecution agreement. What did AG Lynch do to hold HSBC “accountable” once she took over? Nothing. By 2016, even Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) was critical of Lynch’s inactionagainst HSBC—it was that bad.

Russia, Russia, Russia:

If Mueller failed to do anything to stop these obviously corrupt and criminal practices during his own 12-year term as FBI Director, it’s hard to believe that he will conduct a fair and impartial investigation into the politically-charged assumption of “Russian interference” in the 2016 presidential election.

Mueller isn’t the one to investigate the swamp—Mueller is the swamp. He is a dirty cop who never should have been appointed Special Counsel, and he should be fired immediately.

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Economic Forces Drive the Youths Joining Terrorist Groups in Syria

JuanNicole–A report published by the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism finds that Muslim youth joining terrorist groups in Syria are largely motivated by economic factors. Lizzie Dearden at The Independent reviews the report, writing that the men “mainly come from disadvantaged backgrounds, have low levels of education and ‘lack any basic understanding of the true meaning of jihad or even the Islamic faith.’”

Some 25,000 young men are said to have made their way from Europe to fight the regime in Syria, and as the war winds down, many will return. Understanding what drove them will help in designing programs to help with reintegration.

The report itself makes it clear that the young Muslim men who went off to fight on the rebel side in the Syrian Civil War were not motivated by a detailed knowledge of Islam. In fact, they knew little about their religion.

They say that they did not seek to become terrorists and did not want to commit acts of terrorism in Europe on their return.

Why did they go? They are Sunni Muslims and felt that the Alawite-dominated regime of Bashar al-Assad is mistreating Sunni Muslims.

Many studies have found that those who run off to join terrorist or guerrilla groups are well-educated and middle class. Not this study. For whatever reason, its respondents were mostly poor, urban and hopeless. Most said they hoped to leave that dysfunctional home forever when they went to Syria.

Some one third of those who went to Syria were unemployed, a high rate. The rest had jobs, though in many cases menial ones.

The results confirm an earlier study, that although their sample was from a poverty-stricken background, they were not radicalized by mere poverty but rather by what they perceived as the lack of a ladder of self-advancement:

Our results suggest that it is not so much the lack of material resources that is important for terrorism but rather the lack of economic opportunities: Countries that restrict economic freedom experience more terrorism.

Neither religion nor family motivated the group in this study. Rather it was the guys they hung around with:

The validation of the influence of friendship in motivating individuals to become FTFs supports the ‘bunch of guys’ theory of terrorism put forward by the psychologist Marc Sageman, 81, who argues that the decision to join a terrorist group ‘was based on pre-existing friendship’ ties and ‘that the evolving group of future perpetrators seemed more akin to’ such networks ‘than a formal terrorist cell, with well-defined hierarchy and division of labour.’ This theory has led some observers to call for a ‘social network approach to terrorism.’

Only ten percent thought ideology motivated them, and only 30 percent said that religion did (though they most often knew little about their religion).

The takeaway appears to be that if you want to tamp down Muslim discontent in Europe, give young people more opportunity to make something of themselves. It is those who feel irrevocably blocked who turn to radicalism.


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Analysis of the responses in the Arab and Muslim world

Intelligence and Info Center– On May 1, 2017, Hamas published a political document entitled “A Document of General Principles and Policies.” This political document was intended to update Hamas’s ideology and basic perceptions, as they appeared in the Hamas Charter from 1988, and adapt them to the strategic reality to today. An analysis of the sections of the political document clearly reveals that it did not introduce any significant change in Hamas’s principles and basic perceptions. But it does contain some changes, adaptations and additions that were intended to present a façade of innovation and adaptation of Hamas’s principles to the current reality.[1]

Hamas face     Cartoon published by the Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm, pointing to the contradictions in Hamas’s political document. The title above reads: “The new Hamas document.” Left: “Face that doesn’t recognize the 67’ borders.” Right: “Face that recognizes the 67’ borders” (Facebook page of Al-Masry Al-Youm, May 3, 2017)

The changes and adaptations made by Hamas were primarily intended for political and media-related benefits in the internal Palestinian arena and in the Arab and Muslim world. These benefits were intended to help Hamas exit its current isolation and ease the pressure exerted on it. However, an analysis of the initial reactions in the Arab and Muslim world indicates that Hamas will find it difficult to achieve this goal. Most of the reactions in the media were characterized by suspicion and distrust while pointing out internal contradictions in the document.

On the other hand, there were commentators who claimed that it is an important document and considered it an expression of pragmatism and moderation of Hamas. The main points of this pragmatism and moderation, according to those commentators, are abandoning the religious ideology, turning Hamas into a Palestinian national liberation movement, advancing towards “national partnership” with Fatah and the Palestinian Authority, and preparing the ground for integration into future political agreements. Some people noted positive sides of the document, but added that it wasn’t enough and called on Hamas to take an extra step and recognize Israel.

An unusual reaction came from Turkey, Hamas’s ally. Turkey’s President Erdoğan described the document as most important, expressing Hamas’s political vision, mainly the establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital.

Two main topics, one of them appeared in the political document, and the other was omitted from it, triggered many reactions:

  1. Conditional willingness to establish a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders: Some people pointed out the contradiction between this alleged willingness and the conditions accompanying it (the “right of return” or the recognition of Israel). There were people who wondered how this willingness is reconciled with the “way of resistance” (i.e., the way of terrorism). On the other hand, there were those who regarded that as a withdrawal from the adherence to “historic Palestine” and alignment with Arab consensus. The Fatah movement announced that the new document is consistent with the PLO position from 1988 and called on Hamas to apologize to Fatah for “thirty years of accusations of treason and apostasy.” An Egyptian commentator (Al-Ahram) called on the Palestinian people to apologize to Sadat, noting that after forty years of wasting time and missing opportunities, Hamas has realized that if it wished to extricate itself from its difficulties, it must return to the roots of Sadat’s peace initiative.
  2. The omission of Section 2 in the Hamas Charter, stipulating that Hamas is the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood: Hamas’s interest in downplaying its relations with the Muslim Brotherhood was met with total distrust in Egypt. According to Egyptian commentators, Hamas’s document is a “political maneuver” and plays on words, and its disassociation with the Muslim Brotherhood movement is only a façade. Egyptian commentators further note that if the document is not accompanied by actions, undertakings and hard decisions, Egypt will regard it as worthless. On the other hand, Turkey’s President Erdoğan, talking with journalists, lavished praises on Hamas’s political document. He also noted that he opposed the description of the Muslim Brotherhood movement as a terrorist organization and added that he had presented this position of his to US presidents George Bush and Barack Obama.

Following are the main points of the initial reactions (a few days after the publication of the political document) examined in this study:

  1. The Palestinian arena
  2. Egypt
  3. Jordan
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. Qatar
  6. Iran
  7. Turkey

Responses in the Palestinian arena


Hamas’s political document entailed reactions by Abu Mazen and senior Fatah and PLO officials. It also gave rise to a lively discourse in the Palestinian media. Abu Mazen attacked the document claiming that it is vague, fraught with internal contradictions, and perpetuates the internal Palestinian rift. Fatah officials claimed that the document belatedly proves that the Fatah and PLO policy was right, after thirty years of accusations of treason. Moreover, it was claimed that the document expresses Hamas’s intention “to obliterate the PLO” and that it is expected to intensify the internal Palestinian rift.

On the other hand, there were also commentators who praised the political document, which in their opinion expresses a tendency of change and an indication that Hamas is growing closer to the PLO. According to these commentators, Hamas has positioned itself as a movement which is far from extremism and disengaged from the Muslim Brotherhood movement. Some of the articles expressed the hope that Hamas would seize the opportunity allowed by the document to promote Palestinian national unity.

Responses of Abu Mazen, Fatah, and the PLO

Abu Mazen referred to the political document in brief. In an interview he granted to RT Channel in Arabic, he noted that the document is vague and fraught with contradictions. He further said that the content of the document is irrelevant in view of the rift that it perpetuates. According to Abu Mazen, the military option for the solution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has disappeared, and the peaceful solution is the only way to end it (RT Channel, May 8, 2017).

Fatah’s Revolutionary Council released an announcement saying that the document is an evident attempt by Hamas to position itself as an alternative to the PLO and the Palestinian national plan. In spite of all that, Fatah continues in all its forums to oppose the “occupation” and the settlements and to pursue the rights of the Palestinian prisoners (Dunya Al-Watan, May 4, 2017). In another announcement, the Fatah movement declared that the new document is consistent with the PLO position from 1988, and called on Hamas to apologize for “thirty years of accusations of treason and apostasy, which caused a devastating rift in the Palestinian street” (website of Fatah’s Fateh Media, May 2, 2017).

Several high-ranking officials in Fatah and the PLO referred to the document:

  1. According to Fatah Spokesman Osama Qawasmeh, Hamas’s agreement to establish a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders represents a wording of compromise and the implementation of international law, and it is consistent with the position announced by the Palestinian organizations in 1988 (Fatah website, May 2, 2017).
  2. Jibril Rajoub, member of Fatah’s Central Committee, expressed the hope that Hamas’s political document would serve as a basis for establishing Palestinian national unity. According to Rajoub, it is evident that the document expressed a change in Hamas and its modus operandi (Dunya Al-Watan, May 2, 2017).
  3. Ahmad Majdalani, member of the PLO Executive Committee, says that the political document indicates Hamas’s attempt to attain recognition by the West and accustom itself to the international and regional changes. According to Majdalani, some of the sections are vague and lend themselves to more than one interpretation. However, he points out that in this document, Hamas has grown much closer to the PLO plan in all matters related to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state within the 1967 borders and the use of the various means of struggle (, May 2, 2017).

Commentaries in the Palestinian media

In the Palestinian media, lively discourse took place on Hamas’s new political document. Following are selected comments:

  1. An editorial on the daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the Palestinian Authority’s official organ,strongly criticizes Hamas and the document. According to the editorial, the document exposed the true policy of Hamas, whose objective is to obliterate the PLO. According to the editorial, Hamas has never been a “resistance movement” in the strict sense of the word and it has never made its mark on the Palestinian national struggle. The editorial notes that the document does not contain anything new in the political context, but it exposes the true policy of Hamas as a governmental project of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, whose only desire is to obliterate the PLO. The editorial asserts that the publication of the political document in the current timing was intended to sabotage Abu Mazen’s mission in Washington (May 3, 2017).
  2. Ashraf al-Ajrami, a political commentator and Fatah member,[2] notes that Hamas has taken an important step adopting a document consisting of political and ideological changes. However, the obvious question is why is it doing so now and what is the purpose of the change. Ajrami claims that Khaled Mash’al’s answers to this question were unclear. Is Hamas, in its moderation, seeking to win recognition, and in what direction? Is it in the direction of national consent and integration into the Palestinian national movement as part of the PLO and its national plan? Or in the direction of recognizing Hamas as an alternative representative instead of the PLO or in parallel to it, and as the leader of the independent entity of Gaza? (Al-Ayyam, May 3, 2017)
  3. In another article, also in the daily Al-Ayyam, Ajrami writes that if Hamas employs its document in the direction of national unity, on the basis of the national consent plan, this will be a step in the right direction. This is because it will realize a paramount national interest and also protect Hamas and guarantee it a major stake in the legitimate political leadership that enjoys recognition worldwide, including in the Arab world. Any other way that Hamas chooses is an adventure fraught with danger that will probably harm Hamas (Al-Ayyam, May 10, 2017).
  4. Talal Awkal, a journalist and political commentator from Gaza, wrote an article entitled “Hamas’s document and its leadership under scrutiny.” In the article, he writes that Hamas’s list of priorities and the change that it seeks to present through the new political document and its new leadership should start from within. If Hamas is really committed to what has been published in the document in all matters related to partnership, pluralism, dialogue and acceptance of the other, then it should rectify its relations with the national forces and the powerful elements in the Palestinian society. Hamas should present models that are different from that of the autocracy which is currently prevailing there (Al-Ayyam, May 8, 2017).
  5. Dr. Fahmi Sharab, a journalist and political commentator from Gaza, published an article on the Fatah-affiliated Amad website. He claims that the new political document will have far-reaching repercussions. According to him, the document allows various elements to establish overt political relations with the movement. In his assessment, in the document, Hamas positioned itself as a movement far from extremism and terrorism. By doing that, it allowed itself to enter fields which have so far been the sole territory of the PLO. Furthermore, he added that the document actually reflects Hamas’s organizational and political disassociation from the Muslim Brotherhood movement, thereby complying with the Egyptian demand. Following that, Hamas will also strengthen its status in the eyes of the Gulf States. According to him, the document also helps eliminate puzzlement sensed by countries such as Turkey and Qatar and bring about their renewed assistance to Hamas (Amad, May 3, 2017).
  6. Rassem Obeidat, reporter and political commentator residing in east Jerusalem, writes in the independent daily Al-Quds that the content of the document is similar to what Yasser Arafat said on the armed struggle and the ban on giving up any part of Palestinian soil. According to Obeidat, in both cases, the change of opinion stemmed from economic hardships. Obeidat says that Hamas’s document does not include concessions on Jerusalem, the issue of refugees, the armed struggle and Hamas’s principles. However, it is about united political strategy of a struggle based on steadfastness, national vision and national unity (Al-Quds, May 3, 2017).

Responses by the PIJ and the PFLP

1967 borders

The first reactions of figures affiliated with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) reflect concern and suspicion about the political document. The bulk of their criticism is directed at Hamas’s acceptance of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. They are also concerned that Hamas would be interested in political activity that will have an adverse effect on the “armed resistance” (i.e., the path of terrorism).

Ziad al-Nakhaleh, deputy secretary-general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) notes that the document reflects an attempt to promote solutions under international sponsorship. However, Al-Nakhaleh adds that he is not satisfied with several things in the document. In contrast to declarations by Hamas operatives, the meaning of the wording in the new document is unequivocal recognition of a state within the 1967 borders. The PIJ agrees with some of the sections in the document, such as “the right of return” and the non-recognition of Israel. However, it does not praise Hamas for accepting a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, because this runs counter to its principles and will lead to a dead end (Filastin Al-Youm, May 4, 2017).

Mohammad Jaber al-Rifi,publicist, member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), writes that for the first time in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, a large Islamic organization’s agreement to a temporary settlement with Israel goes public. This contradicts the prevailing Islamic ideology, according to which the land of Palestine is a Muslim endowment (waqf) which must not undergo any change. According to the writer, it seems that in the current political situation, Hamas began to show greater interest in political activity. Its political message started to be in line with the desire of the international community to reach a political settlement that would legitimize the “theft of Palestine.” According to the writer, the obvious question right now is where is the slogan of resistance, particularly the armed resistance, in view of this turning point? (PFLP website, May 7, 2017).

Responses in the Arab and Muslim world


The Egyptian leadership so far refrained from direct reference to Hamas’s new document. However, a lively discourse surrounded the document in the Egyptian media. Most of the commentators in the Egyptian media harshly criticized the document, which was allegedly intended to bring Hamas closer to Egypt. According to many commentators, the document is actually a “political maneuver” and “play on words,” including words and their opposites, which were intended to satisfy friends and enemies alike. According to several articles, Hamas’s announcement on disassociating itself from the Muslim Brotherhood movement is only a façade. Furthermore, Egyptian commentators made it clear that if the document was not accompanied by actions, undertakings and hard decisions, some of which requiring courage and making concessions, Egypt would regard it as a worthless paper. However, there were also voices (albeit fewer) claiming that the document expresses a change in Hamas’s conduct regarding all matters pertaining to the conflict with Israel.

Following are examples of statements and articles published in the Egyptian media, attacking the document and referring with suspicion to Hamas’s motives:

  1. Dr. Samir Ghattas, an Egyptian member of parliament who is considered an expert on the Palestinian issue, does not see any significant change in Hamas’s main positions. According to Dr. Ghattas, if Hamas were serious in its intention to bring about significant changes in its positions, it would cancel its Charter or replace it with a new one. However, the Charter is actually still valid and it is possible to return to it. In his opinion, the document has been worded in consultation with the Muslim Brotherhood movement and with Egyptian thinkers close to Hamas. Samir Ghattas believes that even after the publication of the document, Egypt should continue regarding Hamas as a movement affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood movement and be aware of the maneuvers made by Hamas through this document (Al-Watan, May 7, 2017).
  2. Hani Assal writes in Al-Ahram that Hamas’s document does not include a change in strategy or even in tactics. Thisis cosmetic treatment for a movement which started as a “resistance” movement and turned into a movement repudiated by its friends and opponents alike. According to him, in spite of the eloquent expressions used in the document, one should treat it with skepticism, caution and concern, in view of the fact that the document was created at a hotel in Doha, and not in Gaza or another Arab country; and in view of the fact that no conversation or any kind of discussion took place in Hamas or in Gaza about the document before it went public. He adds that if the document is not accompanied by actions, undertakings and hard decisions, some of them requiring courage and making concessions, Egypt would regard it as nothing more than a “worthless paper” (Al-Ahram, May 3, 2017).
  3. Mohammad al-Fadlwrote that the document is fraught with attempts to deceive and satisfy friends and opponents alike. According to Al-Fadl, many of the 42 sections of the document are characterized by duality: recognition of the 1967 borders, but no explicit recognition of Israel; stressing the importance of political activity while holding on to the weapon of “resistance”; failing to mention the affiliation of Hamas with the Muslim Brotherhood movement, yet adhering to the ideological framework of the Muslim Brotherhood movement. According to Al-Fadl, these are political maneuvers and plays on words that were intended to make sure that any party will find in the document what it wishes (Al-Ahram, May 4, 2017).
  4. Karim Abdel Salam writes that Hamas adopts in its new document the principle of political pragmatism in order to avoid being pronounced a terror organization and to obtain for itself possible presence in any future negotiations with Israel under US sponsorship. He says the document is fraught with question marks. It does not provide answers to questions such as: What is Hamas’s position regarding the terrorism in Sinai? To what extent is it responsible to and capable of controlling terrorists in the Gaza Strip? What is the extent of Hamas’s cooperation with the Egyptian authorities to secure the full control of the border with the Gaza Strip? (Al-Youm Al-Sabea, May 4, 2017).
  5. According to Morsi Atallah, if he were a Palestinian citizen, he would now call on the Palestinian people to apologize to President Sadat. The reason is that the document published by Khaled Mash’al is far less than what President Sadat offered as part of his peace initiative in 1977. According to Atallah, the Hamas movement understood after forty years of time wasting and missed opportunities that extricating itself from the problematic situation requires returning to the roots of Sadat’s peace initiative. This was done after the Palestinian cause was almost lost completely following impotence and hesitation stemming from the ongoing policy of adherence to the demand to return everything [to the Palestinians] (Al-Ahram, May 4, 2017).
  6. Mahfuz al-Ansarimocks Hamas’s announcement that it has “taken off the hat of the Muslim Brotherhood.” He stresses that the game played by Hamas is nothing more than a “new trick,” intended to eliminate the PLO so that Hamas may take the reins of the Palestinian cause into its hands (Al-Gumhuriya, May 4, 2017).
  7. Khaled Imamclaims that the announcement by Hamas that it has renounced the Muslim Brotherhood movement is merely a façade designed for Hamas to impose itself as a key player in any future settlement. This is carried out by Hamas presenting itself as a moderate movement which implicitly recognizes Israel’s right to exist and turning a new leaf in the relations between Hamas and Egypt. He says the document is fraught with contradictions and includes contradictory statements. The document attempts to improve Hamas’s image in the eyes of the world and in the eyes of its neighbors, mainly Egypt. In reality, during the years in which the document was formulated, Hamas has continued to dig tunnels and use its territory for training the terrorists, the operatives of Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis (i.e., ISIS’s Sinai Province) (Al-Massa, May 3, 2017).
  8. Dandarawi al-Hawari writes that as a matter of fact, Hamas did not announce in the new document that it renounces the Muslim Brotherhood movement, as the Muslim Brotherhood movement is not mentioned in the document at all, and the matter remains vague. As he claims, by this document, Hamas has planted the seeds of establishing the State of Gaza side by side with the State of Israel and the State of Ramallah on the Palestinian lands, in such a manner that the name of Palestine will no longer exist (Al-Youm Al-Sabea, May 3, 2017).

That said, among the writers there were also voices (albeit relatively few) who were in favor of the document. These voices claimed that it expresses a real change that occurred in Hamas’s way, in a way that will allow it to cope with the changes in the region and settle its relations with the world. Following are several examples:

  1. Khaled al-Asmai writes that Hamas’s document was not a political maneuver but stemmed from a need (implying a real need). This is in view of the changes that occurred on the ground, which necessitate a wider horizon and a more flexible policy. According to Al-Asmai, in its new document, Hamas withdraws its explicit call for the elimination of Israel, at the same time with the emphasis that Hamas does not harbor animosity to the Jews. This astounding progress in Hamas’s way of thinking blocked the way for Israel’s attempts to attribute a religious nature to the conflict. Another important issue is the pragmatic approach in which Hamas describes itself. The message inherent to this approach is that Hamas will be party to any future negotiations (Al-Ahram, May 7, 2017).
  2. Abdel Nasser Salameh calls the document a “historic document.” According to the article, the document includes a withdrawal from the adherence to the land of “historic Palestine” for the establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, in a manner that is in line with the Arab consensus. He says that within Egypt, there is satisfaction with the document (Al-Masry Al-Youm, May 5, 2017).
  3. Farouq Juweida praises Hamas’s return to the Palestinian camp and its announcement on its historic disassociation with the Muslim Brotherhood movement. Thisis carried out, as he says, after Hamas has lost a great deal due to [its affiliation with] the movement (Al-Ahram, May 3, 2017).
  4. Abdallah al-Sinawi emphasizes that in the new document, Hamas tried, through vague statement, to combine its political heritage with the new realism. According to Al-Sinawi, the document represents an attempt to mitigate the international and regional pressure exerted on Hamas and bring about a recognition of Hamas as a Palestinian player in future political moves. He claims that more than distancing Hamas from the Muslim Brotherhood movement, the document expresses Hamas’s compliance with the need to act with openness towards many regional and international power centers, including Egypt (Al-Shorouq, May 4, 2017).
  5. Jihan Fawzi wrote an article entitled “the new era document.” Fawzi stresses that the new document expresses a change that occurred in Hamas’s way and ideology thirty years after the formulation of the first Charter. According to Fawzi, the document will allow Hamas to deal with the changes in the region and settle its relations with the world. She notes that the changes included in the document were intended to improve the movement’s relations with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE, and maybe also with the Western countries, which regard Hamas as a terrorist organization. At the same time, the document allows Hamas to keep its influence in and control of the Gaza Strip (Al-Watan, May 4, 2017).


The Jordanian leadership so far refrained from directly addressing Hamas’s political document. The reactions of the Jordanian media to the document were mixed: There were commentators who pointed out the radical nature of the document, that will make it easy for Israel to assert that a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders is nothing but an interim stage on the way to “liberate Palestine” from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River.Some of the commentators pointed out that the statements in the document are vague, and that Hamas would have to work hard in order to convince the world that the movement had changed. On the other hand, other commentators pointed out major changes expressed by the document: relinquishing the religious ideology; turning Hamas into a Palestinian national liberation movement; major progress in Hamas’s position towards pluralism and the national Palestinian partnership; and preparing the ground for the integration of Hamas into future political settlements.

Following are several references attacking Hamas’s document or referring to it with suspicion:

  1. Fahed al-Fanek writes that “there is nothing new under the sun.” According to him, the acceptance of the 1967 borders is the message directed to the international community and Israel. However, the message directed to the Palestinian and Arab citizen is that not an inch of the land of Palestine should be given up, regardless of the circumstances and how long the occupation will last. Hamas rejects any other alternative save the liberation of all Palestine from the Sea to the River, and therefore Israel will use the document to prove its allegation that a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders is nothing but an interim phase on the way to obliterate the State of Israel (Al-Rai, May 4, 2017).
  2. Fahed al-Khaitan writes that Khaled Mash’al is one of the Hamas leaders with a long-term vision. In recent years, he realized that his movement was in a severe crisis threatening its existence and functioning. However, the disassociation with the Muslim Brotherhood movement and turning Hamas into a national liberation movement are not enough to convince the world that the movement has changed. Therefore, Hamas had to get closer to the red line, which was expressed in its position toward Israel. The acceptance of a state within the 1967 borders means indirect recognition of a reality existing in the other part of the land of historic Palestine. These are no doubt significant steps, but they came in a delay of at least four years (Al-Ghad, May 3, 2017).
  3. Ibrahim Gharayba writes that Hamas’s document is nothing but a recognition of a reality that we all know, as the “resistance” actually ended in 1948, and everything governments and organizations have done since then was no more than an attempt to return to the days before 1967. According to him, along the fifty years that have passed since the June defeat, the Palestinian people hasn’t achieved anything but extra losses. This was, as he claims, because of the very clear and simple reason that there was the military and organizational gap between both sides of the conflict, and all the attempts and the efforts to resist were no more than a Quixotic struggle against windmills (Al-Hayat, May 4, 2017).
  4. Aribal-Rantawi claimed that the objective of the new document is to legitimize Hamas as a governance body instead of the Palestinian Authority or side by side with it. Hamas could have been a project of “national liberation” without accepting a state within the 1967 borders, but it will find it difficult to be a governance project without it. From this point of view, Hamas repeats the mistake of Fatah, which turned into a governance movement and forgot that it was a liberation movement (Ad-Dustour, May 3, 2017).
  5. According to Mohammad Abu Rumman, the essence of the change can be summarized by one word, “politicization.” He says that the movement, whose Charter from the late 1980s was based on religious and ideological platform, defines itself anew as a Palestinian liberation movement. This is a significant, and even necessary, turnaround. The new document paved the way for politically accepting the movement in the regional as well as the international level, with an evasive position on the peaceful solution. But more important than that, it has taken a giant leap in its position towards democracy, pluralism and the national Palestinian partnership (Al-Ghad, May 3, 2017).
  6. Atef al-Julani writesthat the content of Hamas’s new document reflects its current political and media-related conduct rather than indicating a new era that prepares the ground for a policy change. In terms of timing, the movement chose a moment in which it is in a position of power to announce its political document, which increases its flexibility and maneuverability at the political level. According to Al-Julani, Hamas’s new and important document reflects rare courage, which cannot be found with other movements and political forces, which are afraid of making changes for fear of drawing criticism (Al-Sabil, May 7, 2017).
  7. According to Samih al-Muayta, the vague statements that lend themselves to several interpretations are the same method adopted by the Fatah movement thirty years earlier. He says that the purpose of the document is clear – paving the way to accept Hamas in the world. According to Al-Muayta, one must not forget that Hamas is part of a regional axis which includes Turkey and Qatar, two countries having overt and covert relations with Israel, both of them interested in obtaining sway over Hamas. Hamas leaders will have to wage an extensive campaign to convince the world that the movement has changed, but the price will be high (Ammon News Agency, May 2, 2017).
  8. Hussein al-Rawashda writes that the document was issued for two main reasons: The first, because Hamas could not afford to remain affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood movement after that movement was included on the list of terrorist organizations in several Arab countries; The second, Hamas, as a Palestinian national movement operating in the political and military levels, wished to be released from its organizational commitment to political Islam.Hamas also wanted to send a message to the world that it can be an accepted party at the table of future political settlements (Ad-Dustour, May 4, 2017).

The Salafist-jihadi operative Sheikh Mohammad al-Maqdisi[3] wrote an article that was published in his Instagram account on May 3, 2017. In his article, he denounces the Hamas document, mainly the section that accepts the peace settlement on the basis of the 1967 borders. He notes that this means that Hamas has officially become a Palestinian national movement which agrees to defeatist solutions and recognizes the Jewish state. The article asserts that Hamas has cut itself off from jihad fighters. He foresees that Hamas’s defeatist concessions will bring about a rift mainly in Hamas’s military wing and cause Hamas to lose its attraction mainly among young people.

Saudi Arabia

The Saudi publicist Fahed Suleiman al-Shuqiran writes in the international (Saudi-owned) newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat issued in London: Although Hamas has given up the goal of “destroying Israel,” the document turns to the “perpetration of the conflict” and elimination of all possibilities for solutions and ways to negotiation. Ever since the beginning of the Palestinian problem, Saudi Arabia has dedicated attention to finding solutions and come up with many initiatives. The ball is now in the court of the Palestinian politicians. Do the Palestinian politicians have [enough] seriousness to reach a solution to the problem? Or will the “perpetuation of the conflict” be the only option, causing only more killing and bloodshed? (Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, May 11, 2017)

Mutlaq bin Saud al-Mutairi writes that Hamas’s disassociation with the Muslim Brotherhood movement is puzzling: How did Hamas give up its identity and turned into a political entity? The writer arrives at the conclusion that the importance of the document lies in Hamas having much flexibility today to give up most of its previous basic principles. This is owing to the weakening of Hamas’s political influence in the Gaza Strip and due to the regional and international circumstances that are not in favor of Hamas. Therefore, Hamas believes that its legitimacy depends on recognizing its enemy as a possible partner for negotiation. In conclusion, he says that the importance of the document lies in Hamas’s aspiration to convince Israel that it is a partner for peace rather than an eternal enemy (Al-Riyadh, May 3, 2017).


Abdallah bin Hamad al-Athba, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Al-Arab, writes that there are those who were surprised of the level of realpolitik demonstrated by a political movement which is still portrayed as a “terror” movement and as an obstacle to peace in the region. According to him, the new document has placed not only Israel in a predicament, but also all of its regional partners to the siege on the Gaza Strip. He adds that in Qatar, they were not surprised by this realism. In this context, he mentions an interview granted to CNN by the Emir of Qatar in 2014, in which the emir said that Qatar disagrees with whoever regards Hamas as a terror organization. The writer praises the emir’s long-term vision of defending Hamas and its realism and supporting it. In conclusion, the writer says that Hamas’s document represents a model for all Islamic movements to become more realistic, understand the complex situation in the region, examine their own policies, and learn from the past in order to understand how to proceed to the future (Al-Arab, May 3, 2017).

Dr. Hassan Barari writes that the document has revealed that Hamas is willing to accept a Palestinian state within the borders of June 4, 1967. This willingness is a positive step for achieving Palestinian reconciliation and legitimizing Hamas as an acceptable player in the international arena. There are those who compare Hamas’s document to the change that occurred in the PLO plan during the 1970s, after its leaders arrived at the conclusion that the armed struggle had limits. However, one should acknowledge that the document may be related to the wish of Hamas leaders to guarantee their own as well as their organization’s political existence, having been left with no true allies. The Israeli and the international sides are well aware of the fact that the document, albeit containing positive indications, does not satisfy the goal, i.e., does not meet the terms of the Quartet. Hamas will not be able to establish a Palestinian state without reaching an understanding with Israel, and this brings into question the possibility that Hamas would agree to the terms of the Quartet. The document hasn’t come to that, but the forthcoming days may have a lot of surprises in store (Al-Sharq, May 5, 2017).


So far, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs hasn’t released an official response to Hamas’s new political document. The few comments by the regime and the conservative camp in Iran, as well as the media affiliated with them, convey disappointment at Hamas’s withdrawal from its policy of struggle against Israel (“the treacherous, conquering enemy”). Such an interpretation may reflect puzzlement, based on the expectations that were entertained by the regime leaders, i.e., that the change in Hamas’s leadership is an opportunity to rehabilitate relations with it, after several years of crisis. Social media users affiliated with the regime critics and the reformists employed the publication of the document to strengthen their call for reconsideration of the extensive financial and military assistance given by Iran to the Palestinians in general and Hamas in particular.

Kazem Sadiqi, a radical cleric, Tehran’s Friday Prayers leader, said that Hamas deviated from its official policy by recognizing the “treacherous, conquering enemy.” According to him, it is forbidden to recognize such an illegitimate, child-slaying regime (ILNA, May 10, 2017).

The radical daily Keyhan, affiliated with the conservative camp, published an article citing sections from the political document and quoting various opinions regarding it. According to the article, various persons in Iran reacted to the document negatively, claiming that Hamas withdrew from the project of struggle against the Zionist regime. According to various writers, the publication of the document had several objectives, among them pleasing Iran as the only country extending real support to Palestinian jihadi operations; improvement of the relations with Egypt; and improvement and enhancement of the cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and with countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar, following the announcement on the recognition of the 1967 borders. After having understood the reality on the ground, Hamas changed its tactics without changing the existing strategy (Keyhan, May 2, 2017).

Iranian social media

The political document triggered a lively discourse in the social media. Hamas’s alleged willingness to exercise greater flexibility towards Israel was perceived by many Iranian Internet users as an indication that they were right in their belief that there is no longer any justification for Iran to take a more radical stance than the Palestinians in relation to Israel, and that the Iranian regime should prefer addressing the predicaments of its own citizens rather than continue its support of the Palestinians.

The negative feelings towards Hamas were quite evident from various comments on the web. They included criticism of the Iranian assistance to Hamas and raising doubts regarding its justification, in view of Hamas’s willingness to change its policy towards Israel in utter contradiction of the Iranian position. Internet users affiliated with the regime supporters in the conservative right usually refrained from addressing the change in Hamas’s position, while some of them sought to downplay its importance. Thus, for instance, the journalist Mohammad Qaderi of the conservative Mehr News Agency twitted, criticizing the media outlets affiliated with the reformist camp which, as he said, insisted on presenting Hamas’s document as an expression of compromise, even though it does not consist of any recognition of the 1967 borders.

On the other hand, Internet users affiliated with the regime critics and the reformists used the new document as an enhancement of their position, asserting that Iran should reconsider the extensive financial and military assistance that it extends to the Palestinians in general and Hamas in particular. The Iranian exile journalist Ahmad Batebi, for instance, wondered in a twit how many schools, hospitals, and parks could be established in Iran using the funds transferred to the pockets of Hamas over the years. It is possible that the criticism of Iran’s support of Hamas was also based on information made public recently on the increase of Iranian support to Hamas’s military wing following the election of Yahya Sinwar as Hamas’s new leader in Gaza.

Comments by Internet users reflected Iranian citizens’ criticism of the Palestinian position, which they perceive as ingratitude towards Iran. According to one of the users, Hamas is not ideologically close to Iran; furthermore, it is not willing to pay any political price for Iran and doesn’t even condemn the killing of Shiites in Iraq.

The bulk of the criticism was directed against the Iranian regime, which continues to assist the Palestinians and Hamas even at the expense of addressing the predicaments of Iranian citizens. Several users twitted the slogan “Not Gaza, not Lebanon, I’ll sacrifice my life for Iran,” which was adopted by the reformist opposition during the 2009 riots to express their demand that the authorities focus on solving the problems of the Iranian citizens rather than assisting Muslims’ struggles throughout the world. The criticism was also directed against the regime’s radical ideological position, which is all the more noteworthy given the change in Hamas’s position. One of the Internet users twitted, “There are two groups who do not recognize the 1967 borders: extremists in Israel, and Iran. Upon the recognition of these borders by Hamas, we witness the positions of Netanyahu and [Hossein] Shariatmadari [editor of the radical daily Keyhan] growing closer to each other.”


Turkey’s President Erdoğan, returning from an official visit to India, talked to journalists accompanying him in his plane. Among other things, he referred to Hamas’s political document (, May 3, 2017). According to Erdoğan, this is the most important document that was published in the modern era, which expresses Hamas’s new political vision. Subsequently, Erdoğan elaborated on the advantages that he finds in the document.

The main advantages, according to Erdoğan: The establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, which may serve as a basis for [Palestinian] national reconciliation; The importance of Jerusalem (Quds) being the capital of the Palestinian state; Hamas’s entering into the PLO and rebuilding it will satisfy everyone’s demands; The statement that the conflict is with Zionism rather than the Jews is important; The return of the Palestinian refugees is important because there is a considerable number of Palestinian refugees abroad; The document refers to Islam as a tolerant and peaceful religion; The document also consists of a section opposing extremism and religious fanaticism.Therefore, Erdoğan notes, this is a most important document, and it’s very important to give it prominence in the media.

Deputy Prime Minister Kurtulmuş reacted to what he referred to as the “vision document” published by Hamas. According to Kurtulmuş, Turkey believes that the UN resolutions should be implemented and an independent Palestinian state should be established. He expressed his support for the two-state principle as the only alternative to solve the conflict. He said that indeed, a Palestinian state does exist (i.e., the Palestinian Authority), “but we cannot say that it’s independent and free” (, May 1, 2017).


[1] For an analysis of the document, see the ITIC’s publication from May 8, 2017, “Hamas’s New Political Document: It’s Goals and Significance.”

[2] Ashraf al-Ajrami is a political commentator, Fatah member, one of the proponents of the Geneva initiative. He served as minister of prisoner affairs in the Fayad government, which was set up following the Hamas’s coup in the Gaza Strip (2007).

[3] A Salafist-jihadi operative in Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria. In June 2014, he was released from prison in Jordan after serving four years of imprisonment due to involvement in terrorism.

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CIA project ‘Dumbo’ to switch off security webcams and corrupt recordings to hide physical intrusions

On Thursday, the Wikileaks released the 19th installment in its series by publishing a series of documents detailing how the agency uses a custom-designed hacking exploit called “Dumbo” to destroy, or manufacture, evidence during field operations, according to a Wikileaks press release.

The CIA filed a request that such a tool back in 2012, according to a powerpoint presentations describing what capabilities it would need.



In a field guide for the tool, dated July 2015, the agency says “the intelligence community has identified a need…for a capability to suspend processes utilizing webcams and corrupt any video recordings that could compromise a PAG deployment.”

Once installed on a computer running the Windows operating system via a thumb drive, Dumbo identifies webcams and microphones and stops them from recording. The program notifies its operator of any files that were actively being written so that they can be corrupted or deleted, according to the field manual.

“Dumbo works by discovering which processes have access to the physical camera device and uses that information to corrupt video files.  In some instances, programs emulate a camera input to other programs; such is the case with Fujitsu’s YouCam.exe.  When this occurs, YouCam.exe will have control of the actual webcam, and feed input to other processes that record images to files as needed.  In this scenario, Dumbo will suspend YouCam.exe but will not be able to detect the other processes to which YouCam.exe is feeding images.  Although the camera will not be able to record additional frames, Dumbo will not be able to corrupt files that were written to prior, as it is unaware of the processes writing the video files.  If the operator sees a process using the camera device, but Dumbo detects no files being written, the operator should manually search for video files.
In some instances, video recording software has the ability to detect it is not responding, and will restart itself; such is the case with iSpy.exe.  When Dumbo detects a process using a camera device, it also claims control of the device.  If the recording software were to restart itself, it would no longer be able to access the camera until Dumbo exits.  In the case of iSpy,although the program may restart, it will be unable to record any additional frames; it will appear as if it was unable to access the camera, due to it already being in use.”

According to the documents, Dumbo is programmed to operate on 32bit Windows XP, Windows Vista, and newer versions of the Windows operating system, but won’t work with 64bit Windows XP, or Windows versions prior to XP. More dumps are expected in the coming weeks. Wikileaks published a link to its press release, as well as the document cache, in the tweet below.

Analysis. DumboDumbo-v3_0-Field_Guide
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“The Jews of Jihad”

by Abu Maysarah Al-Shami, An article who has been promoted by ISIS media to the forefront.

In it he says “Al-Qaeda wants to infiltrate the Khilafa and deviate their methodology (Manhaj) from the inside until it becomes compatible with them. And if the infiltrators fail in deviating the group they would defect from us to say that the khilafa is deviant.”

And then to explain how this is happening he used as an example the group in Yemen who refused to obey the command of the Islamic State in Yemen.

And Abu Maysarah al-Shami built all of these notion based on a letter sent by Abu ‘Eyad Al-Tunisi (the leader of Ansar Al-Sharia in Tunisia) to Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, in which he advised him to pledge allegiance to the Islamic state and to correct their methodology from within.

The aim of the article of Abu Maysarah al-Shami was to make a pre-emptive attack against anyone who may defect or oppose their corruption in their methodology or in their administration at a later time, those who would witness their situations, by saying that these people are implementing the plan laid down by Al-Qaeda  to distort the image of the Khilafa and to cause disorder (Fitan) and nothing else…!

In reality they are imitating the tyrant regimes that respond to everyone opposing them by requesting his rights or condemning some of their policies, by saying that he is an agent of the external parties. So if this person is discredited then the people would automatically ignore his demands, just like in the saying “If the speaker is discredited the speech is discredited”.

The dictatorial states would often try to turn away the people’s attention away from the demands laid down by some of the leaders of reform by saying that they are agents of foreign governments, in order to discredit them by character assassination, because when that happens they lose credibility in the eyes of the people, and the people will not support them in their demands, and the people will always look at them suspiciously thinking that when they speak the truth they are actually seeking evil. And this is the aim of the article.

The funny thing is that they themselves have implemented this notion.

For example, the commander Abu Dharr Al’Iraqi claimed that he repented for being in ISIS and left them and joined Jabhat Nusra! And he appeared in the series “Haqaa’iq Min Ad-Daakhil” (Truth from the inside) which was released unofficially by the media committee of Jabhat Nusra in the Sharqiyya (eastern) region. And then after a period of time, this person returned to ‘the mother organisation’ ISIS and appeared in a video which was released by “Ubuwa Laasiqa” which is one of the media wings of ISIS and he attacked Jabhat Nusra, and said that he actually didn’t repent for being in ISIS and that he still supports them..!!! [1]

So if the Jews of Jihad are manifested by “infiltrating groups to deviate them and upon failing to do so then defecting from it and returning to the initial organisation and then slander the group he tried to infiltrate”, then this matter is manifest in ISIS itself! And the proof is what we have just presented.

But the most important point is: Did Al-Qaeda really agree to apply this notion?

Abu Maysarah Al-Shami used as proof a letter of Abu Eyaad which was merely a suggestion. And then he dealt with the letter as though it got implemented and applied in reality. But is that the case? In the letter Abu Eyaad suggested to Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri to give allegiance to the Khilafa! So did Al Qaeda and its affiliates give the pledge of allegiance to ISIS?

The answer is no. So Al-Qaeda did not implement this advice of Abu Eyaad At-Tunisi!

The second point is, if Abu Maysarah Al-Shami is aware of the archive of correspondence of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (Morocco) and he knows about his letters, then why did he ignore Abu Eyaad’s second letter which he sent after this one, in which he took back his suggestion and asked to ignore it?!

Abu Eyaad had actually sent another letter a month after this letter saying in it: “I write to you today by correcting the errors in my advice after seeing the events develop by asking you to consider my advice and proposal as if they never were made. ِAnd I think that what is most appropriate and correct for the people of truth is to renounce these and to disassociate from them and expose their extremism and to turn towards that which will benefit the Ummah and reform it.”

So the one who suggested had retracted it, and the one who was advised did not implement the advice!

Despite that Abu Maysarah Al-Shami is insisting that they are implementing this notion, only to silence the voice of anyone who would defect and expose them later on and condemn their mistakes and their extremism, by them saying that this person was planted by Al Qaeda and his goal is to distort the image of the Khilafa.

And the most interesting point is that his opponents who broke away from ISIS in Yemen embarrassed him and refuted his article and destroyed all of his arguments which he wrote in the article which was an attempt to make them look like they are implementing Al-Qaida’s notion of infiltrating the ranks of ISIS..!!! And they called him for a Mubahalah (invoking Allah’s curse on the liar) and Suhaib Al-Awlaqi, one of the leaders in this group openly called for a Mubahala in his personal telegram channel. Nine months have passed since then, and Abu Maysarah Al-Shami still hasn’t responded to this Mubahalah to back up his arguments in which he said that they have infiltrated the ranks of ISIS for the sake of Al-Qaeda.

In the end we will be discovering that this notion was in fact applied by ISIS themselves, and it was neither accepted nor applied by Al-Qaeda, which means that they (ISIS) deserve the most to be described as the “Jews of Jihad”. And so all of these statements taken by Abu Maysarah Al-Shami as evidence are applicable on him as well as his group.

And our final supplications are by praising Allah the Lord of all that exists.


[1] And after that the Abu Dhar Al Iraqi and Abu Saeed Al Iraqi appeared in a video footage of Ubuwa Laasiqa claiming that Jabha forced him to record the video and give a false testimony in order to tarnish the image of ISIS. We have asked the brothers from Jabhatun Nusrah who conducted the interview with him on that day, and they said “We make Mubahala (invocations for the curse of God to be sent on whoever of us is lying) that this ‘compulsion’ never happened, and that what that man said was from his own choice and his request which came in the series “ISIS – Realities from the inside”. Rather he used to insist that they are criminals and that he has repented for his actions with them. And he mentioned in the interview details those which we ourselves did not ask him in the recording, and he spoke in details and mentioned truthful testimonies in the statement on the crimes of ISIS. So we say “May God curse the one who is lying amongst us if we had forced him or dictated to him what he should say. And Allah is a witness to what we are saying”.  – The comment by the media foundation which published the article in Arabic “Kataaib Rad’e Al Khawaarij”.



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ADNANI Reply To ISIS: Labeling Them The “Khawarij” “Ignorant Retard Idiots”

The Khawarij says:- While Muslims around the world grieve over the death of another symbol of Jihad at the hands of the crusaders and their allies of hypocrisy and apostasy, other people of ignorance rejoice at this news.

Wallahi I didn’t think I’d have to write this in defense of the Sheikh, as it never crossed my mind that people who attach themselves to Islam would rejoice at the death of another Muslim by the hands of the Kuffar, but this is what the world has come to, wa laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billah.

The Muslims around the world will testify on the Day of Judgment that no one has harmed Jihad in our age today more than the Khawarij Adnani and his group of Takfeeri followers. The Muslim Ummah will also testify that he was a liar who lied in his claims and speeches and whose lies led thousands of innocent Muslims towards death and destruction which did not benefit of Islam at all, rather it benefitted none but the Kuffar and his own gang of thieves. Also the Muslims are today following the Sunnah of Khulafa ur Rashideen especially Ali (ra) who rejoiced and prostrated out of thankfulness to Allah when he saw the death of the Khawarij of his time. So indeed, the Muslim Ummah is today rejoicing at the death of this Khariji just like how their predecessors such as Ali rejoiced at the death of the Khariji. It is a big lie to claim that the Muslims around the world are grieving at his death, because how can they grieve when they are day and night asking Allah to destroy the Khawarij and put an end to their Fitna? So they are not grieving rather they are thanking Allah for having answered their supplications to destroy them.

Here is a short response to those ignorant retard idiots:

“If the criteria of truth is according to you is measured by this, then here is some information to ponder on:

First of all, it was Adnani who made the Mubahala and he himself made their death as the criteria of the truth. They were initially called to come to a Shareah court but they turned away and instead challenged Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami for a Mubahala. In fact Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami, when he responded to his Mubahala also pointed out this fact and said that the proper way to settle disputes is to come to a Sharia court and not through Mubahala. But Adnani in his ignorance did not find of any other means to respond the points made by Abu Abdullah Shaami against Adnani, and so Adnani himself challenged him for a Mubahala. So it was Adnani himself who decided that “the criteria of truth” as mentioned in the above statement will be based on a Mubahala. But Adnani in his ignorance did not realize that he was digging his own grave.


1 – The majority of the leaders of AQ in Yemen were killed – yet this is not a result of the Mubahalah. – AQ in Yemen had nothing to do with Mubahala with Adnani. So the death of those who are not involved in the Mubahala does not prove anything other than the ignorance of the one who makes this claim. The Mubahala was between Adnani and Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today, by the grace of Allah, after the Mubahala, which proves thatSheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala.

Secondly, in fact during those days, AQ of Yemen did not even consider Adnani and his group as Khawarij, rather they thought good about them and used to excuse them. And when several months later, the US decided to attack ISIS, AQ of Yemen issued a statement and stood in the defence of ISIS and refused to consider them as Khawarij…!!! Or maybe, according to the same logic, AQ leaders in Yemen got killed BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO CONSIDER THEM AS KHAWARIJ…!!

2 -Most of the AQ strongholds in Yemen have fallen – yet this is not a result of the Mubahalah.- This has been already replied to in the first point, Alhamdulillah. But just to note, what the Khawarij ISIS are losing today in Iraq and Syria is many many times more than a temporary loss due to a strategic retreat of the sincere Mujahideen of AQ in Yemen.

3- Tens of leaders of JN (now JFS) were killed along with its spokesman – and yet this is not a result of Mubahalah. – We repeat, the Mubahala was between Adnani and Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today,by the grace of Allah after the Mubahala, which proves thatSheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala. The death of those NOT involved in the Mubahala does not prove anything for the Khawarij. On the other hand, it actually proves that JN has been truthful and sincere Mujahideen all this time, because many of JN leaders were killed by the crusaders in their air strikes. Adnani in his statement “This was not our methodology nor will it ever be” accused AQ of having deviated and he said “AlQaida of Usama was not praised by the Kuffar whereas AQ of today is praised by the Kuffar”…!! So when the Kuffar kill the AQ leaders in JN, then this proves that Adnani was a liar, because why would the Kuffar kill the leaders of JN if they were pleased with them?! So the death of the leaders in JN only EXPOSED Adnani as a liar, nothing else…!!! Because the death of the leaders of JN proved that the Kuffars were not pleased with them nor praised them like how Adnani lied in his statements…!!

4- Zahran Alloush and his gang of criminals from Jaish Al Islam were killed – yet not a result of the Mubahalah. 5- Hassaan Abboud and his bunch of thugs from Ahraar AsSham were killed by an inside job – yet not a result of the Mubahalah. – Both the points namely 4 & 5 are the same, and the reply is the same for the two. First of all, we repeat, the Mubahala was between Adnani andSheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today, by the grace of Allah, after the Mubahala, which proves that Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala. The death of those NOT involved in the Mubahala does not prove anything for the Khawarij.

Secondly, the death of Zahran Alloush and Hassan Abboud and other Muslim leaders is actually a BIG SLAP on the face of Adnani. The reason for it is simple…!!! This is because ISIS under the influence of the Khariji Adnani have always referred to these Muslims as Sahawat. And the term Sahawat means those who are employed by the enemies of Islam to fight against Jihad. The Sahawat were initially created by the Americans to fight against the Mujahideen in Iraq. So the Sahawat are the agents of the Kuffar to fight against Jihad. But the death of Zahran Alloush, Hassan Abboud and others actually EXPOSED ADNANI AS A LIAR, because this proved that they were NOT Sahawat, and instead they got killed by the Kuffar for fighting in defence of the Muslims. Otherwise the Kuffar would not have killed these Muslims if they were Sahawat according to the lies of the Khawarij. On the other hand when ISIS rejoices at the death of these Muslims, then it is ISIS who are doing the work of Sahawat, as they have helped the Kuffar to delay the victory in Jihad.

6 – Zawahiri became a laughing stock and a mockery, and his lies and contradictions were exposed to the public (giving Bay’ah to a dead man) – yet this was not a result of the Mubahalah. – In fact Zawahiri (hafizahullah) proved himself as a scholar and as the follower of the Salaf, because the matter of hiding the death of the leader of the Muslims has been practiced by the Salaf themselves. So Zawahiri proved himself as the true follower of the Salaf by hiding the news of the death of the Muslims’ leader and he has succeeded in confusing the enemy and overcoming them. Otherwise were the Salaf and the Sahabah also liars when they hid the news of the death of their leaders without informing the Muslims?

Secondly giving Bay’ah to a dead man does not make one a liar, rather it shows that Zawahiri is following the practice of the Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) who said “war is deception”. So if Zawahiri followed the Prophet’s advice then how can he be a liar? This means that according to the Khawarij, our Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was himself a liar for having permitted deception in war….!! We seek refuge in Allah against the blasphemy of ISIS, the Khawarij….!

7- Zawahiri gave allegiance to Akhtar who has strong ties with Iran – yet not a result of the Mubahlah. – These are pure lies and this statement actually proved the truth of Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami in the Mubahala in which they confirmed that ISIS would make accusations without proof, and they would also make Tafkeer on the Muslims and kill them without proofs, and they only follow assumptions and suspicions. So yes, this point actually is a result of the Mubahala which PROVED that ISIS only makes accusations based on assumptions without having proofs which is exactly what was mentioned in the Mubahala….!! All praise belongs to Allah who exposed every lie made by Adnani in the Mubahala and also exposed and showed to the world that ISIS accuse others based on assumptions and suspicions.

8 – Akhtar was killed not long after and Zawahiri gave allegiance to his successor – still not a result of the Mubahalah. – This statement actually refutes the previous statement. How can you say that Akhtar is an agent or has strong ties with the enemies and then say that Akhtar got killed by the enemies? Both are contradictory. If Akhtar Mansoor got killed by the Kuffar enemies, then it means that he was NOT working for them. So this proves that ISIS are idiots as they contradict themselves…!! They accuse Akhtar of working for the enemies and then at the same time, they accuse of him for getting killed by the enemies..!! On the other hand, his death proves that he was never allied to them nor worked on their behalf.

9 – JN split from AQ and broke all ties with them, ceasing to exist and continuing their series of treachery and breaking of pledges – yet not a result of the Mubahlah. – JN proved that they are always truthful in their pledges when they split from AQ. Because JN only split from AQ after consulting with AQ and taking their permission. This proves that if JN wants to split from their leader, then they always take their permission. So this exposes the lies of Adnani and Baghdadi who said the JN broke their Bay’ah and they betrayed them, because JN has proved that they don’t break their Bay’ah or dissolve it without the permission of the leader. On the other hand, Baghdadi broke his Bay’ah to Zawahiri, betrayed him, and spoke several lies to the Ummah.

So yes, the Mubahala has proved how truthful JN are in their pledges and how well mannered they are towards their leader and that they only take any action after having consulting their leader and after having received permission and guidelines from their leadership. On the other hand the Mubahalah also exposed Baghdadi and Adnani as liars who never keep their promises nor fulfill their pledges.

10 – Most of the brigades began fighting under the banner raised by America and its aerial cover which kills hundreds of Muslims daily – not a result of the Mubahalah. – This is the dumbest statement ever made! What has the brigades fighting under America got to do with the Mubahala? It is clear the writer has nothing to respond and that is why he is resorting to dumb statements.

We repeat, the Mubahala was between Adnani and Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today, by the grace of Allah, after the Mubahala, which proves that Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala. Other brigades has got nothing to do with it.

11- Ahraar AsSham began attending the conferences organized by the West and the hypocrites from the Arabs, and seeking aid from the crusaders – yet not a result of the Mubahalah.– The reply to this dumb statement is the same as the previous one. They have no link to the Mubahala at all.

12- JN (now JFS) is steps away from fighting under a united front, including factions that directly receive orders from America – and this is still not a result of the Mubahlah. – Can’t you see oh you blind ignorant Khawarij, that if JN is “steps away” from joining with those who receive orders from America, then this is one of the best proofs that JN has NOT allied with the Taghut until now while on the other hand the Khawarij have always falsely claimed that JN has allied with the Taghut? This once again proves that Adnani was lying in his Mubahala when he accused AQ of having “deviated” and how they have “joined” with the sahawat and the Taghut…!! But now the writer here is proving that Adnani is a liar, because the writer himself admits that JN until now did not ally with the Taghut…!! Truth from their own mouths…!!

13- The groups in Hims, Dar’aa, and Damascus surrendered to the regime, handed territory over to them and retreated in the buses provided by the regime – still not a result of the Mubahalah. – What has the groups in Hims, Dar’aa and Damascus to do with Mubahala? We repeat, the Mubahala was between Adnani and Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today, by the grace of Allah, after the Mubahala, which proves that Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala. Other brigades have got nothing to do with it.

Also, whatever losses have been suffered by the Mujahideen in Shaam are all due to the betrayal of the Khawarij ISIS and because the Khawarij ISIS supported the Kuffar in laying siege and attacking the Muslims. So it is the betrayal of the Khawarij that has brought losses and not the Mubahala…!!

That is why we are in urgent need of killing the Khawarij like the killing of A’ad.

14- The heads of arrogance and deviance in London and Canada continued barking under the throne of Elizabeth, instead of defending the honour and dignity of Muslims – and this is all yet not a result of the Mubahalah. – No one has exposed the Khawarij and their lies more than the great scholars in London and Canada who spent their entire lives defending the Muslims and the Mujahideen. The Khawarij could not reply to them even though Sheikh Dr. Hani Sibai publicly challenged them for a debate repeatedly…!! They could not face him in a debate. So what honour and dignity are the Khawarij talking about when they are running away like cowards from debating Sheikh Hani Sibai instead of facing him in the debate?

So it is the Khawarij who are barking lies on the internet and barking Takfeer without proofs and without facing these scholars for a debate…!!

This is just a few points of what happened after the Mubahalah, so don’t do our head in with your barking and hee-haw-ing every time a leader is martyred.

The Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said as per the Hadith, that the Khawarij are the dogs of hell. So the Khawarij bark like dogs, live like dogs and die like dogs. So when Adnani the Khariji died, then he has no honour and dignity because he lived like a dog and died like a dog. And when a Khariji dies like a dog then there is nothing to feel honoured about…!!

We must also mention here that the Khawarij of ISIS have been trying very hard to portray Adnani as a martyr who got killed in the crusader air strike. But what they are concealing is that the matter of the drone strike has not yet been verified and is only based on unconfirmed news reports. We find at one time America claiming to have carried out this attack, and on the other hand Russia also claimed the strike. So this shows that the reports are contradictory. But what the followers of the Khawarij ISIS would not like to mention is that there are several reports that have come out which mention that Adnani was killed BY HIS OWN GROUP in an inside attack. In other words, he did not die at the hands of the crusaders, but got killed by his own people…! And this is often the way in which traitors and criminals get killed. They get killed by their own people…!

Point to be noted:

Adnani has made two different statements on two occasions. One was in the Mubahala with Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami under the title “Then let us invoke the curse of Allah upon the liars”, and the other one was in another speech of his entitled “This was not our methodology and it will never be”.

As for the statement he made in the Mubahala, it was “O Allah whoever from among us is lying then send down your curse upon him”. In other words, he DID NOT ask Allah to kill the liar amongst them. He only asked Allah to send down His curse in the Mubahala. And this does not necessarily mean death or killing…! And this has been mentioned and confirmed by their own speaker Turki Bin’ali in his recent speech of his regarding the Mubahala in which he defended Adnani and said that Adnani only asked Allah to curse the liar in the Mubahala and that he did not say to kill them but only curse them…!! And Turki Bin’ali also said that this curse does not mean killing but it means destruction of wealth and family, or an unpleasant outcome.

But on the other hand, in the statement he made under the title “This was not our methodology and it will never be” Adnani said, “O Allah if this State is a State of the Khawārij then break its back, kill its leaders, bring down its banner….”.. In other words, he asked Allah to kill the leaders of his group if they are Khawarij in this second speech of his, but he did not say these words in the Mubahala.

So there is a difference between the statement made by Adnani in the Mubahala which was to send down curses, and between the other speech of his in which he asked Allah to kill them if they are Khawarij.

This means that there is a difference between Adnani getting killed and between his opponents from JN or any other group getting killed. This is because when Adnani said “O Allah if this State is a State of the Khawārij then break its back, kill its leaders, bring down its banner”, then he did not say this in the Mubahala…!! He also he did not say in the Mubahala that “O Allah, whichever group amongst us is lying and speaking falsehood, then kill its leaders..”, rather he ONLY said to kill the leaders of HIS OWN GROUP if they are Khawarij and lying. In other words, HE DID NOT ask Allah to kill the leaders of the other group if they are lying…!!!

So this means that if the leaders of ISIS gets killed, then they are Khawarij and liars according to the statement of Adnani. But on the other hand, if the leaders of JN or any other group get killed, then it does not mean that they have lied because Adnani did not make their death a criteria for his opponents to decide if they are lying or not…!! He only made death and killing to be a criteria FOR HIS OWN GROUP ONLY. and not for his opponents..!!!


Adnani said in his speech “This was not our methodology and it will never be” that “O Allah if this State is a State of the Khawārij then break its back, kill its leaders, bring down its banner….”.

This statement of Adnani is similar to the statement made by the Mushrikeen of Quraish under the leadership of Abu Jahl during the time of the Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Allah says about this in Surah Anfal, verse 32, “And (remember) when they (the Mushrikeen) said: “O Allah! If this (the Qur’an) is indeed the truth (revealed) from You, then rain down stones on us from the sky or bring on us a painful torment.” So Allah responded to this and He punished them and thus Allah responded to the Mushrikeen when they asked Allah to bring down His punishment upon them.

Similarly, in the same way just like the Mushrikeen, Adnani said “O Allah if this State is a State of the Khawārij then break its back, kill its leaders, bring down its banner, guide its soldiers. O Allah if is an Islamic State, ruling by Your Book and the Sunnah of Your Prophet, fighting Your enemies, then keep it firm, honour it and grant it victory, and establish it upon the earth, and make it as the Khilāfah upon the Way of Prophethood. So say Āmīn O Muslims.”

We can today see the following. Adnani said that if they are Khawarij –

1-  “Then break its back”We can see that ISIS is continuously losing territories. This is to such an extent that Adnani in his last speech even prepared his soldiers to retreat towards the desert due to loss of all their lands, and he encouraged them to not lose hope, and instead be always determined to fight. So this speech in fact shows that they have witnessed and seen their huge losses which are continuously increasing day by day. Nothing can better explain how back of the ISIS has been broken.

2- Kill its leaders– All of its leaders except for a couple of them alongwith Baghdadi have been killed. And by this statement, Adnani has dug his own grave. He proved himself to be from the Khawarij.

3- “Bring down its banner – The members of the Khawarij ISIS are divided amongst themselves and they are even making Takfeer on each other. This proves that they do not have a clear Manhaj nor a clear banner. So yes, Adnani’s dua has been responded to. Their banner has been brought down and they are divided amongst themselves…!!

Adnani continued and said that if they are an Islamic State, ruling by the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet and fighting the enemies of Islam –

1- “Then keep it firm” – When the soldiers of ISIS ran away from facing the women female soldiers of PKK, then they are not firm at all…!! They ran way from facing women…!! And they have abandoned and retreated from the battlefield. And the most recent example is their retreat in Jarablous when they retreated without any fight at all, and they ran away even before their enemies reached them…!! This shows that they are not firm on the ground…!

2- “Honour it” –  After the continuous loss of territories by ISIS in both Syria and Iraq, they have put themselves in such a humiliating position that the enemies are even attacking their homes and taking their women as booties and raping them…!! They cannot defend the honour of their women and families and they have no honour themselves…!!

3- “Grant it victory and establish it upon the earth” – ISIS has collapsed everywhere. They have been crushed in Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and elsewhere, and their lies have been exposed and made crystal clear to all. So where is the victory after their lies got exposed, and where is the “establishment upon the earth” after they got crushed everywhere…?

4- “And make it as the Khilāfah upon the Way of Prophethood” – Alhamdulillah, it has become crystal clear that

a) They are not a Khilafa since a Khilafa unites the Muslims and protects them whereas ISIS has split the ranks everywhere and cannot protect themselves, let alone the Muslim community.

b) They are not a Khilafa upon the way of Prophethood because one of the first characteristics of the Prophet is that he was truthful in speech whereas ISIS has lied to such an extent that they are reminding us of Dajjal.

c) They are not even a legitimate Islamic group at all, rather a group of power hungry thieves and leaders who only have an aim of gaining power and wealth by covering up themselves using the cloak of religion…!!

All the above were mentioned by Adnani in his supplication to Allah to make them the criteria for the people to judge whether they are Khawarij or not and whether they apply the law of the Quran and fight the enemies or not. So let those who are sincere upon the truth ponder and take heed…! Allah says, “Verily there is a lesson in this for everyone who has a (sound) heart and who listens with an attentive mind” (50:37)


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The Chinese QLZ87 Automatic Grenade Launcher Less-Lethal Arms & Munitions Documented In Ferguson, Missouri

Armament Research Services examines in a report impact and riot control agent (RCA) munitions employed by security forces during the 2014 riots in Ferguson. Authored by chemical weapons specialist Peter White and ARES Associate Researcher Stephen Semler, the report also provides a brief overview of the development history and employment methods of some common less-lethal munitions. These munitions are commonly employed by police and security force in their efforts to counter violent actions associated with civil unrest, and are commonplace in many countries. Recent riots in Baltimore have seen the employment of a range of less-lethal munitions, many of which are similar to those documented in this report.

Remnants of less-lethal munitions recovered from the riots in Ferguson.

Below are some excerpts from the report:

Many munitions and their associated delivery systems are designed for crowd dispersal, and are often non-discriminatory and affect multiple targets. These are typically deployed in a less precise fashion than those intended to target a specific individual, in the general direction of one or more intended targets. These include various lachrymatory riot control agents (RCA), obscurant smoke grenades, stun grenades, and impact munitions. The munitions are generally used to disperse or deter a crowd, or are deployed in an area denial role. Target-specific impact munitions, including cartridges containing multiple rubber or wooden projectiles, have also been documented during the unrest in Ferguson. These are typically employed to effect the temporary incapacitation of a single target, although in some cases may be employed against aggressive groups.

RCA munitions are typically of either the instantaneous or continuous discharge type. Instantaneous discharge munitions produce a comparatively small but highly concentrated agent cloud, almost immediately upon functioning. Continuous discharge munitions, often pyrotechnically actuated, release an agent cloud over time and are often more easily visible (see Jenzen-Jones & White, 2015).

In addition to the thermal effects, the fact that these canisters can be projected to the target means that they also pose a kinetic impact risk to those targeted by these munitions. Many of the munitions documented in this report, such as Combined Tactical Systems’ Model 6230 CS hand grenade, feature an aluminium body (Combined Tactical Systems 6230, n.d.). The projectiles documented in Ferguson from our sample have a mass between 100 and 426 grams; a mass that can prove lethal if they strike a person in vital areas such as the throat or head (Bozeman and Winslow, 2004). In Sitra, Bahrain, there is evidence to suggest that two teenage males were killed after being struck with tear gas canisters in August 2011. Another fatality occurred in Duraz, Bahrain, when a 21-year old male suffered blunt force trauma from a tear gas canister in February of 2012 (Physicians for Human Rights, 2012).

The predominance of less-lethal munitions intended for crowd dispersal rather than incapacitating individual suspects suggests that security forces in Ferguson considered crowd dispersal a priority. Additionally, the effective ranges of munitions designed to engage point targets are less suitable for maintaining a safe distance from potentially hostile crowds. For example, the effective range of the Combined Tactical 2581 Bean Bag Round is approximately 4.6-18.3 m (5-20 yards), compared to approximately 91.4 m (110 yards) for the 4230 40 mm Riot CS smoke. The frequency with which hand grenades (which may also be thrown) were fired from a launcher indicates that security forces sought to perform crowd-control measures at a standoff distance. Accordingly, almost all of the munitions documented in the annexe of this report — with the exception of the Cold War-era Smith & Wesson Riot Agent Grenade and the Combined Tactical Mini Flash Bang — are capable of being fired from a launcher.

Full Report The Chinese QLZ87 Automatic Grenade Launcher Less-Lethal Arms &amp; Munitions Documented In Ferguson, Missouri

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Pakistan and the Khilafah State By Sheikh Imran Hosein

25-09-2016 / Iqbal, Pakistan and the Khalifa State by Sheikh Imran Hosein. Questions and Answers follows. Recorded at :- Grand Taj Restaurant, One City Mall Subang Jaya, Malaysia

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Old Phone Number? Beware When Used on FB

techviral–We all use Facebook in our daily life. Without any doubt, Facebook is the best social media platform which is now being used by millions of users worldwide. Everyone who uses facebook links their phone number to their account.

Linking phone number to the Facebook account helps users to recover the account in case you’ve forgotten the password. So, the phone number can be used to reset Facebook accounts password.

Have you ever thought, what if you have changed your phone number and the number is now assigned to someone else? Programmer, James Martindale, found an easy way to hack any Facebook account.

The programmer explained that he got a new SIM card, and after inserting that into his phone, he received two texts, one from an unknown person and the other one from Facebook. Obviously, the second text, that came from Facebook surprised him because he hasn’t added the new number to Facebook yet.

Let me tell you, Facebook lets users find their account using a phone number. Users can also enter their mobile number in email field to sign in. So, James Martindale attempted to sign in using the new phone number and a random password. However, it didn’t work. So, he clicked on ‘Forgot Password’

Image Source:
Image Source:

Facebook showed him different recovery options, from where he chooses to recover the password using a phone number. He picks the number on which he wants to receive the recovery code and once he got the code he created a new password to log in. So, James Martindale got full access to the Facebook account.

Image Source: Image Source:
Image Source: Image Source:

Well, these cases are rare but this can be possible. James Martindale also said that his VoIP carrier FreedomPop lets him change his phone number anytime for $5. FreedomPop and some similar type of services often show lots of phone number to choose from. Hacker can try logging in using one of those numbers and can buy that number to hack a facebook account.

If you think Facebook is going to fix this issue, then let me tell you, Facebook clearly refused to consider this as a bug for bug bounty program. Facebook states ” Facebook doesn’t have control over telecom providers who reissue phone numbers or with users having a phone number linked to their Facebook account that is no longer registered to them”

So, the best thing to avoid these kinds of hacking attempts is by enabling the 2-step login authorization and login alerts. Users also need to remove unused or old mobile numbers and email address.

So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.

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“Assessing Russian Activities&Intentions in Recent US Elections”

Background to “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”: The Analytic Process and Cyber Incident Attribution

“Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections” is a declassified version of a highly classified assessment that has been provided to the President and to recipients approved by the President.

  •   The Intelligence Community rarely can publicly reveal the full extent of its knowledge or the precise bases for its assessments, as the release of such information would reveal sensitive sources or methods and imperil the ability to collect critical foreign intelligence in the future.
  •   Thus, while the conclusions in the report are all reflected in the classified assessment, the declassified report does not and cannot include the full supporting information, including specific intelligence and sources and methods.

    The Analytic Process

    The mission of the Intelligence Community is to seek to reduce the uncertainty surrounding foreign activities, capabilities, or leaders’ intentions. This objective is difficult to achieve when seeking to understand complex issues on which foreign actors go to extraordinary lengths to hide or obfuscate their activities.

  •   On these issues of great importance to US national security, the goal of intelligence analysis is to provide assessments to decisionmakers that are intellectually rigorous, objective, timely, and useful, and that adhere to tradecraft standards.
  •   The tradecraft standards for analytic products have been refined over the past ten years. These standards include describing sources (including their reliability and access to the information they provide), clearly expressing uncertainty, distinguishing between underlying information and analysts’ judgments and assumptions, exploring alternatives, demonstrating relevance to the customer, using strong and transparent logic, and explaining change or consistency in judgments over time.
  •   Applying these standards helps ensure that the Intelligence Community provides US policymakers, warfighters, and operators with the best and most accurate insight, warning, and context, as well as potential opportunities to advance US national security.

    Intelligence Community analysts integrate information from a wide range of sources, including human sources, technical collection, and open source information, and apply specialized skills and structured analytic tools to draw inferences informed by the data available, relevant past activity, and logic and reasoning to provide insight into what is happening and the prospects for the future.

  •   A critical part of the analyst’s task is to explain uncertainties associated with major judgments based on the quantity and quality of the source material, information gaps, and the complexity of the issue.
  •   When Intelligence Community analysts use words such as “we assess” or “we judge,” they are conveying an analytic assessment or judgment.
  •   Some analytic judgments are based directly on collected information; others rest on previous judgments, which serve as building blocks in rigorous analysis. In either type of judgment, the tradecraft standards outlined above ensure that analysts have an appropriate basis for the judgment.

 Intelligence Community judgments often include two important elements: judgments of how likely it is that something has happened or will happen (using terms such as “likely” or “unlikely”) and confidence levels in those judgments (low, moderate, and high) that refer to the evidentiary basis, logic and reasoning, and precedents that underpin the judgments.

Determining Attribution in Cyber Incidents

The nature of cyberspace makes attribution of cyber operations difficult but not impossible. Every kind of cyber operation—malicious or not—leaves a trail. US Intelligence Community analysts use this information, their constantly growing knowledge base of previous events and known malicious actors, and their knowledge of how these malicious actors work and the tools that they use, to attempt to trace these operations back to their source. In every case, they apply the same tradecraft standards described in the Analytic Process above.

  •   Analysts consider a series of questions to assess how the information compares with existing knowledge and adjust their confidence in their judgments as appropriate to account for any alternative hypotheses and ambiguities.
  •   An assessment of attribution usually is not a simple statement of who conducted an operation, but rather a series of judgments that describe whether it was an isolated incident, who was the likely perpetrator, that perpetrator’s possible motivations, and whether a foreign government had a role in ordering or leading the operation.


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“JUNDALLAH”: ISIS Indonesia Chapter

Amym leader Suaib Didu Asian Muslim youth movement. A plot to send Asian suicide bombers arounbd the world. Amym Jihadi recruits on northern Indonesian island of Kalimantan. Mr Didu went to Kalkimantan.

Laskar Jundullah an Indonesian group linked to al Qaeda.

1602-1687 – The Dutch East India Company formed in 1602. It had 4,500 European employees in Asia by 1625, and 11,550 European employees by 1687. Female slaves locally called concubines were used by the company. (History Today. June 2013 UK).

27 Aug 1883 – Two thirds of Krakatoa Indonesia collapsed in a chain of big volcanic eruptions. It destroyed most of the island and surrounding area. (Chch Star. Today in history).

1927 – The Indonesian Nationalist party PNI was formed under Ahmed Sukarno. They had the aim of pursuing independence from the Netherlands.

April 1942 – 2,600 British, Australian and American prisoners were moved to Bandoeng from Indonesian troop, Bicycle camp, POWs starved. (Japans Gestapo. Mark Felton. ©2009 UK).

4 August 1944- Feb 1945 – Macassas camp in Indonesia, run by Japans prison camp system. On 4 Aug 1944 a British POW was beaten 70 times by Yoshida. In Feb 1945 a Japanese army doctor, Macassar camp, Soengi Geru camp on the island of Sumatra. (Japans Gestapo. Mark Felton ©2009 UK)

1949 – The former Dutch colony of Indonesia became independent.

Jan 1951 – US lawyer Clark Clifford was registered with the US Justice department, as a foreign agent for Indonesia’s Sukarno regime.

1958-62 – Govt in Padang, the capital of west Sumatra on 15 Feb 1958. Pres Sukharno was backed by the CIA, SIS and ASIS. Alan Pope, a CIA civil air transport pilot on 16 March 1960 he was sentenced to death. He was returned in August 1962. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1960 – Britain and the confrontation with Indonesia 1960-66. D Easter. IB Tauris 2004.

1960-64 – Sigint, Indonesia and Malaysia 1960s Troops from the UK Australia and New Zealand. Pres Sukarno in 1962. Indonesian troops to raid Malaysia in 1964. UK deployed SAS and Australian and New Zealand troops. Indonesia was Australia’s main signals intel priority through the 1960s even higher than Vietnam. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich. ©2010 UK).

1965 – Pres Sukarno. Lockheed corp payoffs. Sasakawa Ryoichi, the CIA. Kodama Yoshin and Japan’s Yakuza. Lockheed payments and Deak and co. Shig Katzyana, whose ID corp, in the Cayman islands and Paul Helliwell’s Castle bank. (Global research. Peter Dale Scott 6 Sept 2008).

1965 – May 1965, anti Sukarno coup of Sept 1965. Lockheed payments in Indonesia were redirected from a supporter of pres Sukarno to a backer of anti Sukarno general Suharto. Lockheed payments. (Global research. Pete Dale Scott. 6 Sept 2008).

1966 – Sukarno was overthrown by Suharto. Lockheed now dealt directly with air force officers. They paid them bribes into an account in Singapore called ‘the widows and orphans fund’. (Arms bazaar. ©1977 Sampson).

1970s – Sulawesi Indonesia. Even in the 1970s they viewed the US military as an armed guard for the exploitation corporations. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

1970 – The Pentagon was supplying free spare parts to the Indonesian air force

August 1975 – March 1976 – The “Brigadoon” left New Zealand and arrived back in New Zealand. They sailed to Thailand to collect buddha sticks. In Bangkok October 1975. The crew contracted malaria while travelling through the Indonesian islands. In hospital for three and a half months in Indonesia. Part of Mr Asia drug syndicate. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd)

28 Nov 1975 – Indonesian human rights in East Timor. Ujang Pandang like Sulawesi. East Timor was an island. East Timor was mainly Roman Catholic, it became independent from Portugal on 28 Nov 1975. Nine days after the Indonesian invasion. The occupation forces killed 200,000 people, one third of the population of East Timor. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).
Dec 1975 – Indonesian consul Amster takeover killing 3 people.

6 Dec 1975 – Suharto, the East Timor massacre was a police state policy. In Aceh more than 10,000 people were killed by the military, thousands more died in the Molucca islands. West Borneo.Irian Jaya and New Guinea. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

1977 – The US Carter government blocked declassification of this info until 1977. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

May 1978 – Marty Johnstone was using Mr Asia drug syndicate money to look for oil in Indonesia. Indonesian generals involved in the search for oil. Lost lots of money. Mr Asia drug syndicate. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ. J Shepherd).

1980s – Indonesian Salafis got large sums of money from Saudi Arabia. (The 9/11 wars. Jason Burke ©2011).

1981 – Robert J McMahon. Colonisation and the cold war. The US and the struggle for Indonesian independence 1945-49. Ithaca Cornell uni press.

1991-92 – Banking authorities in Hong Kong tried to find a buyer for BCCI Hong Kong ltd. Indonesia’s Lippo Group would take over the bank.

18 Jan 1991 – Attempted Iraqi attacks on a US post. Iraqi agents planted bombs at the US ambassador to Indonesia’s residence.

Feb 1992 – Hong Kong investigators filed claims of $145 million against the bank. Lippo is run by Mochtar and James Riady, financiers and associates of Indonesian president Suharto.

12 December 1992 – An Earthquake magnitude 7.8 killed 2,700 people in Indonesia.

8 Jan 1996 – Papuan hostage abduction. In Indonesia 200 free Papua movement OPM guerrillas abducted 26 people in the Lorenta nature reserve Irian Jaya province. Indonesian special forces rescued the remaining 9 hostages on 15 May 1996.

1997 – The FPI front Pembela Islam (Islamic defence front), was set up in Indonesia. With the help of the military, to sabotage the movement for democracy. The group attacked clubs and bars forcing owners to pay protection money to the local police.

1997 – The 1997 the Asian economic collapse. Also called the IMF crisis. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

Sept 1997 – The US severed all military ties to Indonesia. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

1998 – The fall of Suharto opened the door for Islamic financial institutes. Money from Arab countries poured in.

1998-2004 – Since the fall of Suharto in 1998, New York Times web site, New Orleans based company Freeport McMorRan Copper and gold, made payments of $20 million to miliary commanders and units in Papua in the last 7 years, in exchange for protection of its facilities, finance for Indonesia’s armed forces, Sept 2004 Sulawesi, Newport mining corp based in Denver. (The secret history of the American empires John Perkins ©2007 US).

May 1998 – Suharto was forced to resign after 32 years in power. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

1999 – Kenneth Conboy. Feet to the fire. CIA covert operations in Indonesia 1957-58. Annapolic MD US naval institute press.

9 Sept 1999 – Australian unions are targeting Indonesian owned Garuda. Garuda flies without passengers as unions step up. Kirsten Lawson. The Canberra Times ACT. Unions intensify anti Indonesian, national council of trade unions Australia.

2000 – Book, Indonesia an eyewitness account. By Michael Maher. ISBN 0-670-88532-0.

2000 – Ayman al-Zawahiri and Muhammad Atef visited the Moluccas and Irian Jaya. There are Indonesians with Hezbollah, JI, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

2000 – Tangerang outside Jakarta. Nike factory workers on $1.25 a day, poverty wages and living in slums and no unions. New York Times reported that Indonesia rated among the most corrupt countries. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

14 Jan 2000 – Five Nigerian drug suspects killed in Indonesia. BBC London. Cocaine.

mid 2000 – Ayman al-Zawahiri went to Indonesia with a Kuwaiti, Omar Faruq. He was one of bin Laden’s men in the Philippines.

24 Sept 2001 – Muslim groups hunt for Americans. Jakarta Post article.

2002 – Financial transfer of $US 23,000 from Sheikh Abu Abdallah and Emarati of Saudi Arabia to Abu Bakar Bashiyar in Indonesia for the purchase of explosives.

2002 – Noordin Mohammad Top was active in JI’s Mantiqi (One of JI’s regional shuras), but fled with Azahari to Indonesia late 2001 or early 2002. Azahari was involved in the planning of the 2002 Bali bombing that killed 202 people.

2002 – Operational mastermind of the Southeast Asian terror group Jemaah Islamiyah JI blamed for the 2002 Bali bombings which killed more than 200 people. And the Marriott hotel bombing in Jakarta in 2003. The Indonesian plotter was sentenced in 2004 to life in prison in absentia in Cambodia, over the plot to blow up the British embassy in Phnom Penh.

2002 – Hundreds of import export projects were launched from Kuwait.

2002 – 52% of Indonesians population lived on less that $2 a day, comparable to slavery. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US)

Jan 2002 – Arrest in Indonesia of al Muhammad Saad Iqbal Madnii a Pakistani terror suspect.

7 Feb 2002 – Response to terror. Indonesian cleric tied to 95 anti-US plot. LA Times article. M Fineman. RC Paddock.

25 May 2002 – More than 200 New Zealand soldiers returned from East Timor. Members of the army’s 5th battalion arrived in Christchurch after a tour of duty. The contingent led by Lieutenant Colonel Lofty Hayward returned after helping oversee East Timor’s independence as the 190th member of the UN. NZ’s 6th and final deployment of troops has taken place. More than 600 soldiers made up the largest battalion size group to serve in East Timor. The Timor effort if NZ’s largest offshore army involvement since the Korean war in the 1950’s. More than 4,000 army personnel have served in Timor in recent years. (Chch Press NZPA).

Oct 2002 – Islamist armed groups bombed a Bali nightclub and damaged Indonesia’s economy. The bombing was followed by a crash on the Indonesian stock market which led to a fall in the exchange rate against the $US.

Oct 2002 – Attack on nightclubs in the resort town of Kuta beach in Bali. More than 200 people, including many tourists were killed. (The 9/11 wars. Jason Burke ©2011).

12 Oct 2002 – A car bomb exploded outside the Sari club disco in Denpasar Bali. It killed 202 people and wounded 300 more. Most of the casualties including 88 of the dead were Australian tourists. Seven Americans were among the dead. Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility. Two suspects were later arrested and convicted Iman Samudra who had trained in Afghanistan with al-Qaeda and suspected of belonging to JI was sentenced to death on 10 September 2003.

14 October 2002 – In February 2002 Singapore arrested 13 suspected JI members over plans to bomb the US embassy and the British and Australian high commissions, Jemaah Islamiyah organisation has links with al-Qaeda. In a speech September 2002 US ambassador Tom Schieffer warned that Australia was on al-Qaeda’s target list because of intervention in East Timor in September 1999. Australia has helped Indonesia draft laws on money laundering to help authorities crack down on terrorist networks. (AAP Christchurch Press NZ 14 October 2002).

Aug 2003 – The Marriott hotel was attacked in Jakarta Indonesia. (The 9/11 wars. Jason Burke ©2011).

17 Jan 2004 – Australian child sex abuse in Bali. The Daily Telegraph Surrey hills NSW. Bali paedophiles.

10 Feb 2004 – Paedophiles target Bali, sex in Bali. David Hardaker. Australian paedophiles target poor children. Child sex tourism, travel. Australian broadcasting corp Sydney.

10 Feb 2004 – Australian group says Bali is a haven for paedophiles.BBC London UK. Bali is a haven for paedophiles from Europe and America.

11 Feb 2004 – Police and child sex abuse in Bali. Illawarra Mercury Wollongong NSW. Australian paedophiles.

6 Dec 2004 – The tsunami struck. A quarter of a million people were killed from the huge waves. Disaster relief programs. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins (c)2007 US).

24 Dec 2004 – A black day. Victims of the tsunami. A new President in Sept 2004, Gen Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. 10,000 to 15,000 people were killed during 30 years of fighting in Aceh province, before the tsunami swept onto the land from the sea. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

26 Dec 2004 – 9.1 earthquake n Sumatra and tsunamis. 230,000 people were killed. (Aljazeera 15 Oct 2013).

26 Dec 2004 – 270,000 people were killed. 9 earthquake. Rapture Ready.

26 Dec 2004 – 8.1 earthquake. Timetoast.

2005 – Indonesian sweatshops. US Security team guarding tsunami reconstruction, and fighting against fighters in Aceh province. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

2005 – The Saudi Arabian International Islamic Relief Organisation funded 575 mosques in Indonesia. To promote Wahhabi. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the kingdom ©2005 US).

Jan Feb 2005 – In the month after the Tsunami, Jan 2005, the US White House sent $1 million worth of military equipment to Jakarta. New York Times 7 Feb 2005, Aceh. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

28 March 2005 – 1,300 peple were killed in a 8.7 earthquake in Nias Sumatra. (ABC Australia 6 Feb 2013).

28 March 2005 – Nias 1,300 people were killed in a 8.7 earthquake. Rapture Ready.

15 March 2006 – Boston Globe report. Bribe memo. Stone Webster company which began in 1889. Crashed and went bankrupt in 2000. Paid illegal bribes of $147 million to a relative of Indonesian president Suharto, to get a contract in Stone Webster. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

26 May 2006 – Java 5,749 people were killed a in7.9 earthquake. Rapture Ready.

27 May 2006 – Java 6.2 earthquake 5,700 people dead (Hindustan Times 2 April 2014).

27 May 2006 – 5,700 people were killed in a 6.2 earthquake in Java Yogyakarta. (ABC Australia 6 Feb 2013).

17 July 2006 – 7.7 earthquake and tsunami Java killed 650 people 70,000 people were made homeless. (ABC Australia 6 Feb 2013).

8 Aug 2006 – Saudi charity the international Islamic relief organisation (registered IIRO in NSW 1989), and the Indonesian terror group Jemaah Islamiah. The IIRO charity is registered in NSW under the name of Shafiq Rahman Abdullah Khan Sydney’s Muslim community. A senior IIRO official in Saudi Arabia Abd Al Hamid Sulaiman al-Mujil, bankrolling the al-Qaeda network in South Asia. A major fundraiser for JI group the group that carried out the 2002 Bali bombings. In Indonesia IIRO funded projects of KOMPAK a charity connected to JI. Four of the 13 branch officers were JI members.

19 Sept 2006 – Indonesia becoming regions new drugs gateway. Cameron Stuart. Matthew Franklin. The Australian Canberra ACT. Shipments of heroin cocaine.

19 Sept 2006 – NSW Indonesian drugs smuggling into Australia. AAP General news wire Sydney. South American Andes cocaine.

19 Sept 2006 – Indonesia a drugs gateway into Australia. AAP Bulletin news Sydney. South American Andes cocaine.

July 2008 – The Saudi bin Laden group, a government connected construction company, owned by the family of al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden said, it was spending $4.3 billion to create a farm, the size of Connecticut, out of the dense forest land on the Indonesian island of New Guinea. To grow rice, sugar and soybeans etc.(The shadow market ©2010 Eric J Weiner US.

10 Nov 2008 – Indonesian police target west African drug syndicates. BBC London. Cocaine heroin.

29 Sept 2009 – 7.9 earthquake 1,000 people dead (Hindustan Times 2 April 2014).

30 Sept 2009 – 7.6 earthquake in Padang 1,100 people were killed. (Aljazeera 15 Oct 2013).

30 Sept 2009 – Sumatra 1,100 people were killed in a 7.6 earthquake. Rapture Ready.

21 June 2010 – Indonesian Daily reports Iran nationals top list of drug smugglers. BBC London.

27 Oct 2010 – Jakarta vy Aubrey Belford. Indonesia struggles after tsunami and volcano. The New York Times Asia Pacific.

17 Jan 2011 – Indonesia girls sold through Facebook. Rabu.. By Bonardo Maulanaw.

13 Nov 2011 – 6.6 earthquake fault lines, volcanic and seismic activity. Huffington Post.

4 Dec 2011 – Detained Australian boy in Bali released on Sunday. Denpasar Bali Antara news.

5 Dec 2011 – Eruption of Gamalama volcano. Ternate Indonesia. Thousands of residents flee. Earthquake report.

5 Dec 2011 – The Jakarta Post. Greater Jakarta six arrested for human trafficking. Doctor arrested too.

6 Dec 2011 – BNO news wireupdate. Suspected seperatist rebels kill police officer in Indonesia Papua. Jakarta.

7 Dec 2011 – BNO news wire update. Hundreds of people flee Indonesian village in fear of police.

7 Dec 2011 – West Java tops rankings for human trafficking cases. Vanto Saudare.

8 Dec 2011 – The world today ABC news Australia. Indon govt implicated in corruption case. George Roberts. Eleanor Hall. Indonesian bribes.

9 Dec 2011 – RI Russia discuss comprehensive partnership relations. Antara news. Nusa Dua Indonesia and Russia.

2012 – Facebook used to kidnap traffic Indonesian girls. Technology NBC news by Margie Mason AP.

11 April 2012 – 8.7 earthquake in Aceh and tsunami. (Aljazeera 15 Oct 2013).

10 October 2012 – School expels girl for being raped. 3 news NZ. Courier Mail.

3 March 2014 – Children in orphanages are sex abused. Gadig Serpog Tangeray Banten.

15 March 2014 – Faisal Abdul Hassan 13 years old. missing Interpol. Sarubaya Indonesia. Assil Abdul Hassan. 8 years old. Interpol missing. Ali Abdul Hassan. 13 years old. Interpol missing. Nabil Abdul Hassan 11 years old. Interpol missing.

13 Aug 2014 – Interpol training in Indonesia, investigating migrant smuggling.

9 Sept 2014 – Earthuake 6.5 hit near Sula. The Epoch Times AP USA Today.

12 Oct 2014 – Indonesian disasters and Australian paedophiles, child sex predators. Michael Bachelard. Sun Herald NSW.

20 Oct 2014 – Joko Widodo was sworn in as Indonesia’s new president. ABC news Australia.

22 Oct 2014 – Australian’s were flying from Darwin to the Philippines. Daily Mail UK. Fairfax media. Two Australian pilots were arrested at gunpoint and forced to land for violating Indonesian air space. Louise Cheer

27 Oct 2014 – Indonesian union plans one month strike over copper. Reuters. 6 Nov strikes until 6 Dec. Financial Post.

15 Nov 2014 – 7.3 earthquake and a tsunami warning was issued. Reuters. US geo survey. BBC tsunami alert after earthquake.

27 Nov 2014 – 6.8 earthquake hits Indonesia. Jakarta US geological survey. IBN live.

3 Dec 2014 – Orphanages. 10 years jail for sex abuse. Jakarta Post. Tangerang district countr. Orphanage owner Chemy Samuel Watulingas got ten years jail.

5 Dec 2014 – NZ Herald. Kiwi, New Zealander held in Bali Indonesia for smuggling 1.7kg meth from Hong Kong. Anna Keask. Anthony Glen De Malmanche.

5 Dec 2014 – A New Zealander in Bali Indonesia smuggled 1.7kg of meth. ODT. Wanganui man on his first trip outside NZ. A welfare recipient. Who cant afford a lawyer, or a plane flight.

5 Dec 2014 – Kiwi arrested in Indonesian meth charges. AAP new Sydney. Allegedly smuggling 1.7kg of crystal meth.

5 Dec 2014 – Kiwi faces death for Bali meth smuggling. NZ news Wellington. Leeza Ormsby caught in Lombok with 1.73 grams of crystal meth in her handbag.

9 Dec 2014 – “I was set up” says accused New Zealand meth smuggler. Antony De Malmanche aged 52 with back pain. His cousin says he is dumb. Family dislikes. He told One news that he was set up. He says he is a victim. I was set up. He knew nothing about the meth in his bag. The police used him in a sting, leading police to a meeting with a woman at a Kuta hotel.

12 Dec 2014 – Landslide kills 8, officers search for 100 missing people. Int business times. Heavy rains landslide.

24 Dec 2014 – Donations pour in for Kiwi facing drugs smuggling charges in Bali, and possible death penalty. TVNZ One news. $10,000 has been donated for his legal fund. NZ donations and posting on Facebook. Antony de Malmache aged 52 charged with 1,7 kg of meth.

22 Jan 2015 – Bali drug accused New Zealander is a victim of an international cartel, says lawyer. TVNZ. Police call him ‘dead in the water’. Trial nears. NZ City. Yahoo news and 3news NZ.

24 Jan 2015 – Indonesian police arrest deputy head of the anti corruption agency. NZ Herald. Jakarta AP. Senior police officers and corruption.

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Why Mujahideen, doing jihad in Pakistan, don’t go and fight in Kashmir?-Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan

Tehrik-e-Taliban-Pakistan.jpgMajority of Pakistani mujahideen were doing jihad in Kashmir, so why did they left Kashmir and started jihad in Pakistan ?-2012

This is the question that has been raised on Mujahideen, fighting in Pakistan, for a long time. The answer to this question is recorded in the example written below. But before that, I put your attention to the fact that majority of leadership of Mujahideen in Pakistan has fought courageously on the battle fronts of Kashmir.

Why did people, fighting in Kashmir, left the Kashmir’s battle field and headed Pakistan instead?

After defeat of Russians in Afghanistan, mujahideen turned towards the Kashmir with the desire of martyrdom and liberating the Muslims of Kashmir from the arms of cow worshippers. As Ilays Kashmiri shaheed was a well-trained experienced commander and perhaps that was the reason that the security establishment didn’t consider it suitable to let him independent. And told him (r.a) to help Kashmiris and because of his immense love for jihad in the way of Allah, he never hesitated to join the jihadi movement. In 1991, he joined lashkar harkat al jihad al islami’s Kashmir setup but after few years he was fed up with influence of establishment in the group and left the group. And he founded the harkat al jihad al islami 313 brigade beyond the influence of the establishment, which conducted offensive operation with such an aggression that in few months Indian army started trembling with hearing the name of the group. In most of the operations he himself took part with immense urge of getting martyrdom. Due to his distinguish splendor he had special place among his companions.

Once he was arrested by Indian army, along with his companion, Nasrullah Mansoor langrial (May ALLAH free him from the prison) in occupied Kashmir.  Indian army put both of them in jail. He was held in different jails in India for 2 years and finally one day with the help of Allah almighty, he succeeded in breaking jail and escaped from the jail, while his companion Nasrullah Mansoor Langrial is still imprisoned in Indian jail. After escaping from Indian jail, he became a legendary character. In publication related to jihad of Kashmir he was regarded as hero.

In 1998 when Indian army started attacking innocent Muslims of Azad Kashmir. Ilyas Kashmiri r.a planned to attack Indian army from the back. He carried out these attacks many times as a result of which wicked Hindus took serious injuries and stopped their actions. One night in February 2000, Indian Special Forces attacked Pakistani village. Indian commandos spent all night in that village and in the next morning they cut the throats of three girls and took their heads with them. Two more girls were kidnapped by Indian commandos. After 24 hours their heads were thrown towards Pakistani troops.  When Lion of Allah, Ilyas Kashmiri heard of this ridiculous act of Indian forces, he became like a wounded lion and announced to take revenge from Indian forces. Next day on 26 February, he conducted guerilla operation against Indian forces in Nakyal sector. 25 brave fighter of 313 brigade surrounded an Indian army bunker and threw grenades inside it. After martyrdom of one of their fighter and sending 7 of cow worshippers to hell, they managed to arrest captain of Indian army alive. Later on, head of Indian army’s captain was cut in front of the relatives of the murdered girls .. On that occasion, his companions took photos which are preserved by them as a Memorable of that occasion. Later on, this head was given to Pakistan army who presented it before the General Pervez Musharraf who was the army chief of that time. Pervez Musharraf praised the great demonstration of courage by Ilyas Kashmiri shaheed and given him cash reward of 1 lac rupees. Picture of Ilyas Kashmiri with the head of Indian army captain in his hand was published in the newspapers of Pakistan. Suddenly Ilyas Kashmiri (r.a) gained importance amongst the Kashmiri mujahdieen. He was being regarded as a hero who granted relief to the heart of the Muslims and made them proud by demonstrating extraordinary courage and bravery. But he never looked for worldly pride but always tried to seek the pleasure of his Lord. After this incident, Maulana Zahoor Ahmed Alvi r.a of Jamia Muhammadiya Islamabad issued fatwa in favor of cutting throat of Indian army captain.

Very soon, the traitors and enemies were freaked out by this brave mujahid of Kashmir . His guerilla operations reached to such an extent that he captured an important base camp from Indian army. Base camp, under his control in area of Kotli Azad Kashmir, was actually a mountain which was known in the local language as “bear mountain”. While mujahideen used to call it as ” baskar mountain”. This mountain was seized from India after a battle and this mountain had a special military importance on which mujahideen planted their communication system through which they were in contact with mujahideen serving in occupied valley of Kashmir. Napak army started its efforts to influence the internal matters of the organization in the name of friendship and cooperation. You can evaluate their influence by this event that, in those days corps commander Rawalpindi, General Mehmood Ahmed, used to frequently visit base camp of Ilyas Kashmiri r.a and he also used to admire (In a hypocritical way)  the guerilla operations of the organization against the Indian army. These are the events of time when Ilyas Kashmiri was on a peak of his operations against Indian army. But shortly after Ilyas Kashmiri knew the actual intent of the army. This friendship ended. And trials for Ilyas Kashmiri started and unfortunately reason behind this was also a so called jihadi organization. After hijacking of airplane by mujahideen in Kandahar. Maulana Masood Azhar was released from Indian jail and came back to Pakistan. Soon after reaching Pakistan Maulana Masood Azhar announced his own organization known as Jaish e Muhammad. Many mujahideen of Kashmir’s jihad joined  this new group. General mehmood wanted Ilyas Kashmiri to also join Jaish e Muhammad and handover his base camp on mountain baskar to India and accept Maulana Masood Azhar as his leader and start playing in the hands of intelligence agencies. For all this purpose high pressure was put on him. But he refused to do it and did not care about any pressure by intelligence agencies. As a result Jaish e Muhammad militants attacked Ilyas Kashmiri (r.a)’s camp. On the other hand Indian forces also started intense bombing on his camp but with the grace of Allah almighty Ilyas Kashmiri r.a was safe but many of his companions were martyred in this battle (may Allah accept them as martyrs, Ameen). Later on, that camp was handed over to India as a gift.

Almost at the same time, blessed event of 9/11 took place. And after that Ilyas Kashmiri r.a was declared as a terrorist after being a hero. Military establishment started to plan his arrest.  And finally General Pervez Musharraf declared him as a terrorist and banned his organization. Pervez Musharraf was the man who admired Ilyas Kashmiri and his group two years before and rewarded him with 1 lac rupees.  In 2003 he was arrested in false accusation of attack on General Pervez Musharraf. While the reality is that, at the time of attack on General Pervez Musharraf, Ilyas Kashmiri had just crossed LOC and entered into the valley, where he attacked and killed many senior officers of Indian army in tanda area of Jammu. In prison of ISI in Pakistan he was severely tortured. He served one year in jail for a crime which he never committed and ultimately he was released because military establishment could not prove their allegations against Ilyas Kashmiri r.a. But in 2005 he was arrested again for no reason. In the custody he was brutally tortured and humiliated, on which senior leader of hizb ul mujahideen was also compelled to say that  there is no difference between jails of India and Pakistan . These people don’t trust us because we are Kashmiris. Eventually after keeping him in prison for one more year and on the pressure of jihadi organizations of Kashmir, military establishment was forced to release him.  Arrest and torture by Pakistan army broke him from inside. And he separated himself from the Kashmiri militants and remained silent for some time. In July 2007 , operation in red mosque totally changed him and he was forced to break his silence. The Lion, who kept his life on stake for the defense of sisters, when watched the atrocities committed by his own napak army and heard of sisters  martyred by their hands, he was shocked. The call of implementation of shariah by sisters changed the condition of his heart and mind on watching real face and growing atrocities being committed by napak army. He migrated to north Waziristan to take revenge of martyred sisters and for the honor of word of Allah. This mujahid served as a great teacher of jihad for many years, taking the desire of martyrdom in his heart . This area was filled with sincere mujahideen , his friends and sympathizers. In this strange town of ansar and mujahideen , he organized his 313 brigade again. And started jihad along with Taliban against biggest taghoot America and its front line allies. Ilyas Kashmiri r.a along with the Taliban decided to eliminate these traitors of ummah. He directly supported groups working for the same cause in the form of funding as well as provided them weapons training. Along with this, he also convinced many veteran, who took part in American war, as well as those veterans who were court martialed for refusing to serve in the American war, to fulfill the obligation. In north Waziristan , the strength of 313 brigade was 3000 in which majority of mujahideen were from Sindh , Punjab and Azad Kashmir. Some of his selective achievements are, murder of Major General Faisal Alvi in Rawalpindi along with many attacks on military areas and installations. Major general Faisal Alvi belonged to SSG and he was the one who lead the first operation in North Waziristan in 2004. There are also many reports that Ilyas Kashmiri planned the attack on major general Faisal Alvi on the demand of Taliban. Ilyas Kashmiri r.a placed napak army on his target , because of decision of joining the ranks of infidels by Pakistani establishment. He also worked as a leader of a group of global jihadist movement Qaeda tul jihad. His importance can be judged with the fact that after the martyrdom of sheikh Osama bin laden, his name was also being taken in the successors. And Ilyas Kashmir r.a also took revenge of Osama bin laden’s martyrdom by attacking PNS Mehran base Karachi including other big attacks and blessed tranquility to hearts of the believers.

These mujahideen are indeed the first defense line of Islam.

Ilyas Kashmiri’s story, without any doubt, sounds legendary but after knowing these facts, there is no doubt that Ilyas Kashmiri like other mujahideen proved to be wrath of Allah for the Pakistani army due to establishment’s betrayal to Islam. These were the people who were declared as freedom fighters and senior military officials used to respect and honor them. And in emergency situations, the biggest enemy, India used to see them attacking from its back. There is a simple and easy formula for judging any person’s enmity or friendship for Islam.  You can determine this by hearing the views of America, India and other infidels. Ilyas Kashmiri was most wanted terrorist in the sight of infidels. America had placed bounty of 20 lac American dollars on him. Insha’Allah his name will be written in golden words in the history of Muslim Ummah.

The purpose of this example was to present brief outline, about what was the reason for these leader leaving jihad of Kashmir and why they started jihad against apostate army.

You can compare the situation of Kashmir’s front in our presence with the situation of nowadays after we left that front…

We will continue the jihad of Kashmir in the future, but first we will eliminate those who create obstacles in our way and after that we will draw our attention towards Kashmir. This is impossible that we start fighting for Kashmir while at the same the apostate army and government is attacking us from the back.

That’s why the people who object us should also see our past. After knowing the reasons, which are given in the example above, tell us that what would wise people do in these type of situations.

Time is near when we will again continue our battle in Kashmir, and implement Islam in it.



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Panama Papers Saga Establishes Democracy Guards Corruption

Real, Effective and Timely Accountability is Only Possible in the Khilafah on the Method of the Prophethood-Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Pakistan

81811540The demand for the resignation of the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, is gaining momentum, after the submission of a report to the Supreme Court on the matter of the Panama Papers probe by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), on 10 July 2017. The conclusion of JIT report is that the prime minister and his children have not established the money trail regarding assets, with living standards well beyond their declared assets and so the matter must be transferred to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). Let no one forget that in June 2012, the then Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Ghilani, was disqualified by the Supreme Court, yet the government of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) remained. Moreover, the new Prime Minister, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, was appointed, even whilst he was under investigation for financial corruption by the NAB over kickbacks, whilst he was Minister for Water and Power!  So, even if the Prime Minister of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is sent home, the ruling party can simply appoint another corrupt ruler to complete its turn. Truly, Democracy is the guardian of corruption.

Real, effective and timely accountability of rulers is not possible in Democracy or indeed any other man made system. As is seen around the world through the Panama Papers and numerous other cases, Democracy provides ample loop holes to allow corrupt rulers to amass immense wealth through their access to power and funds, whilst concealing their corruption. Throughout the world, even after years of investigation and court trials, corrupt rulers are not convicted through lack of irrefutable evidence. Real, effective and on time accountability of those with access to power and funds of the state is only possible in the Khilafah on the Method of Prophethood, which implements the laws revealed by Allah )swt( and not the laws made by men. It is narrated by Abu Hamid Al-Sa’idi, the Prophet ﷺ employed a man from the tribe of Al-Azd named Ibn Lutbiyyah as collector of Zakat. When the employee returned (with the collections) he said: “O Prophet ﷺ!  This is for you and this is mine because it was presented to me as gift.” The Messenger of Allah ﷺ rose to the pulpit and praised Allah and extolled Him. Then he ﷺ said,

«مَا بَالُ الْعَامِلِ نَـبْـعَـثُـهُ فَيَأْتِي يَقُولُ هَذَا لَكَ وَهَذَا لِي فَهَلاَّ جَلَسَ فِي بَيْتِ أَبِيهِ وَأُمِّهِ فَيَـنْـظُـرُ أَيُهْدَى لَهُ أَمْ لاَ وَالَّذِي نَفْسِي بِيَدِهِ لاَ يَأْتِي بِشَيْءٍ إِلاَّ جَاءَ بِهِ يَوْمَ الْقِيَامَةِ يَحْمِلُهُ عَلَى رَقَـبَـتِـهِ إِنْ كَانَ بَعِيرًا لَهُ رُغَاءٌ أَوْ بَقَرَةً لَهَا خُوَارٌ أَوْ شَاةً تَيْعَرُ ثُمَّ رَفَعَ يَدَيْهِ حَتَّى رَأَيْنَا عُفْرَتَيْ إِبْطَيْهِ أَلاَ هَلْ بَلَّغْتُ ثَلاَثاً»

“I employ a man to do a job and he comes and says: ‘This is for you and this has been presented to me as gift’? Why did he not remain in the house of his father or the house of his mother and see whether gifts will be given to him or not? By Allah in Whose Hand is the life of Muhammad, if any one of you took anything wrongfully, he will bring it on the Day of Resurrection, carrying it on (his back), I will not recognize anyone of you, on the Day of Resurrection with a grunting camel, or a bellowing cow, or a bleating ewe.” Then he raised his hands till we could see the whiteness of his armpits. Then he said thrice, ”O Allah ! have I conveyed (Your Commandments[Bukhari and Muslim].

Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah Pakistan warns the Muslims of Pakistan that no good ever comes out of such anti-corruption dramas under Democracy. Before the current drama, the Musharraf’s martial law era “restoration of democracy” and the PPP’s “restoration of judiciary” never brought any good and corruption continued. Democracy will never bring any good in the future as well because every institution works according to the Kufr laws left by the British Raj. These dramas are meant to give you false hope in Democracy, so as to stop you from working for real change through the re-establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the Method of Prophethood. Turn your back on Democracy’s dramas and expend all your efforts for the re-establishment of the Khilafah which is the only guarantor of real, effective and timely accountability of rulers.



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Money As A Weapon System-Afghanistan

September 7, 2012

  1. Purpose.

The aim of reintegration is to stabilize local areas by convincing insurgents, their leaders and their supporters to cease active and/or passive support for the insurgency and to become peaceful members of Afghan society. Reintegration will supplement the continuing lethal and non-lethal activities that form a part of counterinsurgency operations. Reintegration will complement efforts to support political, governance, social and economic opportunity within communities. U.S. support for the Afghan Reintegration Programs must be attuned to Afghan culture. The guidance shall refer to a former fighter who has been accepted into ARP as a ―reintegree.

  1. Definitions.
  2. A formal reintegree is defined as an Afghan who has:
  3. Recorded a pledge to cease all support for insurgency in Afghanistan, to live in accordance with the Constitution of Afghanistan, cease violence against the Government of Afghanistan and its international partners, and no longer have material ties to Al Qaeda or affiliated transnational terrorist organizations, and
  4. Been sponsored by a responsible community member, or a government official in cases where the reintegree cannot return to their community.
  5. Reintegration refers to efforts to assimilate fighters and leaders peacefully into Afghan society. Among the individuals to whom this applies are fighters who have been removed from the battlefield as well as those who are detained or incarcerated in U.S. or Afghan facilities, respectively. Although some reintegration programs involve modest stipends for relocation or compensation for services, these stipends will be subject to appropriate safeguards, and in no event will payments be made to reward insurgents for cessation of hostilities.
  6. Reconciliation refers to high-level political dialogue with senior leaders of major insurgent groups such as the Quetta Shura Taliban, Haqqani Network, and Hizb-i-Islami Gulbuddin (HiG), designed to terminate their armed resistance against the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA). Higher-level reconciliation efforts may allow relatively senior leaders to join a peaceful political process under the Afghan Constitution under the auspices of GIRoA, which should continue to manage these efforts. Funding for the ARP will not be used to support reconciliation requirements.
  7. Key ARP Concepts.
  8. Reintegration programs are Afghan led programs that have the outward appearance of an Afghan driven program consistent with the Afghan constitution and the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program (APRP).
  9. Many Afghan fighters are not ideologically committed to the insurgency; rather they are motivated by grievances, issues of security and/or financial incentives. It is believed that many of these Afghans, along with their communities, will cut their ties to the insurgency, abandon violence, and accept the Afghan Constitution, including respect for human rights once being offered the opportunity to participate in a reintegration program. In addition, Afghan fighters who have been placed in detention or correction facilities may take part in reintegration programs. Motives for reintegration may include initiation of effective grievance resolution processes with the community and individual, the belief in a better life, incentives to pursue that better-life, and disincentives to participate in insurgent or terrorist acts.
  10. The community is viewed as the center-of-gravity for successful and lasting reintegration. As such, the community will be responsible for accepting back reintegrees who wish to reintegrate, and will take responsibility for their progress.
  11. Reintegration efforts should benefit and be provided to peaceful members of a community as well, not just reintegrees, in order to avoid perverse incentives. For example, measures should be taken to ensure peaceful members of a community are able to partake in the dividends of the peace process in order to avoid resentment of reintegree’s who are also benefiting from the reintegration program.
  12. Reintegrees receiving support under the ARP are sponsored by a responsible community member or government official in cases where the reintegree cannot return to their community. In addition, pledges made by reintegrees must be recorded, and the community must accept that the consequence for acts of recidivism will be discontinuation of ARP support in that community.
  13. Effective support for the GIRoA reintegration program will require coordination between Afghanistan’s national and sub-national levels and will require proper oversight. U.S. support must be flexible enough to allow the U.S. Government to respond quickly with resources and policy decisions to field personnel and enable the GIRoA’s reintegration program to capitalize on emerging opportunities. It is imperative that both district and village leadership, as well as the local population, support the proposed project in order to increase the likelihood for success, and that GIRoA is kept informed of all such programs.
  14. Material incentives in the form of transition assistance, job training, and support for grievance resolution are likely to be part of a final GIRoA led reintegration program, and will require international community support for implementation. Both International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and USFOR-A play important roles in GIRoA’s reintegration program. A robust civilian contribution from the international community of both material and political support will also be important for the overall success of the program.
  15. Vetting is the process by which potential reintegrees are assessed as to whether they will be accepted back into the community. Vetting will be conducted at the community level by local elders and/or village leaders, in coordination with Ministry of Interior (MOI) and National Directorate of Security (NDS). All reintegrees seeking reintegration will have their biometric and identifying data collected by MOI and submitted to the Afghan National Security Force (ANSF), ISAF and UN databases to run background checks and create a record in order to prevent more than one attempt at reintegration. In cases where the reintegree will not be accepted into a specific community, the MOI will process and coordinate moving the reintegree, along with their family if applicable, to a different community within Afghanistan that will support reintegration. The MOI will be the lead agency for collecting biometric and other identifying data with the support of NDS, MOD, ISAF and UN as deemed necessary.
  16. GIRoA is developing an approach to provide amnesty for reintegration candidates. GIRoA is responsible for ensuring it does so in full conformity with local law, international law, treaties and established agreements. This amnesty may be retroactive and probationary in nature. If the participant deviates from the program, the amnesty will be void. If it is determined that a reintegree has committed severe criminal acts, MOI, supported by the NDS, Ministry of Defense (MOD), and ISAF, will deal with the criminal in accordance with Afghan law. A criminal is defined as a person charged with and convicted of a crime, under Afghan law.
  17. In order to support national unity, reintegration efforts should not favor a particular ethnicity. There will be no power-sharing or other arrangements that would offer extra-constitutional governmental authority as a reward for reintegration (effectively rewarding insurgent violence and undermining constitutional processes), and there will be no arrangements that would undermine the authority of GIRoA.
  18. Critical to attracting insurgents to participate in reintegration is a more capable and credible GIRoA, seen as effective by its people, and capable of providing effective security and justice.
  19. The Afghan Reintegration Program, and our support to the APRP using ARP funds, must be transparent and the administrators of the program must be accountable to the Afghan people and GIRoA, and international community.
  20. Although NDAA funds in support of reintegration utilize many of the same delivery mechanisms as the Commander’s Emergency Response Program (CERP), they differ in that the ARP’s primary objective is to support the reintegration of reintegrees. Activities such as vocational training, works projects, education or other projects should only be funded by ARP if they are in support of the peaceful assimilation of reintegrees, leaders, their supporters and their communities who have officially renounced support for the insurgency.
  21. Reintegration does not support any deal that violates the Afghan Constitution, nor does it involve paying potential reintegrees to stop fighting.
  22. Reintegration may involve low-level political and dispute negotiations, but it should not undermine constitutional processes by establishing power-sharing or other arrangements that would offer extra-constitutional government authority as a reward for reintegration, effectively rewarding insurgent violence. Additionally, there should be no arrangements that would undermine the authority of the GIRoA.

Money As A Weapon System

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The EU Army and ISIS- Intelligence Perspective


Angela Merkel and those within the EU and German government who are aligned with her are knowingly allowing ISIS operatives to infiltrate the EU, set up networks and stage attacks on European citizens. The goal of allowing this to occur is to create a crisis which will artificially deepen the need for greater European integration into the EU, which is of course mostly controlled by Germany and allows them to control Europe without firing a single shot (so far). Once the crisis has been created, Merkel will use it as an excuse to use the newly formed EU Army to occupy European nations. This army seems to currently be supplied by NATO and NATO officials who are in a position to discover this are showing up dead.

I. German Intelligence is knowingly neglecting to deal with ISIS operatives

In Wikileaks’ recent BND-NSA Inquiry Exhibit. (2014), there was a cache of files from the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF) or Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

Firstly, the language of the original German in this document is highly un-PC, showing just how little Eurocrats really care about racial sensitivity behind closed doors. They prefer to use it as a foil to coerce others into submitting to their agendas. The document covers tips that BAMF gives to German intelligence agencies looking to recruit informants from among refugee populations:

The significant portions of this document are as follows:

On page 14:

>We’re looking for accomplices or candidates involved in terrorist activities that have not yet become perpetrators

They are specifically looking for Taliban defectors from Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan as well as civilians born in Afghanistan and Egypt as well as a few other Middle Eastern countries.

On pages 15-16 they list tiers of individuals they are looking to recruit from:

Tier 1: Males with the following personal features: Aged 18-45, single, lower-middle-class to poor background, lived in refugee camps for a while, poor occupational and societal prospects, sketchy CV, Muslim belief, doesn’t support UMMA (collective community of Islamic peoples).

Tier 2: Individuals with knowledge about suspected terrorist organizations

Tier 3: Individuals that resided in or have knowledge about Al-Azher University, Cairo or the El-Haramein Institute of Culture which is founded by Saudi Arabia and used to promote Wahabbism.

This is highly alarming, because it proves that German intelligence is aware of the fact that there are many individuals among the refugee population that have knowledge of terror organizations, are “defectors” from them or have been exposed to radical Islamic ideologies at certain educational institutions. Why are they not simply arresting these people and preventing them from 1) committing attacks and 2) radicalizing even more males from the refugee population?

Moroccan government officials have stated that they tipped Germany off to the fact that Berlin truck attacker Anis Amri was planning to execute a terror event on German soil:

The article explains that Spanish and French authorities has successfully dismantled terror cells based on information passed to them by Moroccan intelligence. Why did Germany not act? It is because Angela Merkel has a vested interested in creating a crisis by allowing ISIS attacks to occur in the EU.

This apparent policy of letting a wild dog like ISIS run rampant does come back to bite them occasionally however. An German intelligence official working for ISIS was  arrested for helping plot an attack the headquarters of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, the Bundesverfassungsschutz (BfV):

It is very strange that Germany would be allowing this kind of thing to happen. Unless of course, one views it from the perspective that they might want incidents to occur as a result of neglecting to crack down on known and potential extremists.

II. Germany allows ISIS events to occur to justify occupying Europe with the EU Army

A. The EU Army

Merkel was already trying to form an EU Army before Brexit occurred and accelerated the need to create some kind of force that would allow them to militarily pressure countries into abandoning plans to leave as well. European Union allies of Merkel were lobbying for this force to exist even before Brexit. What people do not realize is that it has already been partially set up:

Already EU technocrats are letting on to the public that the EU Army will be formed “much faster than people think”:

Just a few months ago, Jean Claude Juncker was requesting the establishment of a headquarters for the EU Army to operate out of. An operations center is unnecessary if there is not already a military force to run out of it:

B. NATO arms/vehicles are being used to covertly equip the EU Army

There has been quite a bit of media attention given to recent NATO efforts to posture itself militarily to “stand up to Russian aggression.” A lot of weaponry and heavily machinery has been moved into the EU and Eastern Europe/the V4 (Visegrad Group):

Here is another example of German military assets being moved into Eastern Europe to “counter Russian aggression.” Notice how they mention Trump’s election as an incentive to form an EU Army? Merkel was hoping her friend Hillary Clinton would win power and collaborate to make this project easier:

The Russia narrative is a cover story for the formation and equipping of the EU Army. NATO’s shipments of weapons and vehicles to Europe are not for the purpose of arming the alliance against Russia, but to give that gear to Merkel for her new EU force. Most of this stuff is surplus American military gear, think for example about how many unused tanks we have sitting around due to supposed Congressional incompetence.

There is ample indication that NATO is indeed engaging in this covert supply operation with the EU. The current Secretary General of NATO is Jens Stoltenberg, who allegedly was bought the position by a $584 million bribe from Norway to the Clinton Foundation. He is also alleged to be connected to the recent corruption scandal uncovered in part by the FBI. Here are some sources on that:

Given his ties to corruption and the Clintons, it is plausible that Stoltenberg is willing to collaborate with Angela Merkel, another ally of the Clintons. He is responsible for massively increasing NATO’s budget over the last few years:

**Most damning** is the reported death at that time of Yves Chandelon, the Head Auditor of NATO. He was found dead 140 kilometers from his work and 100 kilometers from his home in the Belgian city of Lens. Despite owning three registered weapons, the gun used to kill him was unregistered:

His death was ruled a “suicide” but his family refuses to believe that conclusion. He had told them that he had the feeling that he was being followed and had also received strange phone calls. His further revealed that he was a happy person and had made several plans for the new year. Not the profile of someone who kills themselves:

Why is his death significant? One of the jobs of an auditor is to make sure goods are actually delivered to their destination. Revenue cannot be recognized until service is performed. What did Chandelon find about weapons and vehicle deliveries that caused him to be murdered? Where would these lost shipments be going, if not to equip and supply another army? The EU Army?

III. How ISIS provides Merkel with an excuse to occupy Europe with her new army

With an EU army formed, Merkel would only need to look for a good excuse to deploy it. The most likely cover story would be to diffuse some kind of “humanitarian crisis.” What exactly might that crisis look like? There could be a number of reasons, such as fighting “far right racism” against minorities for example.

Given the evidence Germany’s complicity in allowing Islamic extremists to enter the EU, was uncovered, the evidence indicates that they are possibly hoping ISIS will stage a major terror incident in one or two locations in the EU, or perhaps across the entire Union. The militaries of multiple countries would inevitably engage in an immediate crackdown following such a severe event and this would most likely focus solely on migrant heavy areas and “no go zones” inhabited by the Muslim minorities in Europe. This would give the EU a perfect humanitarian excuse to justify violating the sovereignty of multiple European nations and centralize power with the EU government, which is mainly German controlled.

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Cyber Crime: Dont be a victim

Cyber crime is an unfortunate reality that can affect anyone at anytime. However, if you take steps to protect your information and utilize the latest Internet security technology available, you should be able to protect your information. The key is to be aware of the dangers and the most effective methods to protect yourself, your information and your money. It is worthwhile to look at the options that are available to enhance cyber security as if you leave it all to chance, you could easily fall victim to cyber crime.

Believe it or not, these criminals do their homework. I’m not talking about the broadly spread, fake bank e-mails you receive daily. These cyber-terrorists actually research your Web site, search for executive’s names, look at your press release page, identify events and refer to them in their messaging. A surprising number of executives click on the attachments or links … and the damage is done. The compromised system looks for other local machines, and because your system is behind your corporate firewall, which is now of no value, it attempts to exploit them through well-known vulnerabilities.

Eventually, the criminals end up infecting the controller’s or accountant’s computer. Once that occurs, they monitor traffic, log connections to your bank and capture your log-in credentials. At that point, you’re done for. Just before your bank’s closing time, the criminals log in to your account and set up a series of wire transfers.

By the time you get to work the next morning, your account is empty. Now you’re left struggling to figure out what happened, and how to get your funds back. Sometimes you catch a lucky break, but more often than not you lose everything.

  • Protect Your Devices 
    The safety of the devices that you use to go online should not be underestimated. Devices commonly used today include computers, mobile phones and tablets. These are all vulnerable to cyber crime. There is always the risk of your device being lost or stolen. Be careful where you keep them and how you carry the devices that are portable. If a thief gets their hands on any of your devices they can easily access your information in most cases, even if you have a password. Computers in particular are vulnerable to hackers and viruses that can break in and access your information without having any physical contact with your device. Make sure that you have powerful antivirus software installed on your computer/laptop and keep a back up of your important files.

  • High Quality Passwords

Studies show that many people choose their passwords carelessly. Your password should be strong enough to prevent other people guessing it but simple enough so that you can remember it. You should ideally use a password that is alphanumeric and it’s a good idea to also use a symbol. Too many people choose their password bearing in mind only their personal convenience. If you use your date of birth, place of birth or wedding anniversary as your password – you are heading for trouble. That is like keeping the doors to your house open at night, with all your valuable things just lying around in the front room of the house. Do you know that there are clever cyber criminals who can create password cracking programs designed to analyze thousands of password possibilities and guess them with reasonable accuracy? You always want to use a password that would be near impossible for someone (or some computer) to guess and never write it down or send it to anyone online.

  • Scam emails

Cyber criminals are wonderful creative artists. The only problem is that they use their creativity to take money from other people’s pocket. Be wary of unsolicited emails and phone calls. The emails are usually drafted so skillfully, that people will easily fall victim to their tricks. Authentic looking testimonials, real letter heads and true logos are used so that even the cleverest of guys will believe in them, but let’s be honest, how could you win the lottery when you didn’t even buy a ticket? You may not believe it but people who fall victim to cyber criminal’s tricks include even police officers and doctors who were relieved of thousands of dollars by these criminals. When it comes to emails that sound too good to be true – they usually are.

  • Check online identities for duplicates

Use a website like to check if your username or other information is being used online without your permission. This is a good way to catch cyber criminals in the act. If your username, mobile number or even your email is being used online by someone else, a simple search on can quickly bring this to your attention so that you can take the necessary steps to correct the situation. You should do this type of check regularly as you never know when someone is out to defraud you of your hard earned money.

  • Separate banking tasks.

Buy a cheap laptop and dedicate it to banking alone. Don’t use it for e-mail, and never browse the internet. Log on to your bank, do your banking, log off, disconnect it from the internet and power it off.

  • Establish secure confirmations.

Ask your bank to implement a positive mechanism, which ensures that unless a wire transfer is pre-notified to them, they must call you for voice confirmation. In the US, this is known as “positive pay.

  • Safeguard the internet.

Establish strict rules for employees regarding their use of the internet. Show them some of the real-world stories about cyber-terrorism and how it can affect their employment.

  • Keep your information safe.

Internet hygiene goes a long way in keeping your information safe. Keep anti-virus programs and patches up to date, and never click on attachments or links in e-mails you don’t absolutely trust.

Keeping your finances in check and your company’s important information under lock and key isn’t as hard as it seems. A few simple steps like those listed above can go a long way in ensuring you never experience the heartbreak of bankruptcy as a result of online vulnerabilities. In the end, the best way to stave off cyber- terrorism is to be armed with the right information and put in place processes that keep you and your company safe.

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Israel’s All Seeing SkEye – Persistent Surveillance Countering Terror

defetnsenews–Elbit Systems unveiled today an advanced capability that has been operational for several years with the military forces of several nations, in homeland security and the war on terror.

The system known as SkEye performs Wide Area Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) video surveillance by airborne manned and unmanned platforms. SkEye is a unique, new system that enables security or military forces to constantly and closely monitor an area of interest up to 80 square kilometers large. (the actual size of the area is determined by the sensor’s height). The system uses a single payload integrating multiple cameras that together provides an image of one billion pixels in size.

SkEye provides real-time, high-resolution monitoring of the entire area, providing up to ten simultaneous areas of interest in real time. In addition, it also provides operators and analysts ‘backtracking’ capability tracing events back in time to detect the origins of related movements and events.
Unlike conventional EO payloads that record and display imagery in specific resolution and magnification as it was obtained at the time of vision (real time) SkEye enables users to simultaneously look at up to 10 Regions of Interest (ROI), using different viewing angles and magnifications (zoom in or out). At any time they can ‘look back in time’ to analyze how a situation unfolds.

SkEye uses a single payload integrating multiple cameras that together provides an image of one billion pixels in size. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

“SkEye is not positioned to replace traditional payloads, but provide a new capability we know as WAPS – it provides a clearer picture in less time, thus exponentially increasing trust in the decision-making process” explain Yair Ganor, business development manager, for persistent surveillance and WAPS at Elbit Systems’ Intelligence & C4ISR division. “While looking over a large Area-of-Interest (AOI), operators can zoom into multiple Regions of Interest (ROI) simultaneously and understand the connection between them. This is achieved without neglecting the rest of the area, which is still being recorded and constantly analyzed.”

At the heart of the system is the airborne segment consisting of the EO sensor unit, an advanced image processing unit, a large mass-storage unit and analysis applications enhancing the imagery with geolocation anchoring of video imagery, video motion detection (VMD), adhering to safe zones and application of multiple target trackers.

Elbit Systems’ Hermes 900 carries the SkEye payload on a test flight. The system can also be operated on light manned aircraft and tactical UAVs such as the Hermes 450. Photo: Elbit Systems.

Via an embedded data link, the relevant information is transmitted from the aircraft to the SkEye, Control, and Management Center (SCMC) that can be located at a fixed site, or transported in a standard 20 foot ISO shelter. The ground segment includes the communications, processing and display systems, as well as a local database saving a short version of history. The fixed installation would have access to longer history for deeper analysis. The ground segment can operate independently or integrate with the customer’s other Command & Control (C2) solutions. The system can also operate with the Ground Eye surveillance system, that provides ground-level surveillance with multi-sensor units covering arcs of 70 to 90 degrees providing similar capabilities – a high resolution ‘all seeing eye’ supporting eight areas of interest and video backtracking capability through the entire area.

SkEye WAPS features a fully-programmable alerting system that allows commanders to be notified of specific/unusual events through a customized alert mechanism. These capabilities complement and enhance SkEye WAPS’ unparalleled persistent surveillance functions, providing operators with an exceptional solution for locating and monitoring different situations.

The solution is operational in several countries, utilizing unmanned platforms such as the Hermes 900 and Hermes 450, as well as various light manned aircraft including Cessna C208 Caravan and Viking Air Twin Otter DHC-6. The aircraft installations are often used over urban areas where access to unmanned systems is limited. Such platforms are more suitable for border and infrastructure security, as well as military persistent surveillance in combat theaters where permissive environment enable continuous loitering of drones.

Elbit Systems will reveal at the 2017 Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, taking place this week, an innovative wide area persistent surveillance solution – SkEye WAPS.

GroundEye persistent surveillance system can cover an arc of 70 degrees, providing continuous coverage of a wide area of interest. It can be operated by a single user. Photo: Elbit Systems
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  • The victory of Donald Trump could be the rise of Islam | Dr. Zakir Up

Dr. Zakir Naik says that people like Donald Trump prove the truth of the Qur’an. This is because Allah says in the letter Furqan, that there will be enemies of Islam. And because the Islamic message brought by the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam is destined for eternity, there will be criticisms and enemies of Islam and the treatise of the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu’ alaihi wasallam. So people like Donald Trump prove the truth of the Quran, because despite these attacks, Islam continues to spread according to God’s promise

  • How should a Muslim take on Donald Trump’s victory?
    Recently the American public was surprised by the unexpected Donald Trump’s victory. Many Muslims are disappointed with this because many Muslims want Hillary Clinton to win an election in America.

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ANHA: Turkish Army Recruiting Children In Their Ranks

More and more dissidents’ cases are witnessed in the Turkish army’s ranks where 4 other youths from al-Tabqa city deceived by Turkish occupation split including two children.TEBQA-DEWLETA-TURK-ZAROKE-DIKE-REKAXWEDE ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

Two youths and other two children, at 14, 15 joined the so-called mercenaries of Ahrar al-Tabqa which are Turkish occupier of al-Shahba’s affiliate.

The 4 youths from al-Tabqa city surrendered to Syrian Democratic Forces.

Syrian Democratic Forces have taken legal procedures after investigating them and proving their innocence, the youths have been released today after a month-long investigation and proving that they were not involved in any criminal acts.

The four youths and children who split are” Abdul al-Hanan Hamid al-Sheikh, Ahamd Saied al-Barbout, the children are Abdul Hamid Sheikho at 14, Abdul Hamid Mahmoud al-Sheikh at 15.

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Hacking Team is back….

VioletBlue………….Because HT was so reviled by hackers, taking the company apart and spreading their innards across the web became a group effort. Global security research communities tore into the documents in waves around the clock; hackers created a GitHub repository named “Hacked Team (Hacking Team) We Kill People™.”

It was revealed that Hacking Team really did contribute to killing people with its bespoke services. Services tailored for the worst of the worst in human rights abusers in nearly three dozen countries around the world. We learned from the docs that Hacking Team also targets individuals on behalf of its clients.

One example of a typical Hacking Team client is Uzbekistan. When the documents were published, Hacking Team’s account with Uzbekistan’s National Security Service was active. “Uzbekistan’s human rights record is atrocious,” Human Rights Watch said. “Thousands are imprisoned on politically-motivated charges. Torture is endemic in the criminal justice system.”

The docs also contained emails confirming that the company sold its Remote Control System (RCS) spyware to Sudan, a country the company publicly denied selling to when it was questioned in front of a UN commission regarding Sudanese sanctions. During that period of Hacking Team’s employment for Sudan, Human Rights Watch said, “In addition to indiscriminate bombing, Sudanese government forces are getting away with abusive and illegal tactics under a guise of counterinsurgency, including rape, arbitrary detentions and killings.”

But that was then, and this is now. It’s worse, because whatever the hacktivism was supposed to do didn’t work, and also because Hacking Team has since been hired by one of Trump’s more terrifying buddies.

In late May of this year, a photo from Donald Trump’s trip to the Middle East surfaced, showing Trump, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi laying hands on a glowing globe in a darkened room. The undeniably ominous image (“the orb“) was actually the official opening of Saudi Arabia’s Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology.

When that photo was taken, the king had just fast-tracked his son Mohammed bin Salman to be Crown Prince and next in line to the throne (whom WSJ reported Trump has “embraced” in the role; the two had a March White House meeting prior to the trip). In fact, Prince bin Salman is the one who arranged Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia.

It was reported that bin Salman has begun a crackdown on dissenters and activists, Hacking Team is working with himto help the government of Saudi Arabia in a move that will make its human rights record even more appalling.

It’s amazing that Saudi Arabia even thinks it needs to hire hackers at all. Antiterrorism regulations that took effect in 2014 are used to criminalize almost any form of peaceful criticism of the authorities as terrorism. That was the year Saudi Arabian pro-democracy blogger named Raif Badawi was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for the crime of “insulting Islam through electronic channels.”

In that year alone, authorities also detained and intimidated hundreds of online political activists and online commentators, implemented strict filtering mechanisms to block sensitive political content from entering the Saudi internet, recruited thousands of online supporters to warn against the call for protests and demonstrations as a countermeasure and continued to apply its excessive monitoring of internet users. Last year, the country carried out 157 public beheadings, from crimes ranging from drug offenses to apostasy (renunciation of a religious or political belief).

The story of Hacking Team was once a lulzy tale of what happens to harmful idiots in the face of hacktivism. But now it’s about how getting owned may very well serve as an advertisement of services; free publicity that gets you seen by those shopping for services rooted in horror.

Hacking Team’s name is an attempt at symbolism. The company was revealed to be bad smart people and bad stupid people working for really bad people, and now it is a symbol of something else entirely: Unstoppable success, built on a legacy of pain.

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Tip of the Spear? Meet ISIS’ Special Operations Unit, Katibat al-Battar

BILLINGCAT–On a mild November night last year, nine EU citizens roamed the streets of Paris with guns and explosives, murdering and injuring hundreds of civilians. In the days and weeks afterward, France declared emergency laws, Britain voted to expand the bombing of ISIS in Syria and ISIS supporters launched their own social media response on Twitter with #PrayforRaqqah.

But many of the most important questions around Paris remain unanswered. Where did these men come from? Were they part of a group? Who instructed them to commit these acts?

The following investigation reveals that a little-known group of battle-hardened and highly capable Libyans are the common factor behind many of the major terrorist attacks in Europe and North Africa since 2014. 1

Meet Katibat Al-Battar Al-Libi

When groups of Libyans involve themselves in foreign jihads, the West normally suffers. From the jihad in 1980s Afghanistan, through to running al-Qa’ida in Pakistan in the 2000s, Libyans fighters have played a significant role in most recent jihadist conflicts. As recently as 2007, the US Naval Academy at West Point released a study of seized Islamic State personnel files, which were found in a US Army raid in Iraq. To the author’s surprise, a disproportionate number of fighters were Libyan, and specifically from the town of Dernah, in the northeast Libya. Almost 20% of the Islamic State’s fighters in Iraq were Libyan, and of that figure, over 60% of them were from Dernah. According to the study, the city and its surrounds contained ‘the greatest concentration of jihadi terrorists anywhere on the planet’.

Unsurprisingly then, in 2012 as the Arab Spring caught fire, entire brigades of fighters from Dernah were among the first foreign fighters to arrive in Syria. Rather than immersing themselves with ISIS or Jabat al-Nusra, the Libyans created their own unit, Katibat al-Battar al-Libi, with the catching slogan ‘بالذبح جئناكم’ or; ‘We came to slaughter you’. Battar is a reference to one of the Prophet’s swords – known for its impact on the neck of his enemies. The group’s inaugural 2012 video is available here. Many of the Libyan members of KBL were seasoned veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan; battle-hardened fighters.

Over time, as ISIS’ power grew in Syria, KBL sensibly pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. With its cadre of experienced fighters, KBL began fighting for the ISIS cause in Syria and Iraq. In January 2015, KBL captured and brutally killed dozens of Peshmerga. Arabic media reports in July 2015 that 350 KBL fighters supported the ISIS presence in Baiji, Iraq, where a prominent leader, Abu Dujana Al-Libi was killed.

Blogs holding ISIS content indicate that KBL was one of the first groups in Syria to participate effectively in both fighting and relief work, playing a fundamental role in ISIS’ capture of Taftanaz airport and Khan Tuman.  Various reports estimate KBL’s strength in Syria from the low hundreds to over 1400. The group began life as a semi-autonomous commando unit fighting under the overall ISIS banner, but has clearly since expanded its role to include relief work in Syria and mass training camps in Libya (see below).

The group’s role as an elite unit of ISIS would have huge consequences for the Syrian war, but also for Europe, Libya and North Africa.


Europeans mix with KBL

In 2013 and 2014, European fighters began travelling to Syria in larger numbers. With its sterling reputation in Syria growing, KBL became an attractive group for Francophone fighters, specifically Belgians, French and Tunisians. Although the exact reason is unknown, one explanation for Belgians joining KBL is language; many Belgian-Moroccans are from eastern Morocco, whose Maghrebi dialect is very similar to Libyan Arabic.

During 2014, KBL records indicate a considerable number of Belgians died fighting for KBL in Syria. In addition to the domestic campaign, it appears that during 2014, KBL decided to expand its operations to Europe. One of the most prominent Belgians within KBL at the time was Abdelhamid Abaaoud. In order to evade the authorities, Abaaoud faked his own death in a published list of KBL martyrs, and he appears in social media with a number of KBL individuals during 2014.

Abaaoud was at the centre of a string of terrorist plots in Europe, before the Paris attacks in November 2015. It is likely that KBL introduced the concept of ‘Inghimasi’ operations to Abaaoud, and it is possible, if not probable that KBL – via Abaaoud – assisted, sponsored or directed at least four terrorist attacks in Europe in 2014-2015;

What is clear is that a considerable number of Europeans, Tunisians and Moroccans joined Katibat al-Battar as the group’s legend in Syria grew. Many of these fighters died in Syria or Iraq, fighting for Islamic State. However, in hindsight, the mixing of EU passport holders with perhaps the most violent, ruthless and capable group of Libyans in Syria dramatically escalated the terrorist threat to Europeans, both at home and abroad.

From Libya to Syria, and back again

Whilst KBL’s Belgians were busy in Syria plotting internal and external attacks, dozens of experienced KBL fighters returned to Dernah in Libya, creating the first ISIS province outside of Syria and Iraq – Wilayat Barqa. Some KBL fighters reorganised themselves under the Islamic Youth Shura Council. An ISIS delegation from Raqqah, including the Yemeni Abu Bara al-Azdi and the Saudi Abu Habib Al-Jazrawi visited IYSC in September 2014 and collected allegiances from IYSC aligned fighters.

KBL’s headquarters are now believed to be in Dernah, with secondary branches in Syria and Iraq. Online videos of KBL fighters generally indicate possession of small arms, mortars and vehicle mounted anti-aircraft. A KBL affiliated Facebook group has also been identified; the group’s icon is Jihadi John.

Reports indicate that the group runs training camps in Libya focused on assassinations, mass murder, weapons training and bomb-making. KBL’s is also reported to have an operations room in Dernah for terrorist activities in Tunisia.


According to several sources, the activities of KB are distributed across three teams:

  • Guarding IS leaders; this is mostly made up of Tunisian nationals and elements from the dissolved Iraqi Baath regime;
  • Liquidation Teams: in charge of assassinating those who refuse to pledge allegiance to Al-Baghdadi; unverified reports point to KBL’s involvement in the killing of Ansar Al-Sharia’s former leader, Mohamed Zahawi;
  • Mass Casualty ‘Inghimasi’ Operations: Inghimasi are well-trained terrorists who carries both light arms and explosives and fights until he runs out of ammunition. Though this information cannot be entirely verified, KBL affiliated fighters are thought to have played a role in the Tunisian attacks at the Bardo Museum and in Sousse



KBL are reportedly actively working in attracting young Tunisians to take part in fighting, following an initial training phase in its Libyan training camps. Nevertheless, the group’s strategies aimed at recruiting Western/European nationals remain ambiguous, particularly following the suspension of its official social media accounts.

The Age of the “Inghimasiyun”

Since joining ISIS, KBL have fostered and grown the concept of the Inghimasi; which is the jihadi equivalent of the kamikaze or the Nazi einsatzgruppen. The concept has gripped ISIS, who now broadcast their Inghimasi as heroes. Whilst there is no smoking gun pointing to KBL’s specific role in ‘Inghimasi’ style attacks at the Brussels museum, Paris, Sousse, the Corinthia hotel or the Bardo Museum in Tunis, it is important to note a) the modus operandi is entirely consistent with KBL’s Inghimasi operations b) many of the operatives were Tunisians and Belgians and c) All of these attacks came after KBL’s arrival in Dernah, in March 2014.

Going forward

One of the most important questions remains unanswered; to what extent are KBL subservient to ISIS, and do they retain a degree of operational autonomy? The evidence suggests KBL, moreso than ISIS, assisted or directed many of the major terrorist attacks in the past few years. Logically, then, from a Western perspective, Katibat al-Battar are the most dangerous unit within ISIS.

Perhaps of most concern to the West is KBL’s freedom to operate in Libya, with its Wilayat Barqa ISIS enclave. Whilst fighting other militias and subject to occasional airstrikes, the group is under far less pressure in Libya than its colleagues in Syria and Iraq.  It could be argued ISIS’ Libya branch presents a greater terrorist threat to Europe than its Syrian counterpart: mass training camps, proximity to Europe and the tourist beaches of Africa, and most importantly, operational pedigree – honed during years of conflict in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Q&A: The Political and Economic Crisis between Trump and Europe, Especially Germany-HizbutTahrir Malaysia


The political and economic crisis between Trump and Europe, especially Germany, has recently escalated. Although Trump’s escalation was expected to be limited to the electoral phase, as is usually the case with the candidates in the West, but he continued to escalate the crisis after he took office. What are the reasons for this? And why is the biggest escalation with Germany? What are the expected results after the escalating crises between America and Europe, especially with Germany? May Allah reward you with the good.


First: What caused the escalation of this political and economic crisis is what Trump did during the electoral phase and beyond of provocative actions towards the allies, not to mention the agents:

1- The American president insisted, according to his convictions announced during his 2016 election campaign, that the NATO countries owe the United States because of the significant contribution of America to the budget of the alliance, and that these countries must pay back the United States for protection in the past decades! After taking office in 20/1/2017, the American president tried to apply these convictions and to turn them into official positions of the US. He asked the Europeans, especially the Germans, to contribute more to the budget of NATO, the alliance that Trump showed great doubts about. He also complained to the Germans about the deficit of his country’s trade balance with Germany. In his first meeting with the German chancellor in Washington, it was reported that “US President Donald Trump met Friday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House; the tension and differences were clear especially on the files of free trade and immigration …” (France 24, 17/3/2017). Before he met with her, US President Donald Trump said that Germany “owes NATO” large sums and that Berlin had to pay the United States more to defend it.

He said that the day after his meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Trump wrote on Twitter “Nevertheless, Germany owes … vast sums of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defence it provides to Germany!” “… (Al-Youm As-Sabi’ 18/3/2017). Germany has refused to deal with America with this mentality of the head of the Mafia which asks for royalties: “The German Federal Minister of Defense rejected on Sunday the accusation by US President Donald Trump that her country is in debt to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) with large sums, and to the United States for military expenses, Ursula von der Leyenn, who is close to  Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a statement, “There is no account that recorded debts to NATO, “adding that expenditures within NATO should not be the only standard for measuring Germany’s military efforts.” (France 24, 19/3/2017).

2- At the NATO summit on 25/5/2017, the American president increased the tone of his speech against European countries over their financial contribution to the alliance: “US President Donald Trump, addressed NATO leaders; his speech confounded the audience with the astonishment and surprise; in shocking statements about the US support for the NATO, Trump appeared in a video scolding and lecturing NATO leaders, and their reactions expressed their surprise, especially the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the new French President Emmanuel Macron. Trump said in the video, to the leaders of the NATO countries: “”Members of the alliance must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations,” and he scolded them: “Twenty-three of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they are supposed to be paying for their defense. This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the United States,” He said that: ” allies “owe massive amounts of money from past years,”He increased his rebuke to the leaders of states by saying: “over the past eight years, America has spent more support for the NATO alliance than that spent by all NATO countries combined.” It was clear that the leaders of the NATO countries were surprised by Trump’s statements, and began to eye each other and showed the effects of tension because of his unprecedented and unexpected speech. Trump ridiculed NATO leaders, saying:”I never asked once what the new NATO headquarters cost,” Trump said, bringing attention to the glass structure. “I refuse to do that…”(CNN, Arabic 21, 27/2017).

– All these statements and positions of Trump caused the formation of these crises and escalation with Europe.

Second, why did the crisis escalate more with Germany than other European countries, this is due to the following reasons:

1- Germany is the largest financial center in Europe and the fourth largest economy in the world after America, China and Japan, so Trump’s eyes were still heading towards it in an attempt to make a lot of money for the United States especially as the US allegedly claims that Russia is a threat to Germany in order to make Germany participate and contribute more to NATO; a pretext used by America against all European countries, especially in the East, to increase their military link with America.

2- This is the same regarding Germany’s little spending on NATO; Berlin spends 1.2% of its national income on the military ($42 billion). Hence, it spends less than France whose military spending is 1.79% of its national product ($44 billion). NATO states have agreed that each member will spend 2% of its national product, which only Britain abides by as well as a few other peripheral countries in Europe, but the main countries in the continent are not committed to. Note that the United States spends 3.61% of its national income on the military aspects (664 billion dollars), making alone the owner of more than two thirds of military spending within NATO (military spending figures listed above as published by the New Arabic site 27/5/2017 of spending in 2016).

3- The trade balance between America and Germany tips in the latter direction very much, about 60 billion Euros. The German-American trade volume reached 165 billion Euros in 2016, of which 107 billion Euros is the volume of American imports from Germany, according to Arabic 21 on 24/2/2017. Therefore, the volume of the German imports from America is the remaining 58 billion! As a result, Trump lost his temper and escalated his remarks against Germany: “President Donald Trump, during his meeting with European Union leaders in Brussels, complained about Germany’s trade policy,” Der Spiegel quoting participants at the summit. An informed source said to the Magazine that Trump said on this that: “The Germans are bad, very bad, look at the millions of cars they sell in the United States, terrible … We will stop that …” (Russia Today, 26/5/2017). In addition, US President Donald Trump tweeted on his Twitter account . We have a MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany, plus they pay FAR LESS than they should on NATO & military. Very bad for U.S. This will change.”

4- When the NATO summit ended and the G7 Summit failed in Italy on the climate, Germany rushed to defend Europe and was leading the European position. According to Al Jazeera Net, 29/5/2017, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel criticized the American president and described his policy as “Short-sighted” and that America under the leadership of Trump has no longer a leading position in the Western international community, “Al-Youm As-Sabi’ quoted on 29/5/2017 the German Minister: “The movements of US President Donald Trump “weakened” the West. He added that Anyone who accelerates climate change by weakening environmental protection, who sells more weapons in conflict zones and who does not want to politically resolve religious conflicts is putting peace in Europe at risk”.Stressing that “the shortsighted policies of Washington are damaging the interests of the European Union.” The German Minister’s remarks came one day after other shocking statements by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “Angela Merkel said she was finally convinced that Europe can no longer rely on others, in reference to Washington, which in recent days has exerted great pressure to extract gains from its allies.” Bild Newspaper quoted Merkel as saying: The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out …I’ve experienced that in the last few days.” And goes on to say, “We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands.” (Russia Today 28/5/2017).

5- America began to notice a German semi-rebellion against America, and that Germany is trying to lead Europe to stand against America especially since Germany is at the forefront of many European positions, and seeks to impose itself as a global power even without possessing nuclear weapons. Germany was waiting for an international chance that allows it to dominate, and today it sees that the climate in Europe and the world is helping it regain its greatness quickly, so it does not care to be at the fore front of European countries against the American policies and Russia. The reality of this very new atmosphere and the rapid preparation for Germany is as follows:

A- With the beginning of the process of British exiting the European Union, Germany was freed from the restrictions imposed by the Britain and France on its international movement through the European Union; it was captive to the European consensus which often served Britain and France internationally.

B- With the emergence of weakness in the US policy, which was clearly demonstrated by the adoption of the new president Trump the policy of “America First”, the liberation of Germany from the American restrictions became easier as Germany was subordinate to America by the common interests of the West, but today America is publicly looking for its interests without taking into account the common interests of its allies, so Germany has found sufficient justification to formulate its own policy regardless of US policy. This Trump policy is creating a strong atmosphere for the re-emergence of Germany. Though Germany, along with the rest of Europe, saw how the former Obama administration removed it from the Syrian crisis and brought Russia from afar for that, but that administration did not disregard its leadership and implications for the Western world. However, Trump’s administration today openly and less tactfully disavows its Europeans allies, and is focused on one aspect of its greatness; that is, the American economy and the financial burdens borne by America for its leadership of the world, and this is short-sightedness, and America is suffering from it and it will have repercussions.

C- The fundamental changes in France. The recent elections in France revealed a fundamental change in French political life. The influence of the right-wing and socialist parties that ruled France after the Second World War has weakened. The recent 2017 elections toppled the icons of those parties totally, and replaced them with a young president that does not belong to any long-standing party in politics. This drives Germany to compete with France firmly in the political leadership of Europe.

This is why the German reactions to Trump’s policy were the most prominent in Europe, and were free of electoral games. Merkel’s opponents in the next election stood by her against the American policies. (Martin Schultz, head of the Social Democrats party and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s rival, proposed a five-point plan for a strong Europe in the face of US President Donald Trump. (Schulz, who will compete against Chancellor Angela Merkel for the post of Chancellor, said during a reception organized by the parliamentary bloc of his Socialist Party to economic figures on Wednesday in Berlin that: “a strong Europe is crucial for our peace and prosperity and our security” (Rai Al-Youm website, 31/5/2017). Martin Schulz, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s rival, has called on all the democracies in Europe to “show President Donald Trump his limits.” Schulz, leader of the Social Democratic Party, said Monday in Berlin that “the duty of the hour is to stand In the face of this man with all that we represent, and also in the face of his dangerous policy of armaments that he wants to force upon us.” (Arabic 21, 29/5/2017)

This is the German reality, which Trump sees and hears, and increases his attack on Germany!

Third, the expected outcome of these international political changes is likely to be:

The widening of the American-European divide will result in a gap that is not easy to fill unless America wakes up and mends this before the end of the Trump’s presidency. What indicates this and confirms it is the withdrawal of the Trump administration from the Paris climate agreement on 2/6/2017, leaving America in front of a storm of European criticisms which described the American step as wrong and dangerous, and demanded the world to rely on the European leadership in the climate change challenge. In a rare joint statement issued yesterday in Rome, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni expressed regret for the United States’ decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement and for the failure to adopt the European initiative to defy climate change, stressing at the same time the renegotiation of the agreement. In Paris, Macron considered that the US President made a historic mistake to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. Earlier yesterday, the European Commissioner for the move on Climate “Miguel Arias Canete” said, “that the world can continue to rely on Europe to lead the fight against global warming,” expressing his great regret for” the unilateral decision of the Trump’s administration. “(Al Jazeera Net 2/6/2017), and this fracture includes the major European countries, except for Britain, which crawls like a snake, moving away from it in its habit to be more adhering to America in the hope to have a more important place in the world.

The European scene will see the emergence of more German leadership at the political and economic levels, and what indicates this and confirms it is the German officials’ heading of the response to US policies and the announcement of Germany’s desire to bring the dispute with the United States to the public. If this is increased, it will weaken Europe greatly and, at the end, can lead to a rapid heavy armament of Germany.

– These two issues deserve to be observed closely because what will result in them will affect the emergence of a new phase in international politics and hence the international position.

Fourth: It is painful that these major changes are taking place in the world, and this new international climate; all come in the absence of the State of Islam, the Khilafah state (Caliphate). Muslims do not benefit from this climate and those changes, and still a handful of rulers in the Muslim countries work to prevent Islam from emerging and influencing the international arena. Moreover, they surrender the Ummah’s economic potential to save America instead of destroying it! But these and their masters will not stay for long against the current, for their master is rotting away, and the current of the Ummah, which is formed by the sincere and with them millions of Muslims who are pushing to bring Allah’s Laws in ruling and the establishment of their Deen by the Khilafah on the method of Prophethood, is a steady current and is rising and will bear fruits soon, Allah (Al-Aziz, Al-Hakeem) willing,

إِنَّ اللَّهَ بَالِغُ أَمْرِهِ قَدْ جَعَلَ اللَّهُ لِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدْرًا

“Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent”

(At-Talaq: 3)

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Islamic Parties Participating in Parliamentary Elections Since 1970

CHARLES KURZMAN  Islamic parties participating in parliamentary elections since 1970

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Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Pakistan: “Khilafah is Necessary for the Liberation of Occupied Kashmir” “Only the Khilafah will rid us of the curse of a Westernized ruling elite and mobilize our Armed Forces for Liberation of Kashmir

The Foreign Office on Wednesday June 28th, 2017 issued a helpless, weak and bigoted statement on the Trump-Modi Joint statement which harshly criticized Pakistan. The statement revealed the slavish mentality of Pakistan’s ruling elite which has for decades approached foreign relations based on a flawed, colonial and Western inspired foreign policy doctrine. Pakistan’s military and ruling elites believe that foreign relations are conducted based on alliance with one of the great powers of the international arena. A legacy of the British colonial rule, the Pakistani ruling elite from the very start viewed foreign help and support as key to building the new state economically and militarily and in conduct of foreign relations. It is this slavish mentality of our ruling elite both military and civilian, doubting the potential of our own people, seeking to secure personal interests, worshipping Western culture and ignoring the powerful potential and clear solutions of Islam which has led to humiliation and failure to protect interests of Muslims of Pakistan in the international arena.

Nothing exemplifies this more than the Kashmir dispute. Instead of declaring an end to an alliance with the US for openly supporting India against Pakistan and Muslims of Kashmir, the Foreign Office reminded US how supporting India is against stated US interests for the region. It said: “The joint statement is singularly unhelpful in achieving the objective of strategic stability and durable peace in the South Asian region.” It went on to beg the US to restrain India and push her towards restarting the normalization process with Pakistan which only serves to strengthen India as a regional hegemon. The statement said: “it was a “missed opportunity” for pushing India to “alter its policies inimical to peace in the region”.  And end “persistent gross human rights violations in Kashmir and state backed persecution of religious minorities in India”. Fearful of the anger which the Muslims of Pakistan feel towards this regime’s weak stance on Kashmir the regime’s Interior Minister issued a statement chastising the US on its lack of morality. He said: “It seems that after Modi’s recent visit to the White House, the blood of Kashmiris is not at all important to the US, and international laws relating to human rights do not apply to Kashmir”.

We ask is this the regime’s strategy for liberating Kashmir and ending the misery of the Muslims of the valley? To deliver sermons on morality, to interpreting US interests for the US explaining how backing Pakistan against India will better serve US interests in the region, begging the US not to strengthen India by transferring military technology to her, or calling for intervention of colonial institutions to protect the interests of the Muslims? We ask are there any sane minds in this ruling elite? Or is it fairer to declare that this ruling elite comprises of political and intellectual agents of the West who are incapable of thinking out of the confines which the West has set for them.

O Sincere Officers of Pakistan’s Armed Forces! O Brothers! This is Kashmir, our jugular vein. This is the Hindu State, our sworn enemy. And this is America, the head of Kufr, an enemy of Islam and Muslims. And these are our rulers and their public stances in relation to all of the above. Our jugular vein, in the hands of Hindu Mushrikeen with the help of US crusaders and agents within your leadership. So where are the ones amongst you who are happy over this state of affairs? We know there are none! Anger and frustration at the current state of affairs is not enough. You are men of power and steel, men of honor and prestige; you are descendants of the greatest military warriors the world has ever seen! The likes of Khalid bin Waleed, Salahudin Ayubi, Mohammad bin Qasim, Sultan Fateh and the like. You know their feats and you know their history, they were the ones who changed the course of history through sheer courage and determination and support of Allah (swt). You have that opportunity now, to be remembered alongside them but you have to replicate their courage and determination. Act now! Come forward and grant Nussrah to Hizb ut Tahrir for the establishment of the second Khilafah Rashidah (Righteous Caliphate). Hizb ut Tahrir presents to you an alternate vision extracted solely and purely from Islam, outside the destructive confines of Western inspired doctrines of ruling and foreign policy. It presents to you a vision which makes you masters of your own affairs, frees you to reshape the region and promises you the glory of your predecessors whom you proudly remember as masters of the World. O brothers! Come forward and pledge allegiance to an Ameer who will respond with actions not mere words to all aggression against Muslim people and who will lead you to liberate Kashmir and the greater India itself. O brothers! Come forward for a great reward and honor which awaits you in this Dunya and the day when the witnesses will stand forth.

يٰأَيُّهَا ٱلَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ ٱسْتَجِيبُواْ لِلَّهِ وَلِلرَّسُولِ إِذَا دَعَاكُم لِمَا يُحْيِيكُمْ

“O you who believe! Answer Allah (by obeying Him) and (His) Messenger when he calls you to that which will give you life.”


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Pakistan

The Foreign Office on Wednesday issued a helpless, weak and bigoted statement on the Trump-Modi Joint statement which harshly criticized Pakistan. The statement revealed the slavish mentality of Pakistan’s ruling elite which has for decades approached foreign relations based on a flawed, colonial and Western inspired foreign policy doctrine. Pakistan’s military and ruling elites believe that foreign relations are conducted based on alliance with one of the great powers of the international arena. A legacy of the British colonial rule, the Pakistani ruling elite from the very start viewed foreign help and support as key to building the new state economically and militarily and in conduct of foreign relations. It is this slavish mentality of our ruling elite both military and civilian, doubting the potential of our own people, seeking to secure personal interests, worshipping Western culture and ignoring the powerful potential and clear solutions of Islam which has led to humiliation and failure to protect interests of Muslims of Pakistan in the international arena.

Nothing exemplifies this more than the Kashmir dispute. Instead of declaring an end to an alliance with the US for openly supporting India against Pakistan and Muslims of Kashmir, the Foreign Office reminded US how supporting India is against stated US interests for the region. It said: “The joint statement is singularly unhelpful in achieving the objective of strategic stability and durable peace in the South Asian region.” It went on to beg the US to restrain India and push her towards restarting the normalization process with Pakistan which only serves to strengthen India as a regional hegemon. The statement said: “it was a “missed opportunity” for pushing India to “alter its policies inimical to peace in the region”.  And end “persistent gross human rights violations in Kashmir and state backed persecution of religious minorities in India”. Fearful of the anger which the Muslims of Pakistan feel towards this regime’s weak stance on Kashmir the regime’s Interior Minister issued a statement chastising the US on its lack of morality. He said: “It seems that after Modi’s recent visit to the White House, the blood of Kashmiris is not at all important to the US, and international laws relating to human rights do not apply to Kashmir”.

We ask is this the regime’s strategy for liberating Kashmir and ending the misery of the Muslims of the valley? To deliver sermons on morality, to interpreting US interests for the US explaining how backing Pakistan against India will better serve US interests in the region, begging the US not to strengthen India by transferring military technology to her, or calling for intervention of colonial institutions to protect the interests of the Muslims? We ask are there any sane minds in this ruling elite? Or is it fairer to declare that this ruling elite comprises of political and intellectual agents of the West who are incapable of thinking out of the confines which the West has set for them.

O Sincere Officers of Pakistan’s Armed Forces! O Brothers! This is Kashmir, our jugular vein. This is the Hindu State, our sworn enemy. And this is America, the head of Kufr, an enemy of Islam and Muslims. And these are our rulers and their public stances in relation to all of the above. Our jugular vein, in the hands of Hindu Mushrikeen with the help of US crusaders and agents within your leadership. So where are the ones amongst you who are happy over this state of affairs? We know there are none! Anger and frustration at the current state of affairs is not enough. You are men of power and steel, men of honor and prestige; you are descendants of the greatest military warriors the world has ever seen! The likes of Khalid bin Waleed, Salahudin Ayubi, Mohammad bin Qasim, Sultan Fateh and the like. You know their feats and you know their history, they were the ones who changed the course of history through sheer courage and determination and support of Allah (swt). You have that opportunity now, to be remembered alongside them but you have to replicate their courage and determination. Act now! Come forward and grant Nussrah to Hizb ut Tahrir for the establishment of the second Khilafah Rashidah (Righteous Caliphate). Hizb ut Tahrir presents to you an alternate vision extracted solely and purely from Islam, outside the destructive confines of Western inspired doctrines of ruling and foreign policy. It presents to you a vision which makes you masters of your own affairs, frees you to reshape the region and promises you the glory of your predecessors whom you proudly remember as masters of the World. O brothers! Come forward and pledge allegiance to an Ameer who will respond with actions not mere words to all aggression against Muslim people and who will lead you to liberate Kashmir and the greater India itself. O brothers! Come forward for a great reward and honor which awaits you in this Dunya and the day when the witnesses will stand forth.

يٰأَيُّهَا ٱلَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ ٱسْتَجِيبُواْ لِلَّهِ وَلِلرَّسُولِ إِذَا دَعَاكُم لِمَا يُحْيِيكُمْ

“O you who believe! Answer Allah (by obeying Him) and (His) Messenger when he calls you to that which will give you life.”



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Panama Papers and Motives for Leaking It- From ISIS PERSPECTIVE



In an article in Al-Raya Newspaper, Issue No. 73 author concludes that America is behind these leaks…And he suggests that they are to strike at tax havens and this means that there is an economic aspect, “America is behind these leaks, below article focused on the  the political side of these leaks, and did not elaborate on other aspects… How ever  “Daesh” source, clarified the political and economic motives in all its aspects.

First, the reality of the Issue:

1- With the beginning of April 2016, the world press was ignited with the news of the wealth and corruption of political heavyweights across the world, that was revealed by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung after it received 11.5 million leaked documents covering the daily business of the Mossack Fonseca law firm since it was founded in Panama in 1977. It is worth mentioning that this leak to the German newspaper was received a year ago from a source the newspaper called “John Doe”, described by one of the founders of the company Ramon Fonseca as the only offense in these documents which does not violate the law, i.e. hacking of the computer itself. As for the analysis of the information contained in this voluminous documents, it was handed over by the German newspaper to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) who collaborated with 370 journalists from around the world in the process of analyzing the information over a year ago, before the Panama Papers were dramatically released… while the leaks did not exceed 149 documents from the original 11.5 million (Alghad TV, 04/04/2016). They reveal the financial trades made in the tax havens of the current and former Heads of State and political figures and businessmen. The leaks have sparked a global uproar, where analysts described the Panama Papers as the largest investigative data journalism and leaks in the history of mankind, and the most dangerous in varying stages than the famous WikiLeaks.

The ICIJ revealed, “that the documents were obtained first by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung before they took charge of distributing them to 370 journalists from more than 70 countries for investigation, the hard work continued for about a year.” (Al-Jazeera, 04/04/2016) “But the German newspaper says it has “received that information through a secret channel from an unknown source, without receiving money in return for that service, except for requesting the provision of non-specific security measures (immunity)…” (Same source) And the documents contain data for more than 214,000 offshore entities in more than 200 countries in the world. The ICIJ added that “documents showed the involvement of a large number of international figures, including 12 heads of state and 143 politicians in illegal acts such as tax evasion and money laundering through offshore companies” (Al-Jazeera, 04/04/2016). Ramon Fonseca, one of the founders of the company confirmed the authenticity of the documents cited in the investigations published in hundreds of newspapers, however, “he has denied that his company has committed any wrongdoing.” He admitted “the occurrence of a successful hacking, but it is limited, to the company database,” the same source. The two journalists in the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, who obtained the documents, confirmed, “We barely got to the half of the available leaks, and in the coming days we will publish topics that concern a lot of countries that will top the headlines!” (Al-Jazeera, 08/04/2016)

2- The repercussions associated with this great journalistic earthquake led to the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland; and British Prime Minister Cameron faced an embarrassing position; and Russian President Putin was enraged when he answered the question. Many countries around the world opened investigations on their officials regarding those major financial scandals, the German newspaper and the ICIJ reported that the next wave of these documents will be the most shocking.

With all this great political momentum, however, the amount of unimaginable amounts of money rolling in secret “offshore” transnational firms might suggest that the economic objectives behind these leaks are no less important than the political goals. Mossack Fonseca law firm is one of the main companies that provide legal services across the world to create offshore companies that manage vast fortunes of officials who do not want to disclose their identity while conducting financial transactions, this is by burying them in bank hideaways, hidden away called “tax havens”, and this is the same for real companies that want these legal facilities provided by the likes of Mossack Fonseca. It will be like working between the borders of countries in a “Free Zone” without paying taxes inside countries, except the sum agreed upon with the “tax haven” country at the founding of the offshore company. The Panama Papers are the correspondence 214,000 offshore companies established by Mossack Fonseca as multiple tax havens. Therefore, the verdict on the Panama Papers will be based on the political and economic dimensions.

Second, the political consequence of the leaks:

The dangerous leaks of the wealth and property of officials in dozens of countries, cannot be unintentional, because these leaks affect heavyweights as the president of Russia, it is not the work of small countries. Following the strings of these leaks and statements by politicians about them, shows that America is behind this, as in the following:

1- The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung was the one chosen by the unknown source to share those documents. It specializes in security matters and often it receives leaks from the German intelligence service, when they want to publish them, the newspaper was the first to reveal in 2010 the location of the Mossad operations room in Austria, which was responsible for the assassination of al-Mabhouh in Dubai. It was the one which published leaks from the German internal intelligence service, that the German national intelligence agency spied on European countries for several years on behalf of the US National Security agency (BBC, 30/4/2015). This scandal embarrassed Merkel in front of the European countries, the newspaper revealed that the goals for the German spying for America, included the French Presidential Palace, the Foreign Ministry and the European Commission as well as industrial and economic targets in Europe. It is worth mentioning that this disclosure was to ease the tension in Germany due to the agent Snowden’s leaks that America is spying on a large-scale in Germany, including Chancellor Merkel’s phone. This means that it was for an American purpose to dampen the tension in Germany on the grounds that there is spying taking place from the German side too!

It is clear that these US objectives have been achieved through the German intelligence services through the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) ie, that the US security strings have a link to this newspaper over past events prior to the Panama Papers. Süddeutsche Zeitung Newspaper was the first newspaper to obtain a license from the American military administration in Bavaria, on 6th of October 1945, five months after the end of World War II in Germany, [Wikipedia] and the head of the newspaper, Hans Leyendecker is a well-known German journalist, who was a CIA agent for a very long time. [ 03/04/201]

Bradley Birkenfeld, an American citizen was the whistleblower of Swiss banks to the US authorities, he said regarding the Panama leaks: “If the National Security Agency, and the CIA, are spying on foreign governments, couldn’t they spy on a law firm like this?! They give information selectively to public opinion, which does not harm the United States in any way… there is something sinister behind these leaks”. (

The WikiLeaks site mentioned in a tweet on its Twitter account that the leak of documents of the Mossack Fonseca firm was directly funded by the US government and the American billionaire George Soros. (Al-Wafd, 09/04/2016) And Morgan Mossack, of German origin, who is the first-founder the Mossack Fonseca is surrounded by suspicions that link him to the American CIA… and according to the “previous intelligence files.”

Mossack offered to spy for the US Central Intelligence Agency (Elaph Egyptian site, 04/04/2016). Mossack refused to comment on the Paper scandal (Elaph, 08/04/2016). The comments that are heard from the firm is of his partner Fonseca, who is an adviser to the President of Panama… Note that the Mossack firm had prior dealing with US intelligence, this has been the company used by CIA agents in “what is known as the scandal of Iran – Contra in the eighties” (Russia Today, 12/04/2016).

2- These documents were moved from the German newspaper to the ICIJ based in Washington a year ago, and there in Washington the data analysis of the Panama Papers took place, nearly 11.5 million documents, and continued throughout the year! It is an expensive process, 370 journalists took part in it… (the ICIJ is known for its crooked work, it was the one that published in 2013 the $2.5 million worth of information files stolen from 120,000 offshore companies, it is also the one that revealed in 2014 the contracts signed between multiple nationality companies and Luxembourg, to take advantage of tax concessions. In 2015, it also revealed the British bank accounts of HSBC in Switzerland. The ICIJ is funded, without a doubt, by several organizations linked to the CIA, like Ford, and institutions of George Soros… (, 08/04/2016)

3- There are many western and eastern analysts and watchdogs believe that America was behind the Panama Papers scandal, and their evidence is the absence of American names and their companies from the Panama Papers, they have noticed that there is relatively little documentation of American politicians and businessmen and American institutions. The McClatchy Newspapers groups, is the only American news organization that participated in the analysis of documents, and no other major and large newspapers or American media agencies participated. Newspapers that participated in the analysis of documents found only four Americans mentioned in the documents, they have all been charged in the past with or convicted of financial crimes such as fraud and tax evasion, i.e. the four were known criminals from before!

The French Minute Newspaper has confirmed this observation, it indicated “that the failure to mention the United States in the Panama Papers has fueled suspicions among everyone that the CIA is behind the leak for instability in some countries, especially Russia. The newspaper reported that from China to Russia through to the United Kingdom, the disclosure of the Panama Papers exposed the involvement of many prominent officials around the world without so far pointing out the main player in global financing, which is the United States of America. The paper concluded by saying that “despite the justifications offered by the US about the lack of its link with these leaks, but all doubts are hovering around it, in light of the old policy it followed based on the revelation of the dirty leaks in order to influence the opponent and creating a state of frenzy and instability in the world at the time it determines, according to the course of events in order to serve its interests.” (akhbarelyoum, 09/04/2016)

4- These leaks included political figures that America intended to shaken, weaken, and expose their corruption, the main ones are:

a- Putin, the first wave of leaks focused on Putin’s men, this was considered to be a part of US politics, which raises problems for Russia in the Caucasus, Central Asia, Ukraine, the most recent but not the final one was the removal of Russia from participating in the recent nuclear summit set in Washington. The Kremlin’s response was direct, when its spokesman Peskov, who accused Washington of being behind the leaks, saying, “The majority of workers in the ICIJ are not journalists, but many of them are current and former employees of US State Department and the CIA and other bodies of US intelligence.” He stressed, “We know who funds this institution”. (Russia Today 4/4/2016)

Putin said, in the context of questions and answers via Russian television regarding the Panama Papers, “No matter how bizarre is the matter, but this information is not credible, but we have the impression that they do not come from journalists, but from men of law.” Putin questioned: “Who is practicing these provocations? We know that they are employees of official US organizations.” He stressed that the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, which revealed the scandal “belongs to the media group belonging to the US financial institution, Goldman Sachs” and predicted more of such provocations with the approach of the Russian parliamentary elections in September.” (Ash-Shurooq, 14/04/2016)

b- The leaks included, the British prime minister himself, who appeared disorderly in dealing with this issue, and his popularity actually declined 8 points during the week of the leaks, despite the disclosures of his tax records and that the issue citing him in the Panama Papers only amount to 30,000 sterling pounds! Nevertheless, this is a critical time for the British prime minister who wants to throw his weight to push the British public to vote for the survival of Britain in the European Union. (The British Prime Minister David Cameron, faced questions, criticisms and demands to reveal his tax records after his father’s name was mentioned in the Panama Papers… and the documents showed that Cameron’s father Ian was a client of the legal services firm, Mossack Fonseca, and used secret measures despite the legality of investment in the company outside Britain… Cameron stressed in an interview with the British ITV News that he paid all the taxes due on the interest earned by the sale of those shares, pointing out that the objective of the establishment of the company by his father was not for tax evasion. (Arabi 21, 16/04/2016)

c- The leaks included China as well, the papers revealed “The brother-in-law who can’t be named is none other than Deng Jiagui… Deng is among a handful of elite Chinese with family ties to at least eight current or former top leaders named in reporting and documents about offshore holdings published this week by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). In addition to Deng, the papers note in-law ties to Liu Yunshan and Zhang Gaoli, who are on the Communist Party Politburo Standing Committee, the seven-member group that ultimately rules China. Also appearing in the leaked documents from a Panamanian law firm is a host of relatives of four former politburo members.” (The Washington Post, 7/4/2016) There is no doubt that this contributes to the concern of the Chinese President and affects to some extent China’s political movements, even if the communist regime in China does not care so much…!

d- The leaks have included a number of current and former Muslim rulers… but they are insignificant for two reasons: first because they are agents for America and Britain. It included American agents like Makhlouf’s sons who surround Assad in Syria, and King Salman in Saudi Arabia and the sons of the ousted Mubarak in Egypt and many others, as well as Britain’s agents like the Princes of Qatar and the UAE and the former Prime Minister of Jordan Abu Al Ragheb, and many others. And the second: is that these rulers are already despised and so the paper leaks do not add anything that draws attention, and the public do not care about them… If the leaks had toppled the Prime Minister of Iceland, it is not significant enough to the level of threat to the thrones of these rulers, then those rulers must be immersed in the corruption, and these documents are but a small addition to their situation. The leaks regarding them were probably for distraction from the real mastermind of these leaks, someone might argue: that the mastermind is America, because it is exposing the British agents… And another might answer: No it is Britain, and it is exposing the American agents!! It is clear that this reasoning does not play a significant argument.

Thus, after scrutinizing the political dimension, it shows that America is behind these leaks.

Third, the economic dimension of the leaks:

America sought economic objectives from these leaks mainly to achieve two central aspects: elimination of tax evasion, and in particular from US firms that possess massive wealth whereas taxes on their money would save the American financial situation, which is in crisis… And the second is to expose tax havens and specifically the British ones to jolt the British economy and attract capital in these havens to revive the US economy… and this is as follows:

1- The globalization policy followed by the US during President Clinton’s term led many American capital owners to place their wealth outside its borders. The US wants to break down the barriers of the countries and to colonize them economically. The US treasuries were searching for their prey in weak stock markets, and the US industries as well as were looking for cheap labor. It had succeeded in financial control through globalization, but on the other hand, American capitalists also found a way to evade heavy US taxation, they did not want to return to the borders of their country’s tax system. In order to complete the system of globalization and to facilitate capital movement, the introduction of a new type of transnationals so-called “offshore” firms emerged, they registered in one country, but are active in another country, and they deposit their money in a third country, but may be run by another company from a fourth country. This was often the “offshore” name their representatives, such as Mossack Fonseca or other people other than the actual owners. These non-illegal procedures have led to the distortion of the actual capital owner and thus American capitalists were in a position to evade a large amount of their government’s taxes in which they were enabled by these ‘front organizations’ (shell companies) to conceal the names of the real owners. Since they are registered in countries and islands with a weak tax system, in fact, most of the offshore companies pay lump sums each year to the host country at their inception – the tax havens countries – thus the capitalists worked and profited without having to pay actual-value taxes.

2- This is from the viewpoint of tax evasion; however from the angle of the corruption, especially for politicians with massive capital, the Swiss banks were a hideout of the enormous amounts of dirty money but with the advent of the global openness and according to globalization and the emergence of the offshore organizations, this opened up new horizons for these politicians in order to bury their illegal wealth. Accordingly Britain was quick to ease the tax systems for many of the territories under the British Crown Dependencies in the Caribbean Sea such as the Virgin Islands, Jersey and Guernsey, the Isle of Man, as well as it did with some of its follower-agent countries like Cyprus, Dubai and the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Thus, these small islands became big tax havens that host astounding capital from the fortunes of corrupt officials and real trade companies, who flee from their countries’ taxation.

What Britain did, was copied by America in some of its states like Wyoming, Delaware, Nevada and in some countries under its control like Panama. It is worth mentioning that this service – and the financial operations of the company Mossack Fonseca and similar operations are legal, but they have an open-door for tax evasion and concealment of wealth.

Although the owners of the tax evasion companies carry out actual business operations in stock markets and other places, but the corrupt officials’ funds are not used in actual trade, so they use the system of the offshore companies as a way to hide and bury treasures in the hidden islands. Therefore they or their representatives hire law firms like Mossack Fonseca to manage their wealth, and so these companies managed to establish financial funds with huge capital that reflects the enormous volume of accumulated wealth through government corruption in many countries. These financial funds are used for the invasion of weak stock markets in order to loot them; and it is facilitated by officials in that country, “the owners of the deposited money” and through a network of corruption and paying large bribes to facilitate their work in that country, to suck people’s money and steal them, and escape to those islands that people who are ripped off barely know!

3- After America fought its expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it was more in need for money, especially when the global economic and financial crisis exploded in 2008 and the subsequent fierce economic war between America and Europe, and both Europe and America adopted the policy to protect their markets. Then came the banking sector battles and currency battles, which still continues unabated to this day. The famous European banks such as Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered… etc., came under severe sanctions by US Bank regulators, and now the focus has shifted from this economic war towards tax evasion, with a view to expose tax havens, and bring the money into the US banking system. In many respects, this war is yet to be over, which drove the United States to make great strides in exposing secret Swiss banks. (

Moreover, it seems that the British tax havens are the goal. The newspapers reported that the island of Panama is most popular as a British tax haven, and that the number of British companies that have been registered were subject to the leaks are 113,000 out of 215,000. ( Nicholas Shaxson, author of Treasure Islands, a book about tax havens, said that “London is the epicentre of so much of the sleaze that happens in the world,” This is described by a British expert calling London the centre of a “spider’s web”. which are the remains of the vast empire like the Virgin Islands. (

4- With the weakness of tax collection, the US debt unprecedently rose and continued to rise in a form that threatens the future of America as a superpower. (When President Obama came to office on 20th of January 2009, the total federal debt amounted to $10.6 trillion, and according to the latest statistics, the debt rose to more than 19 trillion dollars. The 2016 budget plan, signed by Obama, included raising the debt ceiling from $18.5 trillion to $19.6 trillion, and under the dynamic debt growth, it seems that the US government will be forced to raise the debt ceiling again. (Russia Today, 02/02/2016)). As a result, America began searching for big money across the world to prevent the bankruptcy of the American country. It began this policy through a campaign to break restrictions of the secret deposits in Swiss banks, and had finally succeeded in breaking the privacy strongholds used in those banks, Swiss banks have become obliged to disclose its files of US citizens to the US government. Indeed, America started attacking the global economy sectors that are far from its influence, like its attack in 2015 of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) with the pretext of corruption, to find a foothold in this major economic sector…

Although the United States stresses in the collection of taxes in America, what Oxfam mentioned (the Egyptian Youm7, 15/14/2016) that 50 giant US corporations hide $1.4 trillion in tax havens, is the essence of what America is looking for from the leak of the Panama Papers. Here we can say with certainty that America through the leaked documents, also aims to revive its economy and not only strike the President of Russia, China, and British Prime Minister. This view is enhanced if we know that the volume of money hidden in those hidden islands is estimated at 30-40 trillion dollars (Russia Today, 5/4/2016), this is real astronomical wealth that the world has never known before, due to the looting operations of many populations during a century. To understand this figure it is worth a million tons of gold, a significant number… that is, it is this wealth that can rescue the US economy and state, no doubt that this is a significant gain if it was able to attract these funds to be taxed in the United States.

5- America wants to achieve both economic aims: to prevent tax evasion operations and bring big fortunes of the corrupt back. It was clear also, in the first comment by President Obama on the issue of the Panama Papers when he said: “In the news over the last couple of days we’ve had another reminder in this big dump of data coming out of Panama that tax avoidance is a big global phenomenon. It is not unique to other countries because frankly there are folks here in America who are taking advantage of this same stuff,” the president said. “A lot of it’s legal, but that’s exactly the problem. It’s not that they’re breaking the laws, it’s that the laws are so poorly designed that they allow people, if they’ve got enough lawyers and accountants, to wiggle out of responsibilities that ordinary citizens have to abide by.” (…)

Thus once again studying deeply the economic dimension confirms that America is behind these leaks.

Finally, it is not surprising that such documents exist that reveal the corruption of the capitalist ideology, and the lack of values ​​in it except for the material value, whose followers engage in increasing wealth through dirty ways… This ideology is completely evil, and this evil will not go away as long as this ideology dominates the world.

The world will be a better place when the governing evil capitalism is eradicated, together with all man-made systems not legislated by Allah (swt)… and then the great ideology of Islam will dominate, embodied in the righteous Khilafah State (Caliphate) which will spread goodness wherever it is present, and the world will be blessed with this good… And then the Earth will shine with this good and the truth will be proclaimed everywhere:

وَقُلْ جَاءَ الْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَاطِلُ إِنَّ الْبَاطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا

And say, “Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed is falsehood, [by nature], ever bound to depart.” [Al-Isra’: 81]